Preppy to Gunge, the Flannelette Shirts Offer Many Styles to Women

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The flannel fashion has been one in all, from the grunge, to lumber sexual, or the preppy and classy stances. It has become the ubiquitous closet staple for the fashion forward women too, apart from being the hot favourites of women. This off-duty clothing essential has been creating a stir in the global fashion scene for being so versatile, and you can tuck it into a sparkling skirt for parties, and also wear to the office with the formal trousers. Thus, they can take you from being completely sloppy and casual to gorgeous and shimmering. Instantly scoring any silhouette effortlessly is quite easy and nonchalant for the flannelette shirts, whether they come in an oversized demeanor, or well fitted shape.

The plaid womens flannel shirts not only exude exuberance, or soft finesse and sporty chic modish stance, they are also available in a wide array of colors. Apart from the conventional red and black check patterns, today the designers have given way to state of the art color combinations, from neons with black, to neutral shades with colorful hues. Thus, women can bank on their preferred ones from the online stores.

Want to rock them with confidence? Here are some style tips.

Charming yet spunky

Get the fusion of charming and spunky looks for the casual outings, with a chic flannel shirt. Get going with the simple tee worn with a mini skater skirt. Tie the colorful plaid flannel shirt around your waist, and layer your outfit with the leather jacket. This outfit of yours can be worn both with thigh high boots and the chunky stilettoes.

Spruce up your hotness

Who said the flannel outfits cannot offer you a sexy and hot ensemble? You can wear the flannel shirt, with a high waist slit skirt, and rock the hot avatar. Go fir the strappy stilettoes, and red lipstick and get ready for a date night or the party nights on weekends. A killer and mesmerizing look!

Winter woes

Solve your winter style woes as you get going with the flannel shirts teamed with denims or chinos, and drape the animal printed fluffy jacket over this. The animal prints and plaid patterns will give way to a great combination, and you can settle down for the beanie cap with this for the right addition of accessories.

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The retro dynamism

Want to get the retro look, but wondering how to? You can combine the different retro outfits, for instance the vintage crop tee, with the high waist culottes, and team this with the 90’s flannel shirt. This will be a complete mix and match of different classic clothing pieces, and add a dash of panache to your persona.

Like a dress?

Yes, you can turn a flannel shirt to a dress easily. Go for the oversized flannel shirt, and wear this as a dress with thigh high leather or velvet boots. If it is cold outside, the trench coat will come to your ultimate rescue.

Beach babe

The flannel shirt can be your sporty and smarty take on the beach cover up. Drape an oversized flannel shirt over your bikini, and enjoy the pool parties and beach outings with a sultry and cutting edge demeanor.

Make it sexy

You can go for a sexy, yet casual flannel look. Just pair the flannel shirt with the tight fitted denim cut off, and tie a hairband with sneakers.

5 Ways To Wear A Checked Flannel Shirt That Won’t Make You Look Untidy!

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Having been used by the lumberjacks, flannel shirts have a chance to look a little messy and out-dated. Since grunge rockers started to wear checked flannel shirt, it became a fashion staple. Before that, flannel was used by the farmers in the fields of Wales during winter to keep them safe from the elements. However, if you think flannel is good for a messy look and cannot be worn in a tidy way, then you are absolutely wrong. Here are 5 ways you can completely look tidy with flannel shirt.

1. Wear A Cardigan Over Your Flannel Outfits:

To have a tidy yet casual look, try out a simple monochromatic cardigan over your flannel shirt and couple it up with a pair of denim pants. It will perfectly match with the plaids of a flannel shirt and neither look over-the-top nor sloppy. You can flaunt this style when you are going to meet your friends or getting ready for a casual outing with your partner.

2. Layer It With A Cape And You Are Good To Go:

Wear the black checked flannel shirt under a cape and team up with high heels. This way you can create a formal look even with a piece of flannel shirt. If you think flannel outfits are not good for work, try this tip and you will look elegant. Show off your style and enjoy the warmth of flannel together.

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3. Pair Up Your Flannel Shirt With a Mini-Skirt:

If you have a stylish mini-skirt and a flannel shirt in your wardrobe, it is time to team them up. Yes, to create a tidy look with your flannel outfit, tuck it into a plain mini-skirt and you will get the desired look. Don’t forget to wear stockings and high heels to give it a finishing touch.

4. Add A Plaid Touch To The Monochrome Theme:

Plaid can simply bring out the best in the monochrome apparels. So, if you are looking for something to jazz up your monochrome dress, slip into a checked flannel shirt. The colourful plaid flannel shirt will add a dash of vibrancy to your entire get up.

5. Wear A Flannel Shirt Dress With Belt And High Heels:

Flannel shirt dresses have become really popular among the young girls. The retailers are also bringing wholesale flannel shirt dresses in their stores. These flannel shirt dresses can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. You can simply accessorize the flannel shirt dresses with a stylish belt and a pair of high heels and get ready to be noticed.

So, follow the five ways and you can create elegant looks using a flannel outfit.

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Traced back to 16th century Scotland, plaids became popular with the masses when they became linked with the outdoor workers like cowboys and lumberjacks. Though known for their durability and warming quality, tartan plaids soon became a fashion symbol with rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam wearing them on stage during concerts. It is a trend that has been adopted by both the sodality and the mainstream.

So before dismissing the idea of wearing flannel shirt outfits, one should reconsider their decision. Smart and sexy, these are the ultimate piece of clothing which should definitely adorn the wardrobe.

Perfect to fight the wrath of winter

Winter can be a difficult season, with snow and fleet making our lives difficult. Flannel comes in both cotton and woollen make. The woollen plaid flannel shirts are commonly worn during winter for they have insulating qualities and further protect one from the chilly winds. They are in fact the best choice for outdoor activities on a snowy day.

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Rock a smart formal look

The myth of plaid flannel shirts being associated with a hipster appearance has been redefined by many fashion enthusiasts. Wearing them over a pair of well fitted formal trousers will provide an edge to the appearance. Throwing on a blazer over the shirt is a common trend these days. One can further experiment by adding a tie to the ensemble. A pair of leather boots or dinner shoes will give it the required formal touch helping you make a strong fashion statement.

Casual lumbersexual

Charming Charlie Red Checked Flannel ShirtWith the recent lumbersexual trend doing rounds among the men, superstars like Ryan Reynolds, Jason Mamoa, Tom Hardy and Liam Hemsworth have been spotted rocking their respective looks, making women go all gaga over their hot and grubby look.

When it comes to wearing oversized flannel for casual settings, they will help one get attention from the ladies around when worn with a pair of slim fit trousers and loafers. A sleek leather jacket will up the sex appeal. Trimmed beard and messy hair will provide the required rough and raunchy look.

Choose the colors cautiously

The secret to insert plaid in the attire is to keep it simple. Plaid itself is a bold and vibrant pattern and combining it with other prints can end up in a disaster. Opting for a solid and neutral palette when wearing them will surely complement the appearance.

Red flannel shirt can be a significantly tough look to pull off. It is of pivotal importance to accessories correctly when wearing this shade. The less daring ones can stick to more conventional colors of blue and green, which will definitely give a sober and classy appearance.

Offering a varied range of products from plaid flannel shirt women and men, you can purchase them in bulk and upgrade your store collection today.

The Best Four Looks Which Flannel Shirts Can Give You: Watch Out For Style Ideas

A flannel shirt is probably one of the clothing pieces   which speaks of vintage styling, and definitely the 90’s grunge fashion statement. But, today we have come a long time ahead, and flannel shirts have become more versatile and urban. Be it predominantly casual or fiercely classy, there is no style quotient which is impossible in the flannels. Reflecting the classic plaid and check patterns, from tartan to pinstripe and madras, they now come in a wide array of colors combinations, be it the neons and pastels or the same old black and white color scheme.  Also, with these comes countless ways to look dapper and sexy in them, and not just the men , the women to have the freedom to choose from their endless style quotients , to add some balance to their fashionable wardrobes.

We have compiled the best four looks which are possible in the flannel clothes, or specially the flannel shirts for different occasions.

flannel clothing

Raw and rough layerings

There are times when maybe it is not that cold and freezing, you would want to go for a casually done rustic and layered look.  For this, you can add up to the denim jacket or may be the cotton vest to your flannel shirt, and get a very raw appeal. A bit tomboyish and equally graceful, this can be your look while travelling, for casual outings and when you are out with friends on weekends for brunch or move dates.  Give your appearance a mixture of different fabrics and textures, and add finishing edge with the boots and funky bag, without any girly accessories.

Classy and elegant vibes

Time for what girls like the most, the classy and elegant look! This can definitely be an option for decking up in the flannel plaid shirts.  For this, you can team up the flannel shirts and tuck them into the frilled skirts, A-line skirts, slit skirts or definitely the flowing maxi skirts. The skirts with the check flannel shirts will give you the maximum freedom to opt for any silhouette you want, be it the boho chic, the sophisticated damsel, or the old school girl vibes. Add the right heels, put on the shiniest lipstick, and accompany yourself with the complimenting bag for the most dapper looks.

90’s grunge throwback

Having the plaid flannel shirt and not doing the mandatory grunge look from the 90’s is a fashion crime you would be committing!  Forget being a girl and try out the lumbers sexual grunge look from the old times. Keep Kurt Cobain in mind, and add the graphic tee to the flannel shirt, the skinny chorded colored pant, or distressed denim, the hat and the sneakers.  You can add some chunky accessories to this look, but make sure to maintain the rough and edgy rocker chic silhouette.

flannel bed sheet

Cozy winters stroll scenes

Winter doesn’t stop us from experimenting with fashion, and here comes the role of flannel shirts.  From the parka jackets, to quilted vests, beanie, finger gloves and lot more, a flannel shirt will set the coziest and warm makeover. Make sure to keep the leather high rising boots with you to complete the look.

Just fashion, flannels have a lot to do in our regular lives, be it through the flannel bed sheet set or the blanket for more comfortable experience, especially in winters.