Time to Take up Flannels as a Part of Plus Size Clothing for All Curvy Women

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The recent decades in the global fashion scene have been curve celebration, and from celebs to models, no one turned away from confidently showing off their flabs. The plus size celebs are nowhere behind in today’s glamorous world, and they are motivating the other women too, to look absolutely stunning by following some tips and tricks to stay in style.

Today, moving from the usual clothing styles, what about going back to the 90’s and trying out the flannel clothing pieces to look different, vintage and feel comfortable too? The plaid flannels bring back the grunge fashion, and also the fabric itself is found in two types, cotton and wool, in fine textures. From feeling convenient, to trying a number of attires in flannel clothing pieces, you are good to go with this style.

Thus, check out the retail stores that have flannel clothing pieces as a part of plus size clothing wholesale category and shop them in different varieties to add some freshness to your closet.

Always wear your size

Flannel is a very smooth fabric, and sometimes wool flannel happens to be heavy. Hence, to not make it look too fluffy, you have to make sure that you wear the right size, be it the flannel shirt or the pants. The tighter or baggier clothes will make you uncomfortable and also would not flatter your body.

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Never be afraid of colors

Whilst wearing the flannel clothing pieces, never be scared of experimenting with color schemes. Black might make you appear slimmer, but the addition of different other brighter colors will help you accentuate your best assets, and highlight them properly. These mixture of different colors create right amount of interest towards you by the onlookers, and also make you more confident to walk down anywhere with oomph.

Blocking is a big yes

Flannel always doesn’t mean the essential checks or plaids, as you can go for monochromatic or dual toned clothes too. To give a proper silhouette to your figure, you should bank on the clothes with color blocking, print blocking and seam details in the flannel outfits, and look very put together and stunning. These clothing styles will help you carry the right demeanor easily without putting any such efforts.

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Combining right silhouettes

The right silhouette creation is very important, and hence balance you must balance outfits, properly. If you are wearing a tight pencil skirt, add the loose flannel shirt on it, and for the right fitted crop top you must go for the baggy fitted flannel pyjama pant.

Choose flannel fabric wisely

There are different categories of flannel fabric, especially the wool and cotton. To make you look more streamline, avoid wearing the heavier wool and bank into the cotton flannel clothing pieces.

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Necklines matter

The collared flannel shirts are best for any body types, but for the tops and dresses you must cinch into the boat and V-neck line ones, to look best with your chest area.

Thus, explore the retail stores that have plus size flannels in bulk.

3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

Flannel is popular, and it has been the same forever! You have at least one flannel piece in your wardrobe, and love wearing it for several occasions. Wholesale womens flannel shirts are also designed by popular manufacturers that woo the aficionados. But how much do you know about flannel? How well do you carry them off? To know more, keep reading them for much has been explained as given below.

Plaid is a pattern; flannel a fabric

One fact about flannel that everyone gets wrong- FLANNEL AND PLAID is NOT the same thing. Flannel is a fabric that is crafted by weaving wool or cotton or yarn. Plaid on the other hand is a pattern that usually showcases checkered prints. When flannel first came into existence, the tartan plaid pattern was added to it to give the fabric a more appealing look. Thus, their existence became amalgamated. No matter how much they have been propagated together, they can very well exist individually.

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Flannel comes in different types

So you thought flannel was only for the colder months? It is not! Flannel is generally made from wool; however, with time they have tweaked enough and are now constructed with cotton and synthetic fiber as well. Baby flannel is also another type of flannel which is used to tailor the clothes for the little ones. There is also a type of flannel called the Ceylon flannel which mixes cotton and wool together. Invented by a German man Léopold Lairitz in the 1800s, vegetable flannel is crafted using fibers from Scots pine. Bet you had no idea about them!

Flannel has been around for over four centuries

Originally invented by the Scottish farmer in the 1600sto protect themselves from the harsh winter weather, the word of flannel spread during the Industrial Revolution. Though the origin of the word is not known, many believe it was in 17th century Wales that the word saw the light of the day. The ability to provide heat during the winter made it popular in North America as well, as lumberjacks too started wearing at large. Thus, the bottom line remains the same here, it is an old fashion piece that has successfully retained its originality and has maintained its status in the top; for four centuries.

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And finally how to wear plaid flannel shirts

There are numerous ways in which a plaid flannel shirt can be worn. But if you truly want to stand out in the crowd, then try the given ways here.

  1. For a casual outing, wear your oversized flannel shirt with a pair of jeans and ankle length boots. Pick a dark shade to have a better impact. Go without accessories to let the flannel shirt cast a charm of its own.

  2. If you are going for a formal event, tuck a flannel shirt inside a pair of tailored trouser. Wear a pair of ballerinas or pumps to add a dash of convention to the outfit. Use a statement belt to look elegant and sophisticated.

  3. When going for a party, make sure to dress up your flannel by teaming it with a skater skirt. You can tuck in your shirt and use ankle length boots to look adorable. Balance the entire ensemble by using a chunky neckpiece and some bangles.

Flannel is an extremely versatile fabric. It has retained its position in the fashion circuit and in the closets of the enthusiasts for years due to its immense appeal. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with top manufacturers that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at a discounted price.

Wholesale Flannel Shirt Purchase and Style Tips All Male Buyers Must Know

best wholesale mens flannel shirts
Almost all ladies around the world would fondly agree that men and flannel often make an irresistible pair. Custom flannel shirts thus, are very popular with men these days and perhaps, make the best and the most comfortable addition to trend friendly wardrobes. However, it is also necessary to know that enlightenment about these shirts is the best way to invite authentic options to one’s wardrobe while maintaining a safe distance from counterfeit numbers.

Following are 5 tips that can help buyers land with the best wholesale mens flannel shirts; decisions that are not likely to be regretted later…

All flannel shirts are not lumberjack numbers

Speaking of flannel, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic lumberjack plaid which is in fact a timeless piece that can leave anyone awestruck with its raw outdoor charm and simplicity. However, this is not the only option that you can avail. Motivated manufacturers and stores these days have introduced a range of sublimate prints and patters in mono tone pastels or bold solid colors that are equally charming as their classic counterpart.

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Flannels are great as casual wear options; but they can be carried to offices as well

While it is true that flannel shirts are incomparable when it comes to casual clothing, it would be good to know that they can be carried to formal places like offices as well. All you need to do is choose the right design, color and checks, and the rest will fall in place.

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Choosing the right flannel is important

There are different types of flannel fabrics each of which offer a different feel to the wearers. Checking the nature of the fabric is necessary before choosing your shirt. At present, you can choose from wool flannel and worsted cotton, in plain or twill weave depending upon the feel you prefer to embrace.

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The source of your flannel shirts will determine its longevity and quality

Whether men’s shirts of bulk boy’s flannel shirts , you can determine the quality and longevity of your chosen options by the name and reputation of the manufacturers of the same. More often than not, reputed motivated manufacturers live up to the assurance of authenticity that they guarantee in their products.

Price matter

Lastly, it is necessary to know that good quality flannel is never available at dirt cheap prices. While it is true that the fabric is cheaper than many other luxury materials, the prices can still hit anywhere from 35$ and up depending upon the brand and manufacturer.

4 Men’s Flannel Shirts Creating Fashion Waves This Season

Who said fall/winter fashion is only made keeping the beautiful ladies in mind? Nowadays, thanks to the fashion magazines, superior fashion blogs and the likes, people have started giving men’s fashion a good thought. However, coming back to men’s winter fashion, everyone aspires for a shirt or a tee that would provide them necessary primary snug effect without taking away the comfort and relaxation factor besides being absolutely great for the skin. And, when so many conditions have to be fulfilled by one single material, undoubtedly a brilliant flannel shirt comes into the vicinity!

Here are few lovely, timeless flannel shirts that have been creating huge waves of appraisal this season—

flannel shirt men

  • The Slim fit Grey Checkered Flannel Shirt:

    Since this is slim fit, keep it absolutely soft so that you may tuck it in to perfection. Accessorized by a cross pocket, this is all you need for a lovely day at office. Get the best quality from the reputed wholesale shirt suppliers.

  • Blue and Black Bush Shirt:

    Keep the material thick with an innate softness associated to it. You may team this with your favorite pair of denim or even linen pants for the best effect. The flannel shirts suppliers Canada shall guide you to your perfect flannel shirt in no time.

  • Camouflage Green Flannel Shirt:

    If you’re too bored with the regular checked pattern on your flannel shirt, go for these lovely camouflage green flannel shirts brought to you by flannel shirts manufacturers USA. You may team this with regular fitted blue or dark colored denim for a casual yet stylish winter or pre-winter look.

  • Classic Red Warm Flannel Shirt:

    Keep this one aside for those heavy wintry days when you would want to snuggle up in a heavy and bit oversized shirt. Team this one with a thick pair of jeans in dark color, and be snug and comfy always.

Multiple Choices Provided by Flannel Shirts Distributors

Multiple Choices Provided by Flannel Shirts Distributors

Mens fashion apparel range is certainly incomplete without high fashion, yet all comfort providing plaid shirts. Bulk purchasers can now get all types and colour variations in cotton as well as woollen flannel shirts from any of the reputed flannel shirt manufacturers USA. Broad and bold checks, minute and micro checks or regular checks flannel shirts are available in every imaginable colour combo that can be feasible. Wholesalers are having a great time in placing bulk purchase orders from shirt wholesale distributors, which take direct orders, thereby enabling business holders to save on capital investments. Standard flannel shirts with regular fit, or high fashion plaids with slim and snug fits are all in great demand. Keeping in mind the contemporary fashion scenario, top rated manufacturers, suppliers and distributors make it a point to ensure that every type of plaid is available at wholesale rates to genuine buyers, looking for premium quality products.

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Many reputed shirts supplier shave large options open for business holders and incentives in apparel industry, so as to attract their attention to place orders for various types of shirts in plaid. High quality flannel shirts are always in huge demand from all quarters. Premium quality flannel shirts with movie star fit can now be ordered easily in bulk from wholesale shirt suppliers. The best part is that bulk buyers get special privilege buyer options that are truly conducive to help gain larger profits. All bulk orders placed with reliable manufacturers are bound to get incentives that bring along high chances of easy to catch on to the client pulse with tremendous fashion appeal. High powered designer plaid shirts add on that superior look and feel that is so distinguished and charming!

Thriving apparel business holders can now gain wings of certainty in climbing to higher and newer levels in business dealings. The chance to invest in superior quality flannel shirts has now brought about distinguished apparel business holders to sit up and take notice. Most are now adding onto their distinguished definitive line of apparels with the bulk purchase of high fashion flannel shirts. The biggest draw is due to the awesome prices and multiple choices provided by distributors for bulk purchasers of flannel shirts All across the US, just like in other countries of the world, there is an amazing demand for flannel shirts, which aided by distinguished manufacturers, has led to bringing fashion and stylish plaids to the end user. Highly reputed shirt wholesale distributors have manifold opportunities waiting for all business organizations that want lucrative deals with minimum investments.

Flannel Shirts Are The Best For This Fall Season

Plaid shirts have been a fashion staple for many years and can look great with a variety of looks, from ’90s grunge to preppy princess. With fall season creeping in, these lightweight shirts will keep you warm when the temperature drops. If you have a boutique or a retail store, you should definitely opt for these shirts to increase your sales and make your brand popular in town. However, you should keep some vital points in mind before contacting a wholesale shirt supplier.

men flannel shirt

Flannel Shirt Colors

Color is the most vital part of any clothing, specially these high demandable flannel shirts. Vibrant colors in checks produced by flannel shirt manufacturers USA and other countries, keep the rainbow colors in mind while creating magic. You should keep all the colorful types of shirts in your racks to cater to all needs. Colors is what attracts the buyers. Popular choices include a red background with green checks, a green background with red and blue checks, and a red background with black checks. However, the options are seemingly endless, so keeping more colors can definitely benefit you in mesmerizing your customers.

Flannel Shirts Fashion Is For All

It is a wrong concept that Flannel shirts Canada and supplied worldwide, are mostly loved and worn by men, women equally are a fan of flannel clothing. Keeping both types of shirts will only raise the heights of your brand. You can’t disappoint the ladies. As they make a man appear a tough guy with cool looks, they also make the women look chic as well as cow girlish if paired it right.  It is also suitable for a formal look. Flannels are also among reasonable clothes in terms of the price. If purchased in bulk, wholesale shirt suppliers give high discounts which adds as a bliss for you.

Bring Flamboyance To Your Wardrobe With Flannel Shirts Canada

Bring Flamboyance To Your Wardrobe With Flannel Shirts Canada

It is always difficult to decide what to wear while you going out. You need clothes that not only make you look good but also keep you comfortable. In this context, weather condition and type of gathering play vital roles. But if you are looking for something that can be of use irrespective of seasons and gathering, then it is undoubtedly flannel shirts Canada which would readily fall under this category. There are many reasons why you should invest in these wonderful flannel shirts for your wardrobe. The fact that it makes you look flamboyant is something that is known. But there are many more reasons to it.

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King Of Versatility

Well, you would have often heard people saying that flannel shirts are versatile. But do you know that it epitomizes versatility under various categories. Whether its use not being restricted by gender, age, size, season, time, purpose, occasion and so much more itself speaks volumes about this amazing piece of garment.

Gives You An Opportunity To Explore

Besides flannel shirts also, there are many other remarkable shirts which are fashionable. But what makes these flannel shirts so different from the rest? It is the fact that these shirts can be worn in ways which are spelt by you. So, you don’t have to be traditional with these shirts and wear it with only pants, trousers or denims. You can try and come up with newer ways of wearing this shirt. Women get even more opportunity to explore as they have the option of skirts, leggings, crop pants, palazzos and so much more.

Readily Available Across The Globe

The popularity of flannel shirts is so widespread that you can easily find them across the globe. Be it Europe, America, Asia or Australia, there’s probably no continent left where people don’t endorse these awesome shirts. In fact, you can find manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers for these shirts everywhere in the world.

If you are into retail clothing business, then flannel shirts give you the perfect opportunity to sell and make money. You can easily get in touch with wholesale shirt suppliers irrespective of which country you are in and get your desired products from them. Buying from wholesale flannel shirt supplier in bulk ensures you get great discounts for your purchase. This gives you additional profit to your business.

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang!

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang

Everyone has witnessed the dungarees, mirrored glasses and hats make it way back into the fashion world but this season, fashion bloggers all around the world are talking about the revival of the 90’s grunge trend. This trend typically involved tying flannel shirts around the waist paired up with ripped jeans, sneakers or boots. Since no trend has ever come back without a single reinvention, here are 3 hottest ways for the ladies to wear their plaid shirts that are totally going to rock this trend this season.

plaid flannel shirts for women

Wrap it around Jeans to Relive the Grunge Era

This is the most classic and common way to pull this look off. To nail this look, pay great attention to the color of the shirt and either make it match the color of your outfit or go for bold colored plaids to make it pop. If you want to give out the ‘Don’t Mess with Me’ message to all the boys looking your way, then pair it up with a biker jacket. Look grungy and relive the 90’s all over again. As far as shoes are concerned, don’t be afraid to play around and feel free to mix it up with flats, boots and even heels and as for jeans, any skinny or straight fitting ones would do great.

Wrap the Flannel Shirt around Skorts, Shorts or Skirts

This is an amazing way to combine the chic yet tough look. Skorts, shorts or skirts are anyway statement pieces on its own and adding the shirt-wrap just helps to accentuate and flatter the waist area even more. The key to pulling off this look is to pair it up with a neutral colored top or a light sweater as this will help to tone the outfit down a bit. Always remember that less is more! Sometimes being simple just might be the answer for looking ravishing and eye-catching.

flannel designer clothing

Plaid Shirts Look Great With Dresses Too!

Ladies, if you have raised your eyebrows with the thought of wrapping flannels around the waist with dresses, then clearly you have never tried to dress outside of the box! Flannels with dresses are a great way to achieve the casual yet chic look and is perfect for all those times when you want to wear a dress but do not want to look to overly dressed. To achieve the best results, try wrapping flannels around a body-con or t-shirt dress. For a more harmonized look, pick a shirt that has the same color as the dress.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in your boyfriend’s closet to find a shirt to wrap around your waist or look for manufacturers dealing in the sale of wholesale plaid flannel shirts. Whether you require flannels for personal or commercial purposes, buying in bulk will always be advantageous on the financial front.