5 Ways To Wear A Checked Flannel Shirt That Won’t Make You Look Untidy!

Having been used by the lumberjacks, flannel shirts have a chance to look a little messy and out-dated. Since grunge rockers started to wear checked flannel shirt, it became a fashion staple. Before that, flannel was used by the farmers in the fields of Wales during winter to keep them safe from the elements. However, if you think flannel is good for a messy look and cannot be worn in a tidy way, then you are absolutely wrong. Here are 5 ways you can completely look tidy with flannel shirt.

1. Wear A Cardigan Over Your Flannel Outfits:

To have a tidy yet casual look, try out a simple monochromatic cardigan over your flannel shirt and couple it up with a pair of denim pants. It will perfectly match with the plaids of a flannel shirt and neither look over-the-top nor sloppy. You can flaunt this style when you are going to meet your friends or getting ready for a casual outing with your partner.

Cool Summer Black & White Checked Ladies Shirt

2. Layer It With A Cape And You Are Good To Go:

Wear the black checked flannel shirt under a cape and team up with high heels. This way you can create a formal look even with a piece of flannel shirt. If you think flannel outfits are not good for work, try this tip and you will look elegant. Show off your style and enjoy the warmth of flannel together.

3. Pair Up Your Flannel Shirt With a Mini-Skirt:

If you have a stylish mini-skirt and a flannel shirt in your wardrobe, it is time to team them up. Yes, to create a tidy look with your flannel outfit, tuck it into a plain mini-skirt and you will get the desired look. Don’t forget to wear stockings and high heels to give it a finishing touch.

Red and Black Short Shirt

4. Add A Plaid Touch To The Monochrome Theme:

Plaid can simply bring out the best in the monochrome apparels. So, if you are looking for something to jazz up your monochrome dress, slip into a checked flannel shirt. The colourful plaid flannel shirt will add a dash of vibrancy to your entire get up.

5. Wear A Flannel Shirt Dress With Belt And High Heels:

Flannel shirt dresses have become really popular among the young girls. The retailers are also bringing wholesale flannel shirt dresses in their stores. These flannel shirt dresses can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. You can simply accessorize the flannel shirt dresses with a stylish belt and a pair of high heels and get ready to be noticed.

So, follow the five ways and you can create elegant looks using a flannel outfit.

From Meetings to Gatherings, Plaid Flannel Shirts Rock In All Occasions

When it comes to wearing plaid flannel, there are two contemporary ideas that exist: one which is about being simple yet extremely stylish and the other that is associated with a rough and rugged hipster appearance. But plaid cannot be dismissed as a passing trend, as it has a history that goes way back in time and durability which blatantly disagrees with the idea.

Worn by the Scottish men during the 16th century, they were essentially linked with politics. Tartans were used as a symbol representing two rival clans fighting; plaid was hence banned by the Dress Act of 1746 for almost four decades before it made an entry in the United States, where it became popular among the outdoor men like lumberjacks and cowboys. Fast-forwarding to the 20th century, Hollywood icon James Dean made it famous with the masses. In the recent years, it has been widely accepted by the fashion enthusiasts and big fashion names by making plaid part of their runway collection.

mens check flannel shirts

Tremendously versatile, these mens check flannel shirt look good on everyone and are suitable for all occasions.  Whether it is in the form of a classic flannel button down shirt or subtly put together within a suit, these will adorn your wardrobe.

red flannel shirt mens

Inspire your casual outfit

Standing out in the crowd when wearing flannel plaid shirt can be quite an easy task as this piece of garment comes with its own characteristics, making it a winner!  The key to wearing tartan plaid for casual occasions is to just tone down the rest of the outfit. Combining a mens red and black flannel shirt with a pair of solid jeans can look aesthetic. A pair of sneakers or loafers accessorized with a sleek leather jacket and retro sunglass might help you garner compliments from friends and family alike. You can further opt for an unshaven look to add that extra dash of sharpness.

Smart formal for the keener you

Have you ever thought of experimenting with your formal appearance? Well, here is an opportunity to stun your colleagues present in that early morning board meeting. Team your plaid flannel shirt with a pair of tailored chinos and blazer. Complete your look by wearing a pair of oxfords or leather boots. Accessorize using a formal belt and a tie in a contrasting shade, and you are good to go out and start the day with a bang! Furthermore, you can incorporate the shirt with your smart and classy business suit and team it with waistcoat and a wristwatch for the ultimate impact.

With a wide variety of options available, all men can find one perfect flannel shirt that will be a worthy addition to the shirt’s collection. If you are a retailer, looking to update your store collection, then this is the perfect opportunity as reputed manufacturers have brought to you a wide range of products that features the most common and preferred red plaid flannel shirt men.