List Of Flannel Outfits Perfect For An Autumn Date

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The crisp and cozy season of fall is almost three months away and we can’t already stop beaming about the spiced cinnamon latte dates. There are numerous other things that are synonymous to Autumn. One of them neon the super stylish flannel clothing. Be it in the form of shirts, pants or even dresses, the classic flannel pattern is what the cold season comprises of.

In fact one of the popular wholesale mens flannel shirts manufacturers has curated a unique collection of clothing you can definitely have a look at. Hence, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Vintage love

Do you have a penchant for vintage clothing pieces ? Then, opt for a cropped red and blue classic flannel shirt that can be worn with a pair of high waisted flared jeans. For the shoes , the best thing you can opt for is a pair of beige brogues. You can either opt for a sans make up look or stick to a neutral make up with touches or peach blush.

Rocker chic

The rocker chic outfit basically comprises of an oversized flannel shirt that can be used like a jacket. Hence , try creating a grunge romantic outfit with the help of a black mesh top with floral appliqué embroidery. For the bottom wear, the best thing you can opt for is a pair of black denim shorts with frayed hemline. You can try the instagram baddie look which will definitely complement the outfit.

Bougie Chic

The bougie chic outfit comprises of a white lace top , blue leggings and a pastel toned flannel shirt. For the shoes , you can either opt for a pair of rhinestone studded pump heels. You can actually switch the pastel shirt for something dark toned as well if you want to twin it with the pants. Stick to a classic cat eye and pink glossy lips to complete the look.

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Paisley pretty

Who said you can’t mix two patterns together ? You only need confidence to pull off the print on print look. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a paisley print maxi dress and a flannel plaid printed shirt that can be layered over the dress. For the shoes, the best thing you can opt for is a pair of strappy heels with tassel detailing.

Back to school

If you love to dress up in simple outfits , then the best thing you can opt for is a pair of slim fit jeans , white tee and a red and green plaid patterned flannel shirt. This outfit is a classic and can be accessories with leather pieces like a wide metal studded belt, a tan brown leather bucket bag and a pair of chocolate brown vintage boots.

Skirt love

You can definitely wear skirts for the fall season. A black suede pencil skirt and fitted plaid flannel shirt is the best thing you can opt for, for those days when you’re headed to a romantic dinner immediately after the office. Regarding the shoes, you can either opt for an ankle length boots or something like pump heels.

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4 Tips for Men to Rock the Flannel Look This Summer!

4 Tips for Men to Rock the Flannel Look This Summer!

Finally, summer’s here! There are chances that you were actually thinking of getting rid of that uber cosy flannel shirt. But let us reconsider that decision. For years, there has existed in fashion industry a need to link a particular clothing item with a specific season. Flannel for the fall, and light t-shirts for the summer. But we are well past that point when this line could be held true. The scenario has changed completely.

With enough tweaks to the basic design of a plaid flannel shirt, they can be sported throughout the year. However, when it comes to summer, there has to be some precise tips on how to wear flannel shirts. For that all-on-out grunge look that we want to borrow from the 90s, flannel shirt is the key. So to help you completely master the look and be at the top of your game, here are a few suggestions, which you may find interesting.

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Use the flannel shirt as an added auxiliary!

Whether you want to tie the flannel shirt around your waist, or just wear like a jacket, the look is the ultimate you can have for this summer. A humble t-shirt to accompany your look will rid you off vanity, as obviously you cannot wear two button-down shirts at the same time, it is just weird. The shirts will serve as an accessory, with no less panache. Online flannel clothing store have the best collection of plaid shirts which will definitely help you dress appropriately for summers.

Keep the look really simple

A plaid flannel shirt has a very heavy character. It is something that has a voice of its own and works a charm that is undeniable. No matter if they are the hero of your look or just acting as a very strong catalyst, the rest of your look should be refined and subtle. So just a t-shirt, jeans and the flannel shirt, you are definitely up to steal the show. There is no need to make bold statements by combining it with other patterns and textures. The key to looking good in flannel in summer is to keep it plain and simple.

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Team your plaid shirt with denim bottoms

The third rule more specifically focuses on the bottom wear. If you need advice regarding that, then read on. The strategic approach to wearing flannel shirts in summer is to actually wear it the way it was meant to be- casual. So it goes without saying that a pair of jeans is what you are looking for. However, if you are looking to experiment, then a pair of khaki pants can also work well, without adding any drama to the outfit and keeping it light and breezy.

Opt for lighter shades, practicality wins!

Cheap flannel shirts for men as available with many manufacturers, have designed plaid shirts that complement the hotter pangs of summer. Colour is a vital factor to consider! Darker colours attract more heat, whereas lighter shades have a tendency to refract light and heat. For this simple scientific reason, you can pick lighter hues for the shirt. This will not go easy on you and keep you comfortable, but will look extremely presentable.

Thus, to conclude it can be said that make your summer worthwhile this year by coupling your plaid flannel shirt with the correct outfits. Wholesale flannel shirts can be purchased by retailers or store owners from prominent manufacturers at discounted rates. The versatility of the shirts make them worth the investment.