5 Ways To Wear A Checked Flannel Shirt That Won’t Make You Look Untidy!

Having been used by the lumberjacks, flannel shirts have a chance to look a little messy and out-dated. Since grunge rockers started to wear checked flannel shirt, it became a fashion staple. Before that, flannel was used by the farmers in the fields of Wales during winter to keep them safe from the elements. However, if you think flannel is good for a messy look and cannot be worn in a tidy way, then you are absolutely wrong. Here are 5 ways you can completely look tidy with flannel shirt.

1. Wear A Cardigan Over Your Flannel Outfits:

To have a tidy yet casual look, try out a simple monochromatic cardigan over your flannel shirt and couple it up with a pair of denim pants. It will perfectly match with the plaids of a flannel shirt and neither look over-the-top nor sloppy. You can flaunt this style when you are going to meet your friends or getting ready for a casual outing with your partner.

Cool Summer Black & White Checked Ladies Shirt

2. Layer It With A Cape And You Are Good To Go:

Wear the black checked flannel shirt under a cape and team up with high heels. This way you can create a formal look even with a piece of flannel shirt. If you think flannel outfits are not good for work, try this tip and you will look elegant. Show off your style and enjoy the warmth of flannel together.

3. Pair Up Your Flannel Shirt With a Mini-Skirt:

If you have a stylish mini-skirt and a flannel shirt in your wardrobe, it is time to team them up. Yes, to create a tidy look with your flannel outfit, tuck it into a plain mini-skirt and you will get the desired look. Don’t forget to wear stockings and high heels to give it a finishing touch.

Red and Black Short Shirt

4. Add A Plaid Touch To The Monochrome Theme:

Plaid can simply bring out the best in the monochrome apparels. So, if you are looking for something to jazz up your monochrome dress, slip into a checked flannel shirt. The colourful plaid flannel shirt will add a dash of vibrancy to your entire get up.

5. Wear A Flannel Shirt Dress With Belt And High Heels:

Flannel shirt dresses have become really popular among the young girls. The retailers are also bringing wholesale flannel shirt dresses in their stores. These flannel shirt dresses can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. You can simply accessorize the flannel shirt dresses with a stylish belt and a pair of high heels and get ready to be noticed.

So, follow the five ways and you can create elegant looks using a flannel outfit.

Fun Ways to Notch up a Womens Flannel Shirt for Effortless Silhouettes

Though shirts are supposed to be more of the formal dress code, but the flannels are cool and stylish, and can be worn fir any off duty occasions.  One of the versatile pieces which a woman can own, a fashion forward lady can breathe new life into an old one though different style quotients for different occasions.  The flannels reflect classical and vintage connection, and come in the conventional, bold plaid patterns which never go out of the fashion scene.  Once known for the men, they have surpassed and became one of the wardrobe staples for the women today and also today the leading womens flannel shirt designers and manufacturers are crafting them in brand new designs, cuts and colors, introducing fresh demeanors for the  flannel aficionados.

Here are some of the looks which can be tried with flannel shirts, off duty!

womens red flannel shirt

Feminine or athletic?

Fashion is all about taking risks and experimenting! Thus, you can go for a fusion of something very athletic and something fiercely dressy with a flannel shirts teamed with a maxi skirt and paired with a sneaker. This look will definitely pay off and make you the ultimate fashionista!

Black and white color game

Who doesn’t like the black and white combo in fashion? Very classy and modish, team up a black and white plaid flannel shirt with a black sweater, with the collar popping out, a black coat, or blazer, and denims. This can be your look for traveling too!

Uptown poise

Go for a very uptown poised and lady like silhouette in a tweed jacket with a flannel shirt, and an embellished mini skirt in some contrasting shade.  Go for pastel shaded sling bag and similar colored pump shoes.

Casually posh

For the casual outings, do not always look laid back, as at times you can try the carelessly stylish silhouettes too. Wear your usual oversized flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves, and team this with a vest. Get the punk chic appeal with a leather mini skirt, with a stiletto heel.

womens plaid flannel shirts


With denim being the most trendy fashion items, you cannot deny them! Fuse your flannel shirts with a denim jacket and distressed denim pant, and structured shoes. Break the monotony with a bright colored tote bag!

Flirty and fun

Be it at the beach or for the pool party, try out a flirtatious and fun look. The oversized flannel shirts can be worn like an off-shoulder, and tuck this into a lace midi skirt,cohesively paired with the mule footwear. This look with a careless bun can be your trendsetting attire option.

black plaid flannel shirt

Off beat vibes

Try something offbeat with your flannel shirt as you wear it below the single colored strapless dress and team this with a leather moto jacket. Something very fresh and out of the box, wear this for the night around the town party scenes, and look dapper and sexy with red lips accompanied.

Baggy, yet put together

You can wear one of the baggy black flannel shirts with all buttons closed till the collar and tuck this with a printed lace skirt for the most novel outlook. Try out a colorful full length stocking with this, and ballerina shoes to add some innocence and balance the whole ensemble.