Flannel Shirts: The Ultimate Guide to Wear A Flannel Shirt for 3 Occasions

The Ultimate Guide to Wear A Flannel Shirt

It was during the 17th century that the Scottish farmers thought that it would be a nice idea to come with a piece of cloth that was thick enough to protect them from the harsh winters. They did work hard for it. Well, not that they cared much about fashion; the piece that they come up with was surely an eye-catcher. No wonder we still have it today, ranking in the top echelons of the fashion circuit.

There is no doubting the fact that flannel is truly a wonder. Yarned from both cotton and wool, this particular fabric is known for being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Balancing out both it the right proportions, flannel is extremely versatile.

In fact, the flamboyance of flannel is what makes it great! Though much of it is associated with casual grunge and cowboy extravagance, it is their ability to match up the expectation of the different occasions that adds to their popularity. But how do you roughly incorporate a high-on-casual-tone t-shirt for a formal occasion?

To guide your way and provide you with enough insight, here are three ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt for different occasions.

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For a strict formal appearance

The appeal of any outfit can be heightened if worn in the right fit and right combination. Since flannel shirts come in mono colors as well (and not only plaid to say the least), you can opt for a dark shade and wear it inside a nice tailored suit. A pair of derby to complement the ensemble and no accessories to wear as such, this is the perfect combination you can opt for if conventionalism is what you are looking for.

Just a point to remember- Choose a neutral shade for your suit to keep the look grounded and effective. For the non-plaid wholesale flannel shirt, check out the collection of the top manufacturers who have assembled wholesale flannel tee shirts and shirts.

Big Block Tartan Field and Stream Flannel Shirts Bulk

For a smart casual uproar

Flannel and smart have a long history of togetherness. It is their affinity to blend well with each other that makes them a perfect combination to try. Pick a plaid flannel shirt in any of its basic colors (red, black, blue or green) and team it with a pair of chinos. Throw over an unstructured blazer over and for footwear wear a nice pair of a loafer. All you need is a killer attitude and you will be golden, garnering all the attention from the ladies around.

Beauty Blanca Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt Bulk

For its origin- the grunge

Since it is grunge that we are aiming for, you can exploit the look as much as you want, but a personal favorite is definitely the ‘use your shirt like a jacket’ look. Do not be afraid to combine two very popular trends at one go. So a graphic tee and a flannel shirt loosely hanging on top is quite the flag bearer of grunge. A pair of jeans and plimsolls will complete the appearance. Like a rockstar, keep your ensemble simple and let the flannel shirt do all the talking.

Thus, it can be very well established that a flannel shirt is a shirt for all occasions. It has already found a place in your wardrobe, but utilize it in the most conspicuous way to stand out in the crowd every time you make an appearance.

Celebrated manufacturers have the best of bulk flannels displayed in their collection. Retailers who are interested in making a purchase can register with them and get unrestricted access to the inventory. massive discounts can be secured on bulk purchase.

History And Growth Of Flannel Shirts : Style Tips To Get Perfection

History And Growth Of Flannel Shirts : Style Tips To Get Perfection

The pervasive and trendy flannel shirts have been the wardrobe staple since a long time, and just like your button down white shirts, or the classic blue washed denim, the black coat, your cannot do away without the flannel shirt. A rescuer during any casual outings, flannel plaid shirts, quintessentially of the 90’s are the style quotients for many, and your closet is not complete without them. Be it the tartan plaid, madras, gingham or something else, it is important of have them in two three check and color patterns. Transcending decades, genders, classes and other barriers, the grunge special plaid flannels once made famous by Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and other musicians, have become the most exciting and popular fashion statements of today’s times.


In the 1850’s, the Pennsylvania-based Woolrich Woolen Mills had first introduced the buffalo prints plaid flannel shirts in red and black, which was comfy for the fall and the button down structure definitely became fashionable. It was mainly in the 1940’s when plaid flannel became the mainstream fashion stance and it became the dressing essential for men and women ion the weekends. We can never forget how celeb Marilyn Monroe made it a rang by sporting it causally again and again. Other than her, it was Daisy’s hot denim shorts and knotted plaid shirts in the television show The Dukes of Hazard, which made the shirts a sexy and sensuous style appeal. Among men, George Clooney made his appearance on the world of television wearing plaid shirts.

It was in the 1990’s when the grunge spirit of plaid flannel shirts began, and music band like Nirvana flaunted them through their members and in their videos. The history of plaid shirts though have changed again and again, today the plaid shirts have made it to the mainstream fashion world be it the college going crowd or the homemakers, and the office goers, the plaid shirts crafted by the reputed flannel shirt UK companies is definitely witnessed everywhere. If you are looking to wear plaid flannel shirts for the first time and wondering what to follow before buying them, we have got you covered with few of the basic tips and ideas.

Get The Right Color

Plaid flannel shirts being a complete fashion craze now have been crafted in a wide array of color options and it is up to you on which style definition you would want. For the traditions plaid flannel shirt grunge look, try out the muted and neutral hues like navy, red, grey and white or black and for the quirky voguish vibes, the neon’s and brighter hues with tinge of black would be fine.

Try Materials According To Weather Conditions

Flannel shirts always doesn’t mean the warm and cozy fabric, you can change them to different materials like the sheer-cotton, lightweight and mixture of synthetic flannels. This will help you wear them all year around.

Think About The Patterns And Prints

Fro larger checks to smaller, the flannel plaids have a lot of little details in patterns , sizes and background colors which can be opted for to deck yourself up in unique style essences every time.

Go For Tailored Fits

The over sized ones won’t give you the grungy appeal, rather the tailored to perfection plaid shirts crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts Canada manufacturing companies will help you get the right silhouette easily.

Replace Old Cocktail Dress With A Funky Flannel Dress For A Spunky Style Quotient

You might be a dress aficionado, and doing every kind of dress like denims, cocktail, maxi or the LBD has been one of your favourite fashion statements, but have you tried the flannel dresses lately? As the retailers are busy to buy flannel clothing in bulk, the fashion experts say, that picking up flannel dresses from the retail outlets can sass up your wardrobe double the meter, cladding you in new style definitions every now and then, be it at the casual coffee meet or at the party.

Wondering how? It is the classic essence of the flannel fabric and plaid patterns which comes together to define the exquisiteness of flannel dresses. While the fashion-forward women are going gaga over the beauty of cheap flannel clothing, many would be surprised to know that dresses are more versatile than the mainstay plaid shirts, owing to their variety of cuts, shapes and designs.

Adding up to your fashionable stance, we got you covered with the types of flannel dresses which must find a place in your wardrobe :

plaid flannel shirts womens

Collared High-Low Dress

When you are a first timer in doing flannel dress, start with a crisp and smart high-low dress. The A-line dress comes with a conventional smart looking collar, adorned with buttoned detailing. The asymmetrical hemline with side slit with high-low pattern adds edge to the whole dress and can be worn with or without stockings to get the perfect silhouette at casual outings.

Girlie Skater Dress

In sleeve less or with sleeves, the skater dress in feminine color combo like reds, oranges or pinks make a great option for your brunch scenes. Adorned with a conch at the waist and the flattering hemline, this can be the best dress to reflect your playful charm!

flannel plaid shirts women

Monochrome Shirts Dress

For comfort and relaxation on any day, slip into a collared shirt dress, with a sleek belt around the waist. With asymmetrical hemline, and smart collars, stands high as the stylish women can do it any occasion in black and white color combination.

Halter Neck Body Con Flannel Dress

If you want to wear a flannel dress at a party, a halter neck body con dress in bright hues can come to your rescue. The charming dress comes in in a sleek figure-hugging tailoring and the sexy neckline adds up to its sensuous effect which is needed for evening parties and events.

womens flannel shirt

Slit Tunic Dress

Get a cool flannel tunic dress with perfect collars , pockets and sleeveless design for any purpose, With asymmetrical hemline and side and front slit, it looks funky and reflects innocent flair and verve. Thus, as the flannel shirts wholesale are introducing shirts for the men, go for flannel dresses to wrap around exquisite persona!

How to Work The Classic Flannel Shirts with A Modern Twist for Different Affairs

Flannel shirts has remained a classic off-duty favorite for many. But only a few know that they are as easy to style for casual fun outings as for office. While most people associate them with the 90’s grunge style, others just love to flaunt them when styled with skinny jeans and short skirts. So whether you are channelling the classic silhouettes look of Marilyn Monroe or sporting with your own favorite modern styles, like slim-fit jeans and strappy heels, look forward to these tips on how to crack the most stunning look for wherever you head to.

Street to work

If you have often put on your best flannel shirts with trousers but feared to wear them to your workplace, now you can give them a nod. For instance, when you are wearing one in red and black checks, pair it up with a toned down grey blazer and trousers to create a no-nonsense corporate look.

Casual getaways

Whether it is an unplanned outing with your childhood buddies or a pre-planned Sunday brunch at your relative’s place, get ready within a few minutes with your newly purchased flannel shirts Canada and a pair of denim hot pants. For more comfort to legs, choose between funky slippers and flat gladiators.

cheap flannel shirts for men

High society parties

If you cannot splurge on high key sequinned dresses, then make room for bright flannels. All you need to do is put on your most trusted little black dress with a fresh blue and grey plaid shirt worn over it. This will not only stand out as a unique style, but also lend you enough warmth in a chilly night while coming within your limited budget. With them and your knee-high boots, you are ready to turn heads in the party.

Night out with peeps

Are you making plans to spend the Saturday evening with your friends with music and drinks kept side by side? Then the perfect chill-out dress up would be a red, blue and white chequered plaid shirt with faux leather leggings and not to forget, your best black ankle booties. Now you are all set to dance the night away with style and much swag.

Retailers have an excellent opportunity to extend their stocks with wholesale flannel shirts and customize them according to their preferences by partnering up with some of the most reputed wholesale clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

4 Men’s Flannel Shirts Creating Fashion Waves This Season

Who said fall/winter fashion is only made keeping the beautiful ladies in mind? Nowadays, thanks to the fashion magazines, superior fashion blogs and the likes, people have started giving men’s fashion a good thought. However, coming back to men’s winter fashion, everyone aspires for a shirt or a tee that would provide them necessary primary snug effect without taking away the comfort and relaxation factor besides being absolutely great for the skin. And, when so many conditions have to be fulfilled by one single material, undoubtedly a brilliant flannel shirt comes into the vicinity!

Here are few lovely, timeless flannel shirts that have been creating huge waves of appraisal this season—

flannel shirt men

  • The Slim fit Grey Checkered Flannel Shirt:

    Since this is slim fit, keep it absolutely soft so that you may tuck it in to perfection. Accessorized by a cross pocket, this is all you need for a lovely day at office. Get the best quality from the reputed wholesale shirt suppliers.

  • Blue and Black Bush Shirt:

    Keep the material thick with an innate softness associated to it. You may team this with your favorite pair of denim or even linen pants for the best effect. The flannel shirts suppliers Canada shall guide you to your perfect flannel shirt in no time.

  • Camouflage Green Flannel Shirt:

    If you’re too bored with the regular checked pattern on your flannel shirt, go for these lovely camouflage green flannel shirts brought to you by flannel shirts manufacturers USA. You may team this with regular fitted blue or dark colored denim for a casual yet stylish winter or pre-winter look.

  • Classic Red Warm Flannel Shirt:

    Keep this one aside for those heavy wintry days when you would want to snuggle up in a heavy and bit oversized shirt. Team this one with a thick pair of jeans in dark color, and be snug and comfy always.

Flannel Shirts Are The Best For This Fall Season

Plaid shirts have been a fashion staple for many years and can look great with a variety of looks, from ’90s grunge to preppy princess. With fall season creeping in, these lightweight shirts will keep you warm when the temperature drops. If you have a boutique or a retail store, you should definitely opt for these shirts to increase your sales and make your brand popular in town. However, you should keep some vital points in mind before contacting a wholesale shirt supplier.

men flannel shirt

Flannel Shirt Colors

Color is the most vital part of any clothing, specially these high demandable flannel shirts. Vibrant colors in checks produced by flannel shirt manufacturers USA and other countries, keep the rainbow colors in mind while creating magic. You should keep all the colorful types of shirts in your racks to cater to all needs. Colors is what attracts the buyers. Popular choices include a red background with green checks, a green background with red and blue checks, and a red background with black checks. However, the options are seemingly endless, so keeping more colors can definitely benefit you in mesmerizing your customers.

Flannel Shirts Fashion Is For All

It is a wrong concept that Flannel shirts Canada and supplied worldwide, are mostly loved and worn by men, women equally are a fan of flannel clothing. Keeping both types of shirts will only raise the heights of your brand. You can’t disappoint the ladies. As they make a man appear a tough guy with cool looks, they also make the women look chic as well as cow girlish if paired it right.  It is also suitable for a formal look. Flannels are also among reasonable clothes in terms of the price. If purchased in bulk, wholesale shirt suppliers give high discounts which adds as a bliss for you.

Bring Flamboyance To Your Wardrobe With Flannel Shirts Canada

Bring Flamboyance To Your Wardrobe With Flannel Shirts Canada

It is always difficult to decide what to wear while you going out. You need clothes that not only make you look good but also keep you comfortable. In this context, weather condition and type of gathering play vital roles. But if you are looking for something that can be of use irrespective of seasons and gathering, then it is undoubtedly flannel shirts Canada which would readily fall under this category. There are many reasons why you should invest in these wonderful flannel shirts for your wardrobe. The fact that it makes you look flamboyant is something that is known. But there are many more reasons to it.

flannel shirt supplier

King Of Versatility

Well, you would have often heard people saying that flannel shirts are versatile. But do you know that it epitomizes versatility under various categories. Whether its use not being restricted by gender, age, size, season, time, purpose, occasion and so much more itself speaks volumes about this amazing piece of garment.

Gives You An Opportunity To Explore

Besides flannel shirts also, there are many other remarkable shirts which are fashionable. But what makes these flannel shirts so different from the rest? It is the fact that these shirts can be worn in ways which are spelt by you. So, you don’t have to be traditional with these shirts and wear it with only pants, trousers or denims. You can try and come up with newer ways of wearing this shirt. Women get even more opportunity to explore as they have the option of skirts, leggings, crop pants, palazzos and so much more.

Readily Available Across The Globe

The popularity of flannel shirts is so widespread that you can easily find them across the globe. Be it Europe, America, Asia or Australia, there’s probably no continent left where people don’t endorse these awesome shirts. In fact, you can find manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers for these shirts everywhere in the world.

If you are into retail clothing business, then flannel shirts give you the perfect opportunity to sell and make money. You can easily get in touch with wholesale shirt suppliers irrespective of which country you are in and get your desired products from them. Buying from wholesale flannel shirt supplier in bulk ensures you get great discounts for your purchase. This gives you additional profit to your business.

Wholesale Flannel Clothing: 90’s College Fashion Makes A Comeback

Wholesale Flannel Clothing

No other adage describes flannel clothing better than “love at first sight”! And both this adage and flannel clothing is reminiscent of the 90’s college fashion scene. Carefree times and a complete gay abandon – that’s what the 90’s fashion scene was all about.  Though our new age 21st century has progressed manifold in terms of fashion and have come up with exclusive fashion wears, but the 90’s college fashion trend had an element of casual charm and free spiritedness about it. Keeping these aspects in mind, wholesale flannel clothing manufacturing houses today have decided to revamp this classic style and blend it with the new designs and patterns. The result is stylish and glamorous flannel clothing for men and women, tough to resist.

Are you a private label businessman specializing in designer apparels? Do you own a retail store selling stylish men and women garments? If yes, then join hands with flannel shirts wholesale distributors and place your bulk order. When you have your shelves stacked with the latest flannel arrivals you not only gain a high profit margin but also great consumer good will.

So what are the latest flannel product offerings for men and women? Leading wholesale flannel clothing has experimented with fashion trends and introduced the following products that you check out and invest.

Men’s and women flannel shirt-

Rustic and smart, flannel shirts go soft on the sleeves, casual on the fall, perfect on cuts and fittings and designer in its overall look. Available in mono colours and chequered designs, these shirts available for men and women looks best when paired up with denims or khakis.

 womens flannel shirt

Cropped flannel tops-

A perfect top for women for beach outings or a relaxed weekend at a farmhouse. These tops are comfortable to wear and exude cuteness. Mostly popular amidst teenagers, cropped flannel tops comes in half, quarter, full sleeves as well as sleeveless.

Smart flannel jackets-

There is an uncanny bond between men and check-box design! It makes men look suave and charming. The latest product variants of flannel jackets are mostly available in attractive coloured chequered designs. Mostly designed in pastel shades these jackets can be worn as party wear and winter wear. That is not all.  Manufacturing houses have also come up with perky pink flannel jackets for women that are all chic and classy.

best flannel shirts men

Designer flannel dresses –

Women who love to sport a laid back country fashion during summers would love the flannel short and maxi dresses.

Other product variants include flannel tees, jumpsuits, pants and many more. To place your bulk order you can send in an email to the ace manufacturing houses specializing in flannel clothing in Canada.