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How To Separate Flannel From Plaids?

Flannel is not just for hipsters and lumberjacks. It’s for anyone who likes to be cuddled up in a cozy fabric and can pull this versatile piece of clothing off. Check out this blog to see some of the most popular styles you can nail with your good old flannel.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word flannel?

You may have right away invoked pictures of plaid, pajamas, and lumberjacks. And perhaps even some scruffy ‘90s band. But let’s pause there. Plaid is not flannel, and flannel is not plaid.

Well, not inevitably, at least.

There’s so much to comprehend about flannel clothing beyond the plaid fallacy. Plus to being soft and comfortable, flannel is exceptions in its capacity to wick away moisture and retain heat, making it the ideal chilly climate staple. Here’s everything you need to understand about flannel and how to don it.
You see how each square is a rectangle, but not each rectangle is a square? The same philosophy goes for plaid and flannel, as well. To start, plaid is a pattern, while flannel is a material. Therefore, you can have a flannel shirt with a plaid pattern over it, but plaid in and of itself doesn’t signify that the fabric is flannel.

Nowadays, flannel is still very much a part of contemporary fashion, and for a noble reason. It’s durable, versatile, weather-resistant, comfortable, and cheap. When donned properly, you actually can’t go wrong with this fashion staple.

Flannel can be dressed down or dressed up more effortlessly than the majority of folks may think. And, due to its weight, it can just as easily be utilized as an outer layer as it is a shirt in itself. Here is the most popular way to slot flannel into your everyday wear.

Business/smart casual

Including flannel into your business outfit may seem strange in the beginning, but it’s an amazing way of throwing some much-needed warmth and texture. Try out a flannel suit of your size. Or, if that’s too much for you, flannel button-up can seem fashionable teamed with trousers and a sport coat. Stick to solids if you wish to play it safe, or go for a plaid variant to make a statement.

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