Tips to Buying the Best Plaid Flannel Shirt for Your Wardrobe

Wholesale Plaid Shirt

Flannel shirts have popularized over time with numerous famous personalities sporting them one after another, setting a trend for the public. The comfort quotient of these shirts is unmatched and won’t be as well, due to the warmth the fabric texture allows you to feel. Flannel shirts have a rich history etched to their origin and pave a way for the cultural integrity it seems to regurgitate.

Earlier lumberjacks and farmers during the cold winter days had only flannel shirts to save them from the chilly winds. As proper winter clothes were not something they could bank on, wearing a couple of flannel full sleeve shirts over one another provided them with the warmth they needed. Over the years, the culture traveled overseas and the concentration of worker class people seemed to grasp more of this dress culture because of mainly its utility. They could easily feel the warmth in these clothes because of the crisscross fabric knit which prevented the cold winds from entering. Retailers looking to order in bulk these exciting designs of flannel shirts should search amongst the leading wholesale plaid shirts manufacturers to get the best deals on bulk purchase.

Here are certain tips you should keep in mind while buying flannel shirts.

Wholesale Plaid Flannel Shirts


  • Fabric check- The first thing to always keep in mind is the touch of the fabric on your skin. This will ensure long lasting performance of the cloth and will also make sure that you can wear these clothes for long and stay without feeling a tinge of discomfort.
  • Check for the length- This length check is not only about the drop length. To get the most out of your newly purchase plaid shirt, you need to check the shoulder length, the waist line and even the inner lining. This will give your look more definition and a crisp outlook. Make sure that you get the right fit shirt, which will reveal your body outline and will make your look more attractive.
  • The right color- To get the right color for you, you need to experiment with a couple of different shades. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and put on new colors. If you are someone who likes their clothes to be on the darker shade, should definitely make it a point to try out new lighter shades to mix up their look and create something different out of the mundane.
  • Choose the correct plaid patterns- This might not seem very important but much out of its miniscule scape, you need to make sure that you have found the right print for your body contour. For people with above average height, try vertical line prints which will suit the way you look. If you are of a petite frame- go for horizontal or even polka dot prints! Don’t keep it buttoned till the top, this will ruin the whole get up and will make you look shorter.
  • Make sure pair them right- it is not too hard to find the perfect element to pair with your flannel shirt. The versatility of these shirts make it an easy wear, try pairing a range of stripped jeans or even skin fit jeans and trousers. You can even wear capris and shorts with your flannel shirt. Everything looks great with these. Wear a pair of shiny white shoes every time you are going for a dark colored shirt. You will really play off with the contrast.

Flannel shirts are extremely resourceful and utilitarian, which enable them to be on the top of designer shirts. You can get a wide range of choices with reputed wholesale plaid flannel shirts manufacturers from which retailers can choose the best and order their bulk amount.

Everything You Should Know about Flannel Shirts- Busted Here!

We have all craved for the flannel shirts at some point or the other that Kurt Cobain often pulled off in his music videos. So here’s the good news- the grunge style is back! As soon as they emerged in the late 19th century, particularly for the purpose of keeping the body warm and comfortable, they have turned into a casual wardrobe staple for many. So if you have recently purchased a couple of plaid shirts, here’s what you must know. Take a look!

plaid flannel shirts for women

A Small History To Share About Flannel Shirts

Flannel, since its evolution in the 90s by a sub-culture, popularly known as grunge, has found its foot in the recent age from being a material to a special checkered print. Though in earlier times it was a well known dress code for the working class, especially farmers, it has gradually fuelled the interest of many a man and woman from different genres and remained a classic favorite till now.

Retailers who want to extend their stocks with flannel plaid shirts women’s can also contact a reputed wholesale clothing manufacturer online and place their orders in bulk.

Style Inspirations To Watch Out For

The best thing about plaid shirts is that they are available in lots of variations and practically fit every body shape, making it an essential closet ensemble. So grab them in different color combinations, checks and prints and get a spot on look whenever and wherever you wear them. Read on to know more about how you can style your flannel shirts to different places.

    If you are going out on a coffee break with your long time friends, step out in a green and yellow shirt and denim ripped jeans with a pair of white sneakers teamed in. You can also wear an open shirt over a tank top and rock your comfy and casual look over steaming coffee and spicy conversation.
    Heading out for a dinner date with your beau and confused about what to wear? Simply slip on a flannel shirt made in USA in the classic combination of red, black and white and pair it up with a vintage high waist mini leather skirt and you are ready to turn heads. But do not forget to carry your essentials in a leather clutch and go paint the town with black ankle booties.

These are just a few ways that you can work your tartan attire and channel the classic vibe. To try them in more places and more ways you can get them in a plenty of styles from your flannel shirt manufacturers.