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Few Ways to Wear the Plaid Flannel Shirt for the “it” Season

The plaid shirt is an off duty favorite of everyone and there’s also a reason why the flannel patterned shirt along with an LBD, white shirt and denim is a classic favorite of everyone. The look is super cozy and comfy where people usually don it for the cooler days of autumn and winter. the idea to rock this super chic staple for the colder season, requires you to think outside the box. Plaid shirts or flannel shirts are so versatile that it can be worn in a million different ways and don’t forget that they are comfortable, cozy and usually inexpensive. Manufacturers are churning out wholesale vintage flannel shirt that are made of high quality yarn and trend oriented styles.

Worn over a Crop Top

To give a grungy edge to your outfit, grab your oversized plaid shirt and wear it with your crop top and favorite trousers or leggings. Complete the ensemble with a pair of comfy boots or other stylish footwear. These beauties are a trendy and a fun way to spend the day grocery shopping or chilling with friends.

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Go for the Preppy Way

Layering any button-up shirt under a little knit top is a great look but using a plaid print can add a lot of personality to your style while giving you a chance to mix prints as well as enhancing that smart preppy look. Go monochromatically between a knit top and skinnies or you may add another layer over your preppy combo to create a cozy look.

Classic as a Shirt

All variety ways aside to pulling off this super versatile fashion piece, the list would be endless but wearing a plaid shirt for a classic everyday look is sure everybody’s favorite choice. Sometimes, less is more so wearing the plaid button up traditionally with a pair of basic bottoms like pants is always a great way to start the day.

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Tutu Skirt Glam

Who said tutu skirt is only for special occasion and you cannot match it with a pair of casual clothing like a denim or a flannel shirt. The glam skirt looks fantastic with your flannel shirt and if you pop the collar for some extra fame framing drama.

Belt it Up

Plaid is such a great way to make a plain outfit look a lot livelier. Whether you’re throwing on trousers skirts or shorts, tossing on a plaid shirt is one way to make your outfit look extra chic and dynamic. Even if your flannel shirt is loose and is not as fitted you can clench it up at the waist with the help of a belt which will anyway add a more texture to your outfit.

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