4 tips that will help you rock the vintage flannel shirt look

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A flannel shirt is something that everyone wishes to own. And why not? For centuries, flannel buttons down have influenced the fashion circuit. They are the staple that every man can rely on because the chances of getting a flannel shirt wrong are negligible.

In the recent years, vintage flannel shirts have risen to prominence. Be it for their undeniable sex appeal or for their comfortable make, vintage flannel shirts are a favorite. However, there are certain ways in which a vintage flannel shirt should be worn. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve the feat without having to put much effort. Keep reading to find out more.

Pick your era

A flannel shirt first came into existence centuries back. So it can be safely assumed that each era lends to it enough tweaks to change its appeal. The way the vintage flannel shirt was worn was specific to the fashion requirements of the eras. Where in the 90s were all about wearing oversized versions, the 70s were about teaming them with bell-bottoms. If you have to get the vintage flannel shirt look correct, you need to pick the era you want to dress like and make sure you incorporate it into your ensembles. Combine a few elements from the modern era as well to balance the appearance. But the bottom line remains same- pick the era you want to dress like.

Invest in the best vintage flannel shirt

To be able to buy vintage flannel shirts, you need to know how to buy the right vintage flannel shirt. You can spend hours at a local charity sale trying to scrounge for a good looking flannel shirt. But the safest option is to look for manufacturers or retailers who specialize in it. Vintage means old, not torn and tattered. They should be in a mint state with almost no signs of aging. Reliable sources for buying vintage flannel shirts with these features are your safest bet.

Know the essential accessories

You cannot skip your bottom wear, which includes trousers and footwear. Flannel shirts are a versatile piece of item and sit well with a number of apparels. Again, it depends on the kind of ensemble you wish to put together that determines the kind of bottom wear you pick. Denim is a very basic choice and complements the charm of plaid well. Military boots, sneakers, and trainers, all work well with flannel. Other accessories like a bomber jacket, beanie, leather jacket, denim jackets, white/grey solid t-shirt can all be great with flannel.

Own the look

If you want to avoid looking like a time traveler (though it will be great), you need to absolutely own the look you are trying to pull. Matching a flannel shirt with a more contemporary piece is of absolute importance. A vintage flannel shirt can be endearing when worn with a modern work suit. Similarly, a flannel shirt worn with jeans and suspenders can help you pull a flawless lumberjack appeal. A skinny pair of jeans will get you on with the grunge game. Whichever way you want to go, make sure that you own the costume to cast a charm unparalleled.
With these simple tips, hopefully, dressing a vintage flannel shirt will become easier.

Top manufacturers of flannel outfits have the vintage versions displayed in their inventory that showcases a wide array of shades and textures, retorting with vintage clothing. Retailers can buy them in bulk at discounted prices as well upon registration.

The Secret Of Nailing The Flannel Look: 5 Ideas For The Stylish Woman In You!

The Secret Of Nailing The Flannel Look: 5 Ideas For The Stylish Woman In You!

With the spring approaching us fast, it is time to shift back to the comfortable clothes that will make the sun happy. Though, plaid flannel shirts become a staple for the colder months of the year, we can actually wear them all year round. They are that stylish you see! After a brief disappearance from the fashion circuits, they have quickly become an off-duty favorite of many woman. From wearing them to office to a get together with friends, flannel shirts just fit flawlessly with all occasions. So whether you are channeling your plaid shirt with a classic summer dress or just pairing it with a modern piece of denim, here is a comprehensive list that contains ideas on how to incorporate flannel in your wardrobe for everyday use.

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  • A red flannel shirt tucked in with a black midi skirt can be a classic amalgamation of old and new. While this coupling works well for both office and post work drinks session, it should not be overdone. Junk jewellery to complement and a pair of pumps to highlight the aesthetics can be the perfect choices for accessories. For added bling, you can carry a sling bag.
  • When going out with friends on the weekends, team your plaid button down with a pair of khakis and ankle length combat boots. This ensemble of flannel clothing will surely make you a stand out everywhere you go. You can opt for a scarf if you feel a little chill in the air. Sans accessories is the key to make this approach a winner.
  • Another flannel compilation that is classically formal in its approach. So pick your favorite trouser and combine it with a same color plaid shirt. You can pick a pair of pumps for your footwear that will give you a defined look. A handbag and a chunky neckpiece will make you look ethereal and will definitely leave all your colleagues stunned.
  • A slip dress is essentially casual. To make it look absolutely effortless, you can grab a flannel shirt and tie it around your waist. Slip into a pair of moto boots to complete your summer flannel fashion. Accessorise using a sling bag and walk around only to raise the temperature.
  • Flannel and leather sit well with each other. They are two strong fashion pieces that when united only narrates the best story. Perfect for a college girl appearance, team a plaid flannel shirt with a leather mini skirt and ankle booties. It is extremely stylish and chic. You can carry a backpack to accommodate all your belongings.

Bunkhouse Flannel Blanket

As a word of advice, always remember that flannel looks good when worn in the correct size. So be sure to pick one that fits you flawlessly for a more defined silhouette. For the retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase can take a look at the vast inventory a number of manufacturers have to offer. The products range from shirts to pants, jackets to flannel blankets. And striking discounts are available if registered today.

Flannel Shirts Offer a Nice Blend of Comfortable and Style

Flannel Shirts Offer a Nice Blend of Comfortable and Style

Flannel fabric is a very light version of wool which makes it extremely soft to touch. The shirts made of these fabrics are quite comfortable and they keep the wearer warm and cozy during colder days. Both pure flannel shirts as well as hybrid flannel shirts are available in the market. The hybrid shirts are a blend of flannel, synthetic and cotton materials. Both these types are known to offer enhanced comfort and styling options, which is why they are quite popular among both men and women.

Flannel Shirts and their Widespread Usage within the Working Class

The widespread popularity of flannel shirts goes long back when lumberjacks and farmers in United States used to wear them during their working hours. The working population in Australia also wore flannel shirts and loved the way the fabric felt next to their skin. Even today, men working in these professions prefer wearing these shirts as they are not only good looking but comfortable as well.

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The Popularity of Flannel Shirts Among Celebrities

Over the years, the flannel shirts also attained popular acceptance among musicians and celebrities. Many pop starts and rock bands wear them during their stage performances as they not only make them look great but also allow them to be themselves during the concert. The musicians also love wearing these shirts during their day to day lives as well as while making red carpet appearances. There are also many sportsmen and women who wear these shirts before and after their games. Different types of flannel shirts are available in the market that is suitable for various activities and occasions. Both traditional and modern designs are popular. The modern flannel shirts often have the appearance of jackets that can be worn above a t-shirt or a well chosen top.

Wholesalers Offer the Best Flannel Shirts

So if you are the owner of a clothing store and you are looking for ways in which you can enhance your sales figures, then you should consider getting yourself some nice flannel shirts that will fetch you more customers. A reputed flannel dress wholesaler can help you more in this regard by providing you with the best products.