Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Traced back to 16th century Scotland, plaids became popular with the masses when they became linked with the outdoor workers like cowboys and lumberjacks. Though known for their durability and warming quality, tartan plaids soon became a fashion symbol with rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam wearing them on stage during concerts. It is a trend that has been adopted by both the sodality and the mainstream.

So before dismissing the idea of wearing flannel shirt outfits, one should reconsider their decision. Smart and sexy, these are the ultimate piece of clothing which should definitely adorn the wardrobe.

Perfect to fight the wrath of winter

Winter can be a difficult season, with snow and fleet making our lives difficult. Flannel comes in both cotton and woollen make. The woollen plaid flannel shirts are commonly worn during winter for they have insulating qualities and further protect one from the chilly winds. They are in fact the best choice for outdoor activities on a snowy day.

Long Baggy Winter Shirt

Rock a smart formal look

The myth of plaid flannel shirts being associated with a hipster appearance has been redefined by many fashion enthusiasts. Wearing them over a pair of well fitted formal trousers will provide an edge to the appearance. Throwing on a blazer over the shirt is a common trend these days. One can further experiment by adding a tie to the ensemble. A pair of leather boots or dinner shoes will give it the required formal touch helping you make a strong fashion statement.

Casual lumbersexual

With the recent lumbersexual trend doing rounds among thCharming Charlie Red Checked Flannel Shirte men, superstars like Ryan Reynolds, Jason Mamoa, Tom Hardy and Liam Hemsworth have been spotted rocking their respective looks, making women go all gaga over their hot and grubby look.

When it comes to wearing oversized flannel for casual settings, they will help one get attention from the ladies around when worn with a pair of slim fit trousers and loafers. A sleek leather jacket will up the sex appeal. Trimmed beard and messy hair will provide the required rough and raunchy look.

Choose the colors cautiously

The secret to insert plaid in the attire is to keep it simple. Plaid itself is a bold and vibrant pattern and combining it with other prints can end up in a disaster. Opting for a solid and neutral palette when wearing them will surely complement the appearance.

Red flannel shirt can be a significantly tough look to pull off. It is of pivotal importance to accessories correctly when wearing this shade. The less daring ones can stick to more conventional colors of blue and green, which will definitely give a sober and classy appearance.

Offering a varied range of products from plaid flannel shirt women and men, you can purchase them in bulk and upgrade your store collection today.

Replace Old Cocktail Dress With A Funky Flannel Dress For A Spunky Style Quotient

You might be a dress aficionado, and doing every kind of dress like denims, cocktail, maxi or the LBD has been one of your favourite fashion statements, but have you tried the flannel dresses lately? As the retailers are busy to buy flannel clothing in bulk, the fashion experts say, that picking up flannel dresses from the retail outlets can sass up your wardrobe double the meter, cladding you in new style definitions every now and then, be it at the casual coffee meet or at the party.

Wondering how? It is the classic essence of the flannel fabric and plaid patterns which comes together to define the exquisiteness of flannel dresses. While the fashion-forward women are going gaga over the beauty of cheap flannel clothing, many would be surprised to know that dresses are more versatile than the mainstay plaid shirts, owing to their variety of cuts, shapes and designs.

Adding up to your fashionable stance, we got you covered with the types of flannel dresses which must find a place in your wardrobe :

plaid flannel shirts womens

Collared High-Low Dress

When you are a first timer in doing flannel dress, start with a crisp and smart high-low dress. The A-line dress comes with a conventional smart looking collar, adorned with buttoned detailing. The asymmetrical hemline with side slit with high-low pattern adds edge to the whole dress and can be worn with or without stockings to get the perfect silhouette at casual outings.

Girlie Skater Dress

In sleeve less or with sleeves, the skater dress in feminine color combo like reds, oranges or pinks make a great option for your brunch scenes. Adorned with a conch at the waist and the flattering hemline, this can be the best dress to reflect your playful charm!

flannel plaid shirts women

Monochrome Shirts Dress

For comfort and relaxation on any day, slip into a collared shirt dress, with a sleek belt around the waist. With asymmetrical hemline, and smart collars, stands high as the stylish women can do it any occasion in black and white color combination.

Halter Neck Body Con Flannel Dress

If you want to wear a flannel dress at a party, a halter neck body con dress in bright hues can come to your rescue. The charming dress comes in in a sleek figure-hugging tailoring and the sexy neckline adds up to its sensuous effect which is needed for evening parties and events.

womens flannel shirt

Slit Tunic Dress

Get a cool flannel tunic dress with perfect collars , pockets and sleeveless design for any purpose, With asymmetrical hemline and side and front slit, it looks funky and reflects innocent flair and verve. Thus, as the flannel shirts wholesale are introducing shirts for the men, go for flannel dresses to wrap around exquisite persona!