Top 3 Flannel Outfits Combinations for the Little Champs

flannel shirts for kids

As an old proverb suggests that children are our future, well, the little ones are truly pepping up the fashion circuit and living up to our expectation. The kids these days are extremely progressive and are outshining the adults in every possible aspect. And fashion does not fall behind.

With the little ones becoming acquainted with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, killing everyone with their adorable and quirky appearance, they are metaphorically killing it. Keeping up with the latest trends, the children are modernizing the fashion industry, stunning the fashion biggies.

The festive season has finally arrived and has given everyone the opportunity to dress up and flaunt their bravura. In fact, it is the season of plaid flannel. A staple among the enthusiasts, flannel has made a spectacular comeback in the fashion world with a number of celebrities sporting the look. So help your child be updated and look delightful and lovable with these top three styling combination with  flannel.

flannel shirts for kids

The dungaree look

Perfect for both boys and girls alike, tartan plaid flannel shirt worn under a pair of dungarees will make your kid look cute and endearing. Team it with a pair of white sneakers to add a dash of fun to their appearance. A jacket will further protect them from the snow and frost, keeping them protected. You can opt for accessories that look simple yet appealing. A sporty cap or knitted beanie can help those toddlers create an impeccable charm.

Flannel dresses

Specially designed for the little princesses, flannel dresses are smart and classy. A solid contrasting full sleeve t-shirt worn under a knee length plaid dress will keep them safe from the chilly winds when they go outdoors. A pair of ballerinas will look complete with thigh high stockings. If you parents want to opt for something more daring for your girls, then you can choose a long flannel dress that is perfect for all casual gatherings. A sleek jacket and a pair of or kids flannel shirts sneakers will render them a groovy look. Hairbands and scarves can be used as accessories for the ultimate impact.

flannel baby blanket

Jackets in plaid flannel

Flannel jackets look good on everyone, which does not stick to the conventions of age. It is an absolute favorite of all, especially for the fashion conscious kids of the new generation. Featuring an array of shades that add to their chicness, these are worth the buy for your little ones. Throw them over a casual t-shirt or a summer dress and they will be ready to attend a winter get together. A pair of jeans or tights will make onlookers appreciate you and your child alike. Sneakers for the hunks or ballerinas for the princesses will further make the ensemble stand out.

So help your kid rock the winter season with flannel clothes. If you are retailer then there is good news for you as you can now purchase a bulk of products ranging from flannel baby blanket to t-shirts and shirts from reputed manufacturers and impress all the parents with the collection.

The Correct Accessories to Go In Tune with Different Types of Flannel Dresses

The Correct Accessories to Go In Tune with Different Types of Flannel Dresses

Realizing the craze of flannel as fabric and plaids as the style quotient, the global fashion scene has moved from the flannel shirts and is laying stress on the fresh new flannel dresses.  Uber –chic and classic as they look these dresses comes in a medley of cuts, colors and designs, from the halters to body cons and many more exclusively for the fashion forward women. With the leading flannel dress manufacturers crafting a wide array of dresses, ladies can definitely experiment a lot, and take a break from the usual plaid flannel shirts for classier ensembles.

Talking about dresses, a lady is incomplete in a dress without the complementing jewelry. Keeping this in mind, when it comes to the flannel check dresses too, one must be aware of the jewelry which would go in tune with the cuts and silhouettes of the dresses and hence wear them accordingly.

Thus, to understand what accessorizing looks like in terms of flannel dresses,    here are some ideas to help you out.

The plunging V-neckline

When it comes to the plunging deep V-neckline of the flannel dresses, you need a neckpiece to adorn your neck, which otherwise would have looked drab and banal. Make sure to add something to your cleavage, and for this frame the pendant chains and neckpieces look absolutely stunning. Thus, this can definitely be your next party silhouette!

womens flannel dress

Sweetheart neckline

Drawing the attention to your face becomes easy with sweet heart neckline, and for this a short statement neckpiece would do wonders! You can also use chokers if you want to have a funky and elegant retro edge for your look.

Sexy halter

The halter necklines for flannel dresses add a fusion of hotness and sportiness, and these results in a wonderful style quotient.  With halters, instead of the neck, you need to lend some attention to the exposed arms   with chunky bracelets and bangles which will add spice to the simple and glamorous look.

Chic tank dresses

The tank dresses come in flannel checks for giving you the ultimate laid back and causal avatar for the daily outings, Hence, do not spoil their simplicity with the heavy accessories, rather just ear cuffs and rings would help you draw the attention to the face effortlessly. Thus, this will balance your overall look with an edge.

Hot backless flannel dress

For the hot and polished backless flannel check dress, you can add a belt to cinch on the waist, so that all the limelight falls on the sexy and exposed back of yours.  For the dinner outings and posh cruise parties, ditch your little black dress and try this style out for something offbeat.

Crew neck scenes

The plaid flannel dress for crew neck might seem to be offering less chances to accessories, but what are the layered statement necklaces for?  You need to break the look with some interest offered to the upper body which remains covered with this neckline and this can be done with the large statement necklaces.

blue flannel jacket

One shoulder

The one shoulder flannel dresses add a lot of grace to your persona, and for them the hand cuffs are enough.  Wear them on the wrist opposite to the shoulder strap to balance the unevenness of the whole outfit. Also, try out little earrings to add a finishing touch and finesse to the whole silhouette.

Thus, be it the flannel jacket or the dress, or the vintage shirt; make sure you render room for enough experimentation with the proper accessories.