5 Stellar Ideas to Dress up a Flannel Shirt and Jeans Combo

5 Stellar Ideas to Dress up a Flannel Shirt

Our obsession with flannel is far from being over. In fact, it can be safely said that the obsession has just begun. Everyone who has wee bit knowledge about fashion knows this for sure that flannel shirts (specifically focusing in that) is extremely versatile and can be dressed with a number of other outfits to create effective fashion statements, but there is one combination in particular, which emerges the winner any given day. A pair of jeans and a flannel shirt! Yes, ladies! That is all you need to walk with the ultimate panache. But what if you have to dress it up? In order to make this comfy combo more dramatic (or maybe not), you can refer to the following ideas as listed below. They all are approved by the preying fashion police, so yes you can be rest assured that these look will, only help you appear a winner.

The first idea is to keep it simple. You can tuck in a wool lined flannel shirt inside your jeans and complete the look with a pair of boots. Use a shade and handbag as your only accessory, so as to avoid looking flashy. A few bracelets on your wrist will add to the elegance and simplicity of the look.

mens wool flannel shirt

The second idea is to still remain simple yet have a very powerful impact on the onlookers. Use your flannel shirt as a jacket and casually throw it over a graphic t-shirt. While the jean remains a constant, you can pick a pair of sneakers as footwear and for that perfect sporty yet chic finish. You can further use a baseball cap as an addition to the outfit to help it look breezy and spontaneous.

The third idea draws massive inspiration from the trendy plaid on plaid look. Sticking to the basic flannel shirt and pair of jeans approach, use a plaid scarf and loosely hang it around your neck. Wear a pair of high heels to add to your stature. A sling bag will give the required bling to the look, while shades and a wristwatch will give you an edge.

flannel vest

The fourth idea uses the concept of flannel vest combination. Ideal for formal occasions, add a simple vest in solid hues over you flannel shirt to give it a touch of conventionalism. A pair of slim fit jeans and pumps will help you pull of a sophisticated appearance. Refrain from using any kind of accessories at all to avoid looking ostentatious.

The fifth idea banks largely on the traditional flannel approach, where in you tie the shirt around your waist. A simple t-shirt, a pair of jeans and the plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist. That is it! All that is required to slay all the onlookers. You can further wear ankle length boots to add to modest yet classy approach.
mens flannel jacket
To conclude, it can be said that to wear flannel, you don’t really need to stick any particular approach. There are innumerable ways to wear flannel. All you need is to master the ones that are correct. Prominent manufacturers have a plethora of flannel products adorning their inventory that include flannel jacket for men, skirts and shirts for woman, blankets, vests and many more. Store owners can now revamp their collection by making bulk purchase from them. Registering with the manufacturers can help secure attractive discounts.

4 Golden Rules On How To Dress In Your 30’s: A La Star Inspiration!

Every man in his 20s undergoes an experimental phase when everything has to challenged and defied. The same rule applies when it comes to fashion for men. But as time passes by and you enter your 30s, the quirky pieces duly find their way back to the dark corners of the closet.

Dressing in the 30s is all about finding a perfect fit and flaunting the aesthetics. Your wardrobe should inevitably consist of simple yet powerful fashion pieces. Well fitted shirts, tailored trousers, personalized suits should be your pick for almost all occasions. Even if you want to opt for something more spontaneous, being mindful of the colours is necessary. So today here is a comprehensive list that draws clothing inspiration from three British celebrities in their 30s.

Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. From playing the enigmatic detective Sherlock Holmes to the powerful superhero Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch is talented and has proved his acting skills. But it is his repeated appearances in public wearing sharp suits that has raised eyebrows and made women skip their heart beat. From flannel jackets to solid blazers, Cumberbatch, a 39 year old man definitely poses as a competition to the younger stars.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

  1. Even at 38, Chiwetel Ejiofor definitely knows how to dress appropriately and look effortless. He is stunning on the screen, but his off screen appearances is surely one to take inspiration from. He plays in the darker shades and modest textures that complement his chiselled physique. If you are in your 30s looking for some major fashion inspiration, then this stunning actor is your go-to-person.

Eddie Redmayne

  1. With numerous awards under his belt, Eddie Redmayne, at 33, is a sight to behold. He makes ladies go weak on their knees with his charming smile and dazzling eyes. This talented actor looks really great in his casual endeavours but when wearing suits, he looks a class apart. He too like his fellow countrymen likes wearing solid colours that gives his aesthetics a more defined appearance.

Now, drawing inspiration from these wonderful actors, these four rules should be followed by the men who are in their 30s. Read on and find out more.

  • Understand the clothes that actually work for you. So if its shirts, wear shirts. If you are a casual t-shirt fan, then settle for it. Having a rocking collection of clothes is what matters when you are already reaching the post 20s stage.
  • Suits should be the backbone of your closet and your personal style. Increasing your options once you enter 30s is pivotal. Invest in good materials, bold colours, and smart patterns. If they come in tailored fit, they will only make you appear nifty.
  • Men’s flannels shirts looks extremely classy on the middle aged men. The sturdy build of flannel gives them a smart appearance, while the plaid pattern adds volumes to the characters. In fact teaming them with a pair of jeans will make up the perfect casual Friday wear.
  • Invest more on stand out pieces. This is the time when you have gained enough experience and gave a subtle view towards life. So add such items in your wardrobe which is going to last a lifetime. Reflecting your personal thoughts through your clothes is the key to shine through. Trench coats, a pair of oxfords, flannel shirts, a messenger bags can be great investments during this age.

So make a worthy style statement that is definitive and complete. You are surely to shine through for your fabulous choice of garments. Many prominent manufacturers have gathered clothes that range from basic solid clothes to flannel clothing Perth. They are designed to perfection and can be purchased in bulk by the retailers who are looking to update their store collection.

The Correct Accessories to Go In Tune with Different Types of Flannel Dresses

The Correct Accessories to Go In Tune with Different Types of Flannel Dresses

Realizing the craze of flannel as fabric and plaids as the style quotient, the global fashion scene has moved from the flannel shirts and is laying stress on the fresh new flannel dresses.  Uber –chic and classic as they look these dresses comes in a medley of cuts, colors and designs, from the halters to body cons and many more exclusively for the fashion forward women. With the leading flannel dress manufacturers crafting a wide array of dresses, ladies can definitely experiment a lot, and take a break from the usual plaid flannel shirts for classier ensembles.

Talking about dresses, a lady is incomplete in a dress without the complementing jewelry. Keeping this in mind, when it comes to the flannel check dresses too, one must be aware of the jewelry which would go in tune with the cuts and silhouettes of the dresses and hence wear them accordingly.

Thus, to understand what accessorizing looks like in terms of flannel dresses,    here are some ideas to help you out.

The plunging V-neckline

When it comes to the plunging deep V-neckline of the flannel dresses, you need a neckpiece to adorn your neck, which otherwise would have looked drab and banal. Make sure to add something to your cleavage, and for this frame the pendant chains and neckpieces look absolutely stunning. Thus, this can definitely be your next party silhouette!

womens flannel dress

Sweetheart neckline

Drawing the attention to your face becomes easy with sweet heart neckline, and for this a short statement neckpiece would do wonders! You can also use chokers if you want to have a funky and elegant retro edge for your look.

Sexy halter

The halter necklines for flannel dresses add a fusion of hotness and sportiness, and these results in a wonderful style quotient.  With halters, instead of the neck, you need to lend some attention to the exposed arms   with chunky bracelets and bangles which will add spice to the simple and glamorous look.

Chic tank dresses

The tank dresses come in flannel checks for giving you the ultimate laid back and causal avatar for the daily outings, Hence, do not spoil their simplicity with the heavy accessories, rather just ear cuffs and rings would help you draw the attention to the face effortlessly. Thus, this will balance your overall look with an edge.

Hot backless flannel dress

For the hot and polished backless flannel check dress, you can add a belt to cinch on the waist, so that all the limelight falls on the sexy and exposed back of yours.  For the dinner outings and posh cruise parties, ditch your little black dress and try this style out for something offbeat.

Crew neck scenes

The plaid flannel dress for crew neck might seem to be offering less chances to accessories, but what are the layered statement necklaces for?  You need to break the look with some interest offered to the upper body which remains covered with this neckline and this can be done with the large statement necklaces.

blue flannel jacket

One shoulder

The one shoulder flannel dresses add a lot of grace to your persona, and for them the hand cuffs are enough.  Wear them on the wrist opposite to the shoulder strap to balance the unevenness of the whole outfit. Also, try out little earrings to add a finishing touch and finesse to the whole silhouette.

Thus, be it the flannel jacket or the dress, or the vintage shirt; make sure you render room for enough experimentation with the proper accessories.