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Bright hue buttoned up with a distressed boyfriend pair of jeans, or tie it around the waist, either way, you are going to fall in love with flannel masterpieces when you check out the humongous and unique collection at the finest wholesale and manufacturing house of Flannel Clothing. Our team of expert designers picks hand-selected sheer wool, splendid synthetic fiber, and pure cotton raw materials to make flannel shirts that are of exceptional quality and stupendous style.

We make wholesale flannel shirts of an assorted range that does not only count the varied colors, shapes and sizes, our inventory keeps flannel shirts for different mood, changing weathers, different personalities and genders. Yes, that is right! At Flannel Clothing, we surveyed the craze and love for flannel fabric and made it our ambition to keep customers, mainly businessmen in need of bulk buyi9ng to freshen up their stores’ stock, stuffed and satiated with fresh flannel wardrobe. From the vintage wow flannel farmer styled shirts, winter exclusive wool flannel shirts, chic city girls women’s flannel shirts, street style cool flannel shirts, corporate-day designer flannel shirts, cherub smarty’s kids flannel shirts, the list just goes on!

We are headquartered at Beverly Hills, California and have string of corporate offices at Sydney, Australia. However, we are active worldwide, putting our best foot forward to serve the flannel aficionados, offering you with irresistible wholesale rates on your bulk flannel orders.

Flannel Clothing Company USA