Style guide for all flannel shirt lovers: Take a look!

Style guide for all flannel shirt lovers: Take a look!

Be it fall or spring, there are few style quotients which never goes out of the global fashion scene, such are flannel shirts. Known for warmth and high-quality comfort fused with the essence of classic plaids, there can never be any substitute for flannels. Now you might be thinking that checks are quite monotonous and they no more have any freshness to deliver, but what if we say that the celebs and run way models have been giving the fashion forward crowd the most head turning style ideas to do them with perfection? Also, there are stunning collections of these outfits in the retail stores which are getting crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts wholesale companies to entice the flannel aficionados in the market.

If you are thinking on how to wrap around new definitions of style with flannel shirts, we will get you covered with style tips.

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Style makes a gentleman

It has always been a stereotypical notion that fashion is for women, but why shall girls have all the fun? With the evolution of the global fashion industry, men are no longer lagging behind to embrace a medley of style mantras . How to do this with flannel shirts? Scroll down for your answers:

1. Blazers: the grown up costumes

Office scene aren’t complete without blazer and a suited up look. But it is time to break off the monotony , and try a flannel plaid patterned shirt instead. With a blazer? Yes, Get hold of a navy blue single buttoned blazer, and layer it one a black and white flannel shirt, tucked into a grey trousers and brown loafers! Sounds interesting? We bet it is lot more!

2. Rock the streets with smartness redefined

You might be thinking for a road trip with friends next weekend? Let’s give your street smart fashion a much required makeover with a funky flannel shirt. Instead of moto jacket and tattered denims, team up a red and black checked flannel shirt with a black bomber jacket, tucked into a beige chino pant with tapered bottom for a casual stance! Not to forget on the white sneakers for a peppy finesse.

3. Night around the town shenanigans

Rock your Saturday nights with music and dance, but refrain from committing any fashion crime! Trash all your worries because a multicolored plaid flannel shirt will help you here, with denim jacket, crisp denim pants , beanie cap and the chukka boots to add prep and elegance!

Women don’t do fashion, they are fashion

Women has a timeless connection with fashion, and this never ending bond can be rendered an edge with flannel shirts as the flannel shirts Australia companies have introduced wide arrays of them exclusive for the fashion conscious girls.

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1. Feminine silhouette at date night

Make a difference at your date night with a spunky flannel shirt and a leather pencil skirt on your date night!

2. Cool vibes at shopping

On a street shopping spree? Hit the roads with a tee and rugged denims and tie a dark colored wholesale womens flannel shirts around the waist for a very appeasing look.

3. Poised party planner

Rock your weekend parties no more in dresses but carry off a cool and sexy outlook with a shimmering tee, leather leggings, and definitely a red flannel shirt layered from above.

Women’s Plaid Flannel Shirts UK – Smart Ways Women Style Their Shirts

Women’s Plaid Flannel Shirts UK – Smart Ways Women Style Their Shirts

Casual, chic and comfortable, plaid flannel shirts are something that every woman has in their wardrobe! From a high-school student, university candidate, a young executive to a middle aged fashionista – woman find it easy and stylish to pair up their trousers and skirts with this shirt. Dressing up with a flannel top doesn’t take much time and the look is absolutely classy and smart!

Are you an individual business owner selling women’s fashion clothing? Or do you happen to own a retail store specializing the new age girl’s tops, tees and tunics? In either case, bulk ordering the best of the latest varieties available in women’s plaid flannel shirts UK, will fetch you increased lady customer footfall, maximum sale as well as earn you higher customer good will. All you need to do is find an expert manufacturing house and join hands.

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Ways Women Style Their Flannel Plaid Shirts

  • The girl next door look – This is everyone’s favorite! Pairing up an airbrush checked flannel shirt UK with a pair of jeans, cotton trouser or a pleated skirt completes this look. Accessories like a tote bag, neatly tied up hair and nude make-up further enhances the look.
  • The Boho Chic look – Sported mostly by the free-spirited, sprightly young lady or the likes of a creative matured copy editor, this look can be attempted by pairing up a sleeveless top, covered with a cropped plaid flannel top by wearing it as a jacket. As bottoms shorts or Capri trousers would look best other than floral skirts.
  • The Casual Corporate Diva look – This is best sported on a Friday at office where the dress code is semi-formal. A pair of power blue or cobalt blue denim paired up with a check-box printed long white flannel shirt teamed up with a sleeveless shrug completes the look. Accessories like angel wing pendants, feather earrings or a light chain bracelet adds the extra glamour to the look.

Attractive Product Variants Available Today


Today manufacturers of wholesale plaid flannel shirt Saskatoon have come up with attractive product variants that also include the baggy plaid flannel shirt, fitted formal shirt, tied-up sleeveless plaid flannel shirt and the tri-colour plaid flannel shirt.

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You can find expert manufacturers of women’s plaid flannel shirts UK online today! To initiate contact send in a query email, stating your bulk order and asking for the price quote. Once the price rate gets finalized you will get your retail bulk order in time along with a great package discount.