5 Reasons Why Flannel Pants are Back in Style!

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Custom flannel pants had been on the rise this past festive season and people are back to donning this rugged fabric. It’s back and how!

However, to give you better insight into the world of fashion choices, we have brought you 5 reasons as to why flannel might never go out of style.

Night Jammies are Forever Love!

Winter nights couldn’t get more comfortable with flannel night jammies. They are warm, fuzzy, and bright (often chequered) – it’s like taking a nap wearing something like cat fur.

Flannel jammies are not just comfy but can also be daringly stylish, depending on the wearer. So, why not add a dash of panache while sleeping so that you look good enough to jump out of bed and get to starbucks with the outta bed look!

The Corporate Choice

Flannel corporate pants are comfortable, durable, and look great in their fuzzy texture. It adds a different dynamic to your look, adding a tint of maturity when compared to regular trouser pants.

The best colors to go for in corporate flannel pants is grey, navy blue, and black!

Hipster Fashion

From chequered formal flannel pants to tapered ankle lengths, flannel is a hipsters go to fabric. It’s edgy and avant-garde in its own way, but doesn’t compromise on wearing comfort even for a minute.

On the plus side, it looks immensely unique from the smooth texture of regular trousers people are wearing. Also, hipsters generally pair tapered flannel pants with suspenders and check shirts with fastened collar buttons. Pairing them with broad framed glasses and a hat just completes the look on another level!

Sport them with casuals

Flannel pants aren’t just a good corporate option, they are a great casual variant too. With articles floating all over the internet on why flannel pants are better than jeans, it isn’t hard to find out why!

Wear them with boots, brogues, or sports sneakers and add a dash of vibrant color on top; you are all set for any occasion during your day!

Flannel Joggers

Even adding plenty of variation in athleisure clothing, nothing says cool better than flannel joggers. They look go easy, and are perfect for those looking to get their outta dorm look just right.

The check red flannel joggers is paired with a grey or blue tea, and it looks amazing.

And, these are just 5 reasons why these pants will never go outta style! If you look out on the internet, you will find many more!

Flannel shirts: A glance then and a look now

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Everywhere you look, you find a plaid flannel shirt. And why not? They are stylish and comfortable to wear. However, flannel shirts have a long history that dates back to the 16th century. To know more, keep reading. To buy custom flannel shirts that reflect the old world charm balanced with a dash of modernity, you can check the collection of top manufacturers. But keep reading the following article to know more about flannel shirts.

The origins in 1500s

It was during the 16th century, when Scottish farmers to protect themselves from the cold outside, started using a special type of blanket which was made from woven yarns known as flannel. Tartan was the checkered cloth pattern that was named after a Scottish clan. (This tartan later came to be known as plaid when they came to USA). The tartan flannel was highly valued in the royal families of Scotland, which further made them popular.

Getting banned in Britain in 1700s

Donning tartan plaid flannel shirts was banned in Britain during the 1700s. The reason was simple- it originated from the hearts of Scotland and had strong association with the Scottish Rebellion. The Dress Act in England prohibited its citizens from wearing the same. Plaid only became legal after 1782, when they were added to more formal pieces of garments like gowns.

The lumberjack in 1850s to 1950s

It was during the 19th century that plaid flannel made a journey across the Atlantic, from Europe to the USA. They got the name ‘plaid’ hereafter. To boost the popularity, Woolrich Woolen Mills started manufacturing red and black plaid flannel shirts. With their warmth and styling appeal, outdoor workers started preferring them. And the outdoor workers? Well, they were the lumberjacks. With all the chaotic wars and snowstorms, the need of flannel shirts increased, doubling their production by the end of 1949.

The resurgence of plaid in the 1970s

Once the lumberjack trend started to take a backseat, the versatility of plaid flannel started taking the main front. The ubiquitous nature of the same was now not limited to just shirts, but from suits to house décor as well. A cultural phenomenon, Vivienne Westwood popularized the plaid coattails and fired the punk movement. During this era, plaid flannel became a symbol of rebellion.

The continued popularity of 1980s

With movies now showcasing the power of plaid flannel, and Princess Diana making public appearances in the same, the growing popularity was beyond containment. It became a household piece of clothing, easily and widely available for all. Looking back to that time, maybe the 80s was the most notorious era for plaid flannel.

The grunge of the 1990s

With bands like Nirvana, The Breeders and Pearl Jam making plaid flannel shirts their signature choice of cloth, the rise of grunge was experienced. The grunge could be defined as a way of dressing that was streamlined on extravagant ensembles, including the flannel shirt. Oversized versions became an eye-catching number, and their entry to the mainstream circuit was cemented forever during this time.


After the grunge stunt went wrong in the early 2000s, flannel shirts disappeared from the scene for a while. It was not until 2015 that they could be seen as a part of a fashion collection. At present, plaid flannel has stood the test of time and emerged stronger than ever. Plaid flannel shirts have now become a part of the bigger fashion scenario that includes its ability to merge well in both formal and casual occasions/attires. Wear them under a sweater or a structured blazer, flannel shirts do stand out, regardless the situation. Available with top manufacturers of men’s and women’s flannel shirts, they are not going anywhere any time soon.

Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase of the same can register with the manufacturers online. Discounts are available for bulk buyers.

4 winter-trends for flannel shirts that is worth the try

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Flannel shirts have been under the spotlight for too long. And they deserve every bit of the attention that they are receiving. The entire of 2017 has been about flannel button-downs and this winter, it is going to be no different. The flannel obsession is on and you should already be on the bandwagon.

Though there is no true way prescribed on how to wear flannel, here are some situations and ensembles that work wonders every time. Keep scrolling to find out more.

On a warm winter morning,

don’t put in much thought when wearing your flannel shirt. If you have plans to come back before sundown, then wear your flannel button down like a jacket for it will be enough to keep you warm. For the base layers, pick a solid white t-shirt and black mini skirt. A pair of ballerinas will complete this uber-casual guise. For the flannel shirt, pick in white-black plaid pattern to give the monochrome dressing a good push.

But if you plan to stay out the entire day,

it is better to be prepared for that. Keep the white t-shirt and the flannel shirt as it is, but switch the skirt for a pair of jeans in a relaxed fit and wear a sweater on top of the tee and shirt. This will be enough to help you survive the cold. The ballerinas can stay as well, but if you have the urge to wear socks, you can opt for sneakers. Super snug and super smart, this is one of the best ways to show off your fashion prowess using a flannel button down.

However if you want to go for something dressier,

the same ensemble can work but only with a pair of heels and a slim fit pair of jeans. You can skip the white completely and wear your flannel with the sweater. Keep the color hues in your mind. Opt for darker colors for they are more insulated and retain more heat. An oversized flannel version can be a great accouterment for this attire. If you feel a little bland, add a little zing to a hat.

When formal becomes a mandate,

you can use your flannel smart. Go for a shirt that has a dark texture and team it with a pair of tailored trousers and a structured blazer. This will get the whole conventional side of the look working. The key to getting this look right depends on your choice of clothes and accompaniments. You don’t want to go over the top with your varieties. Stick to the basic ones and it will be effective enough to win hearts. Complete the look with a pair of pumps and a big wristwatch.

So, this winter, follow the trend that is surrounding the flannel shirt in the circuit right now; but follow your heart as well. There are a million ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt. These above-mentioned ensembles are popular and unique in their appeal. Try them out.

The flannel fashion mania has shrouded the entire fashion industry and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. So this is your time, and the world is your stage. You go get it, girl!

Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase can register with popular manufacturers of flannel clothes including shirts. Special offers are available for bulk buyers. Register today and reap the benefits throughout the year!

5 ways to wear your flannel shirts with 5 types of skirts

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Much has been said and written about flannel shirts. You know probably how to team a shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts, it works well! But what about a flannel shirt and a skirt? While many ladies would want to steer clear of this ensemble, many enthusiasts see this as a way of putting together two iconic and classic pieces for one stunning combination.But want to know how to wear a flannel shirt with five different types of skirts? Keep reading for surprises.

  • For the first combination, pick the most elegant piece of skirt, a maxi skirt in a dark bright shade. Tuck in the flannel shirt inside the skirt and use a statement belt to highlight the dress. You can use a chunky neckpiece to give the attire a dressy finish. A pair of pumps will help you stand tall in the crowd.
  • Flannel shirts are extremely versatile in their approach. But if you are a fan of simplicity, then a skater skirt in black teamed with a black flannel shirt is your ideal blend. Wear a pair of white trainers to give it a sporty finish. Keep the rest of the look clean for an enhanced monochromic appeal.
  • The third combination is a little sassy and a lot chic. A flannel shirt and a midi tulle skirt. The key to pulling off this attire is to stick to lighter shades and avoid using too much texture. A statement belt, a pair of pumps, aviators and you will be good to go.
  • A mini skirt in leather is sexy for all the right reasons, and it is your duty to exploit its flamboyant approach to get the most out of it. Tuck in your flannel shirt inside the skirt for a heightened appearance. Further, throw over a bomber jacket on top to look appropriate on the grunge part. A pair of ankle length boots will complement the grunge attire perfectly.
  • Flannel clothing that is available with the best of the manufacturers comes in varieties. These clothes are stylish and comfortable to wear. Flannel might be associated with casual dressing; it can be worn for conventional occasions as well. Team your flannel shirt with a pencil skirt to get the formal vibe. Wear a pair of pumps to elevate your stature. A belt will not only hold your clothes together but will also add to the charm of the ensemble.

Thus, whichever skirt you want to pick, make sure to team it with a flannel shirt to get the most of it. the unique combination stands out with its innovative approach. Combine the pieces correctly, and you will surely garner compliments from the onlookers. From flannel shirts to wholesale flannel pants, top manufacturers have it all displayed in their catalog. Retailers interested to make a bulk purchase can register with them online. Discounts can also be availed on bulk purchase.

5 Bottom Wear Except Jeans that Enhance the Beauty of a Flannel Shirt!

Flannel is a versatile fabric! So bidding adieu to winter, it is time to update the spring wardrobe collection. But that does not mean you need to stash away the timeless fashion flannel shirt just because it is not winter. Enough tweaks have been introduced to the principal design of the shirt that makes it a popular choice throughout the year. (You can’t really deny the strong presence of flannel!)

But the question still remains- what exactly should you team a flannel shirt? Breaking from the age old shackles that flannel can be worn only with a pair of jeans, here is a list of 5 bottom wear that can be teamed with a flannel shirt for a stellar appearance. Read on and find out more about the noteworthy couplings as stated below.

Long Shirt Tunic for Women

Flannel shirt with a pair of leggings

The first choice is an appropriate combination for the hotter months, thus it is worth the try. Oversized vintage flannel shirts are the flawless pick to master this look. Team a pair of black leggings with the button down and complete the attire using a pair of knee length boots. This is a great casual assemble and is sure to help you garner compliments from the onlookers. If you want to add a touch of drama to the ensemble, then wear a chunky neckpiece and you will be done for the best.

Silver Tinge Red Checked Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirt with a pair of shorts

A classic look for summer, this look tests the stability of flannel fashion as you use the piece like an outerwear. Tuck a solid t-shirt inside a pair of shorts and throw over the flannel shirt like a jacket. For dramatization of the appearance, you can let the buttons fly open. Make sure that the length of the shorts enhances your silhouette. A pair of ballerinas will be perfect to amplify the simplicity of the look, with no added accessories required to accompany.

White Sleek Playful Dress

Flannel shirt with flared pants

Adorable at the first sight, a flannel shirt combined with a pair of flared pants is a winner. There are a few tips which you need to remember when trying out this look. You need to tuck the shirt inside your pants. The pants should end well below your ankle. A pair of pumps will help you elevate your silhouette. No accessories are required as the two juxtaposed fashion items are strong enough to stand out on their own. Walk with confidence as that is going to help you win hearts.

Self Tie Cream Cool Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirt with skater skirt

If you are a tad bit worried about the fact the masculinity of the flannel shirt is too strong to overpower, then add a feminine piece of skater skirt to your outfit and see it perfectly balance the upshot. Make sure that the colours of the top and lower portion of your outfits complement each other and are in sync. Wear a pair of opaque stockings and let ballerinas adorn at the end of it. A chunky neckpiece and sunglasses will perfectly sum up this wonderful chic look.

Cute Brick Shirt Dress

Flannel shirt with summer dress

No fashion list for summer can be complete without a simple dress to graze it! Thus, the last clothing item might not be a bottom wear, but it is a dress in whole and requires a mention. Pick a flirty dress in neutral colours and throw over an oversized flannel button down to add drama to it. A pair of knee length boots will add volumes of sex appeal to the ensemble. You can let go off any and all accessories for that is really not necessary. Stay simple and make the maximum impact.

So make summer worthwhile by making worthwhile and distinctive appearance in flannel shirt coupled with the right bottoms. Prominent manufacturers have a bunch of flannel shirts Australia, as they are available in many other countries. Retailers from all around the world can make a bulk purchase and secure great discounts on them.

How And Where To Wear Field And Stream Flannel Shirts

Field And Stream Flannel Shirts

Field & Stream as a brand name has been gaining steady popularity among a very large section of people. Of all things that are present under this brand name at this very moment, it is the wide variety of Field and Stream flannel shirts that are inviting maximum attention from people world over. For those who are yet to wake up to how and where to carry these essentially active and classy numbers, here are a few tips that are sure to help…

Field and stream is all about activity and this is perhaps the reason why the checked flannel shirt options will work perfectly for outdoor field activities like camping, trekking etc. being extremely comfortable and sporting some of the best nature friendly colors, these shirts will make the perfect companion while legging the long miles.

plaid flannel shirt

Secondly, these shirts are just perfect for fishing. Somehow, wearers just seem to blend into the picture like a soothing art piece painted by the lake. To bet your look right, you can choose sleeveless options and wear it on top of a regular tee or vest, or go classic casual with checked rolled up long sleeves with outdoor pants. Soothing colors are always recommended lest you scare the fish away!

Thirdly, Field and Stream flannel can also work wonderfully for a lazy day in the shooting arena. For those who love to fire in cool and casual style, a pair of Field and Stream checked flannel shirt is sure to capture the hearts of all onlookers. Classic long sleeves and crisp collared options worn unbuttoned on top of a regular mono tone tee happens to be the evergreen trend of these days. It does not matter what age you are of what dress size you wear, this effortless combination is assured to bring out the best casual in you.

Fourthly, nothing beats these options when it comes to sharing beer with the dear ones in your own backyard or lawn in a warm summer evening. Somehow it seems that these shirts have been designed for emitting a sense of enhanced brotherhood among fellow wearers. On many occasions, these shirts can also form very thoughtful gifting options which are usually cherished by the receivers for years together.

Must Have Cool Flannel Clothing Pieces Every Woman Must Possess

Must Have Cool Flannel Clothing Pieces Every Woman Must Possess

Warm, soft and super trendy, flannel clothing has always made their presence felt in the global scene , being one of the most desirable style quotients. Meant to stay forever, cool flannel clothing is crafted by the wholesale manufacturers and top-notch brands to entice the fashion forward crowd, and even women are unable to stay away from this flannel craze today. The leading flannel clothing UK companies and brands are producing a range of flannel pieces exclusively for the women to wrap new definitions of style every time one sports them. The flannel shirts with distressed boy friend jeans, or ties around the waist, or sleek vests over the normal tees, whatever might be the style, the love for flannels is unending , which made the cotton flannel clothing wholesale companies to survey the different needs and preferences of the women and render them with a medley of fashion statements.

flannel dress

Chic Dresses

If you are for once preferring to give your girly dresses a much needed break, then nothing else can work perfectly other than cool flannel dresses for any kind of ensemble you would want. The designers not just introduce plain cut ones , but also a myriad array like high-low dresses, shirt dresses, midi mini, tunics , body con and many more, If you want a sexy silhouette then go for slit cuts, and for innocent vibes bank on flannel skater dresses.

Snug Jackets

To do fall fashion with ease and verve, instead of the wool or leather outerwear , why not some smart flannel jackets? These range of layering come in the form of sweatshirts, hooded ones, duo collared, ruffled collared baggy jackets , long jackets to render appealing stance to the ladies wearing them. Be it with jeans or trousers, or even skirts, these layering reflect fresh and unique vibes.

Sizzling Jumpsuits

It is time to ditch your usual and plain cotton flannel clothing wholesale, and offer a spin-o-span solution to your wardrobe with sensational arrays of flannel jumpsuits to pull off appeasing get-ups. Be it the casual baddy ones, or collared casual, sleek straight feet, rompers, or with dividers, these outfits can be your all around companion at the party, to the movies or for any office meetings.

flannel shirt supplier

Crisp Crop Tees

Not the basic outfits, the flannel clothing brands are not behind in introducing impeccable crop tops for the teen age girls. The classy stance recreated by the plaid patterns and the contemporary crop cut offers a very unique persona to girls. Be it collared ones or sweetheart neck, self-tie, embellished, baggy or any other style, girls can wear them with skirts and denims and while chilling temperatures, these can be teamed with layering for a cozy feel.

Sporty Vests

Vest is no more the trend for boys, rather the fashion buff women too are getting highly inclined towards wearing them over tees and dresses for a spunky get-up. Especially for casual outings, these funky flannel vests also keep the wearers warm during mild winters.

Classic Shirts

The classic fashion highlights are making a comeback to the modern era with a fusion of vintage and contemporary resulting in outstanding styles. Likewise, plain flannel shirts are meant to rule the fashion scenario forever worn with denims, or even ties around the waist.

Three Types Of Flannel Dresses To Enrich Your Stock!

Three Types Of Flannel Dresses

Flannel clothes are no longer limited to the warm shirts and jackets. The renowned manufacturers of flannel clothing are coming up with trendy designs of flannel dresses that are ready to cater to the taste of the modern women. Those who have interest in new fashion trends can try out these flannel dresses which can really lend them an iconic appearance. The best thing about this flannel dresses is that these are comfortable in every season.

Holding the hands of the flannel dress manufacturers, you can see a broad variety of flannel dresses in their inventories. Check out how many different types of flannel dresses are available.

Asymmetrical Hemline Flannel Dress:

If you visit the galleries of the top flannel dress manufacturers, you will surely notice the beautiful asymmetrical hemline dresses that are very stylish to look at. Crafted with blended cotton and flannel, these dresses are something one will love to slip into. You can find various colour combination of these dresses, starting from red, black, white, purple and so on.

Red Slit Flannel Dress Wholesale

Classic Flannel Dress With Belt:

The flannel dress wholesalers are also coming up with the classic pattern dresses which can be worn in any party. The classic dresses with belt are the perfect blend of classiness and style that will lend a woman an elegant appearance along with its snug wrap. So, flip through the websites of the top flannel clothes makers and get hold of these beautiful classic flannel dress paired with gorgeous belts.

flannel shirts

Body Con Flannel Dress:

No one can deny how stylish a woman can look in a body con dress and the good news is that, now these dresses are also available in flannel fabrics. The sleek and sexy body con dresses can complement the beauty of a woman by flattering her curves and making her look more appealing. So, if you have your own fashion boutique, then get in touch with the top manufacturers of flannel clothing and place your order for these brand new range of clothes.

So, are you ready to bring some positive changes in your retail stock? Then contact with the reputed companies and make a move.