3 ways to wear flannel shirt this season for an off-duty appearance

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Tracing the origin of flannel is like ruffling through the numerous pages of history. With their inception in the 17th Century Scotland, it can be easily understood why this long standing piece of fabric has been on the top.Aesthetically speaking, a flannel shirt is enormously versatile and flamboyant. It plays on low risk, which means team it with anything; it is destined to work well. Enthusiasts have followed the trend of flannel for a few seasons and have seen an immense surge in business of the same due to the emerging trends in the circuit that promote flannel in its supreme form.

If you want to use flannel to your advantages, you need to learn how to wear them. Yes, it has been mentioned in the article already that they are versatile. But that doesn’t give the license to use it any way you wish to. There are a few prescribed ways in which you can exploit your flannel shirt. Here is looking at them in a glance.

The casual inspiration

Whenever you hear casual and flannel together, the basic instinct runs towards the grunge impact and a coupling effect with the jeans, but wait, it is not the only combination in the town. Since the weather is inclined towards boiling you alive, give some lemons to it by teaming a black flannel shirt with a pair of khaki shorts. Sounds interesting right? It is! A pair of low tops sneakers and round retro shades is all you need to stand out even if it just a cup of coffee you are getting. And if by the sunset, the chilly autumn winds hit you, throw over a simple knitted sweater over. Clean and uncomplicated at its best.

The sports book look

Yes, an athleisure is possible with a flannel shirt. The key, however, is to go simple and refrain from using too many patterns together. A pair of joggers will give your silhouette a nice boost, especially when teamed with a flannel shirt. Throw over a bomber jacket over to maintain the cool status quo. You have to go no extra lengths with this ensemble. A pair of white plimsolls and you will be flannel ready. Cool flannel clothing like shirts in various colors and textures can be purchased from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Going the smart way

Smart casual is the latest trend in the industry and we are bound by the predisposition to follow them from the heart. Now, without diverting from the topic. It is actually an interesting observation that classic suits are now fast becoming a thing of the past. It is actually picking individual pieces and putting them together to form a stunning ensemble. Looking at it that way, team your flannel shirt with a structured blazer and a pair of chinos, all coordinated through their colors. A pair of loafers will maintain the casual vibe while helping you stand out in the crowd.

Thus, with all its softness and comfort, a flannel shirt is the staple in your closet. But you have to learn how to use it right. Follow the given style tips in the article and set your own personal style statement.

Manufacturers also known for being a reputed flannel clothing brand, have a vast collection displayed in their catalog that can be purchased by the retailers while securing special discounts.

Must Have Cool Flannel Clothing Pieces Every Woman Must Possess

Must Have Cool Flannel Clothing Pieces Every Woman Must Possess

Warm, soft and super trendy, flannel clothing has always made their presence felt in the global scene , being one of the most desirable style quotients. Meant to stay forever, cool flannel clothing is crafted by the wholesale manufacturers and top-notch brands to entice the fashion forward crowd, and even women are unable to stay away from this flannel craze today. The leading flannel clothing UK companies and brands are producing a range of flannel pieces exclusively for the women to wrap new definitions of style every time one sports them. The flannel shirts with distressed boy friend jeans, or ties around the waist, or sleek vests over the normal tees, whatever might be the style, the love for flannels is unending , which made the cotton flannel clothing wholesale companies to survey the different needs and preferences of the women and render them with a medley of fashion statements.

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Chic Dresses

If you are for once preferring to give your girly dresses a much needed break, then nothing else can work perfectly other than cool flannel dresses for any kind of ensemble you would want. The designers not just introduce plain cut ones , but also a myriad array like high-low dresses, shirt dresses, midi mini, tunics , body con and many more, If you want a sexy silhouette then go for slit cuts, and for innocent vibes bank on flannel skater dresses.

Snug Jackets

To do fall fashion with ease and verve, instead of the wool or leather outerwear , why not some smart flannel jackets? These range of layering come in the form of sweatshirts, hooded ones, duo collared, ruffled collared baggy jackets , long jackets to render appealing stance to the ladies wearing them. Be it with jeans or trousers, or even skirts, these layering reflect fresh and unique vibes.

Sizzling Jumpsuits

It is time to ditch your usual and plain cotton flannel clothing wholesale, and offer a spin-o-span solution to your wardrobe with sensational arrays of flannel jumpsuits to pull off appeasing get-ups. Be it the casual baddy ones, or collared casual, sleek straight feet, rompers, or with dividers, these outfits can be your all around companion at the party, to the movies or for any office meetings.

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Crisp Crop Tees

Not the basic outfits, the flannel clothing brands are not behind in introducing impeccable crop tops for the teen age girls. The classy stance recreated by the plaid patterns and the contemporary crop cut offers a very unique persona to girls. Be it collared ones or sweetheart neck, self-tie, embellished, baggy or any other style, girls can wear them with skirts and denims and while chilling temperatures, these can be teamed with layering for a cozy feel.

Sporty Vests

Vest is no more the trend for boys, rather the fashion buff women too are getting highly inclined towards wearing them over tees and dresses for a spunky get-up. Especially for casual outings, these funky flannel vests also keep the wearers warm during mild winters.

Classic Shirts

The classic fashion highlights are making a comeback to the modern era with a fusion of vintage and contemporary resulting in outstanding styles. Likewise, plain flannel shirts are meant to rule the fashion scenario forever worn with denims, or even ties around the waist.

Be Geeky, Ultra Cool or Casual with Flannel Shirts for Women

Be Geeky, Ultra Cool or Casual with Flannel Shirts for Women

It seems that every season has specific garment pieces associated with it – denim shorts for summer, killer coats for winter, and floral dresses for spring. Same goes for fall. Nothing says fall quite like flannel shirts. Its versatility is kind of off the charts and everybody from cultivators-of-cool Gwen Stefani to twee masterminds like Zooey Deschanel has at least one. Everybody seems to want a piece of plaid. A good flannel shirt is worth the investment because they will literally never go out of style. A lot of women shy away from this trend because they think that it is largely masculine. Here is a handful of styling options to change the popular idea.

Look Badass with Flannel Shirts!

Team up checked flannel shirt UK with ankle-length jeans and a sleek leather jacket. It is as simple as that! This combination is perfect for all the tomboys out there who like to put on a tough look while looking fashionable. Replace the leather jacket with a puffer vest to look adorable.

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Laid-back Cool

If you remember Skye from S.H.I.E.L.D then you will know what is being said here. Just a pair of skinny jeans and a plaid shirt buttoned all the way with a large necklace is all one needs to look cool without even trying.

Keep it Casual

Another way of wearing plaids would be to wear it open over a standard t-shirt. Keep it unbuttoned and pair it up with regular skinnies and boots or sneakers. Whether a date or coffee with friends, this look is sure to steal a few looks. To take it one notch higher, replace the t-shirt with a stylish crop top and flaunt your flat, irresistible stomach in full glory.

Try the Ultra Prep Look

Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars shows the world how to nail the geeky yet chic look by wearing vintage flannel shirts Birmingham which is buttoned all the way up to the collar and paired up with a stylish sweater vest. Womens flannel Shirts Bradford is available today in various color palettes and patterns. Its versatility to be worn with anything from jeans to dresses is what makes it a huge hit. Retailers can stock up on this incredibly popular trend by getting in touch with a renowned supplier.