The amazing flannel vest that you can wear for different occasions effortlessly

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There are times when you go through hesitation and second-guessing while dressing up, and there are few accessories and clothing counterparts that can solve all the fashion woes you go through. Have you ever thought of wearing the flannel vests? Well, they are the wonderful renditions of the retro and classic flannel check shirts. Anyway, if you also own a flannel plaid vest or want to buy one, you probably feel a little confused about when and how you should wear it.The flannel outfits have always been loved by the fashion conscious people, and they are reigning supreme in the global fashion scene. But, it is time to move on from the same old shirts, and pay attention to the modish flannel plaid shirts that come in a wide array of designs.

Here are some ideas to wear the plaid flannel vest that reflects the fusion of class and contemporary edge.

The mannish vibes with a twist

To get the mannish attitude with twist on the semi-formal days at office, you can use the flannel vest. Let your flannel vest dress up with destroyed boyfriend jeans by pairing it with heels and a statement necklace as well. This is a wonderful way to stick to the mannish vibes with a little feminine edge too.

The sweater dress scenes in winter

A flannel vest is perfect for layering over a sweater dress in any single color scheme. Add over-the-knee boots for a touch of sex appeal and you can travel in this for the most amazing winter airport style ever.

Instant twist to simple attire

The simple white transparent blouse with the torn jeans can be worn with heels and boots for any occasion. This is casual and simple attire that can be upgraded through the flannel vest, and look absolutely stunning.

What is better than a chambray?

The chambray shirt is a closet must have that you can choose for any occasion. And wear in a wide array of ways, from the parties to the formal scenes at office. Add the much required twist to the chambray shirt with the flannel plaid shirt. And boots with a beanie cap for the mild winters and look stunning.

Layering at its best

Are you fond of wearing the chunky sweaters and cardigans when it is too cold outside? Well, a flannel plaid vest over a chunky cardigan or sweater is truly fall layering at its best. This is a wonderful combination of strikingly different outfits and adds a novel statement to your attire.

The classic and vintage flannel shirts are still in the global fashion scene, though the flannel clothes have seen a modern twist with the entry of the vests that you must own.

5 Stellar Ideas to Dress up a Flannel Shirt and Jeans Combo

5 Stellar Ideas to Dress up a Flannel Shirt

Our obsession with flannel is far from being over. In fact, it can be safely said that the obsession has just begun. Everyone who has wee bit knowledge about fashion knows this for sure that flannel shirts (specifically focusing in that) is extremely versatile and can be dressed with a number of other outfits to create effective fashion statements, but there is one combination in particular, which emerges the winner any given day. A pair of jeans and a flannel shirt! Yes, ladies! That is all you need to walk with the ultimate panache. But what if you have to dress it up? In order to make this comfy combo more dramatic (or maybe not), you can refer to the following ideas as listed below. They all are approved by the preying fashion police, so yes you can be rest assured that these look will, only help you appear a winner.

The first idea is to keep it simple. You can tuck in a wool lined flannel shirt inside your jeans and complete the look with a pair of boots. Use a shade and handbag as your only accessory, so as to avoid looking flashy. A few bracelets on your wrist will add to the elegance and simplicity of the look.

mens wool flannel shirt

The second idea is to still remain simple yet have a very powerful impact on the onlookers. Use your flannel shirt as a jacket and casually throw it over a graphic t-shirt. While the jean remains a constant, you can pick a pair of sneakers as footwear and for that perfect sporty yet chic finish. You can further use a baseball cap as an addition to the outfit to help it look breezy and spontaneous.

The third idea draws massive inspiration from the trendy plaid on plaid look. Sticking to the basic flannel shirt and pair of jeans approach, use a plaid scarf and loosely hang it around your neck. Wear a pair of high heels to add to your stature. A sling bag will give the required bling to the look, while shades and a wristwatch will give you an edge.

flannel vest

The fourth idea uses the concept of flannel vest combination. Ideal for formal occasions, add a simple vest in solid hues over you flannel shirt to give it a touch of conventionalism. A pair of slim fit jeans and pumps will help you pull of a sophisticated appearance. Refrain from using any kind of accessories at all to avoid looking ostentatious.

The fifth idea banks largely on the traditional flannel approach, where in you tie the shirt around your waist. A simple t-shirt, a pair of jeans and the plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist. That is it! All that is required to slay all the onlookers. You can further wear ankle length boots to add to modest yet classy approach.
mens flannel jacket
To conclude, it can be said that to wear flannel, you don’t really need to stick any particular approach. There are innumerable ways to wear flannel. All you need is to master the ones that are correct. Prominent manufacturers have a plethora of flannel products adorning their inventory that include flannel jacket for men, skirts and shirts for woman, blankets, vests and many more. Store owners can now revamp their collection by making bulk purchase from them. Registering with the manufacturers can help secure attractive discounts.

Check Out the Different Style Ideas to Rock the Vintage Flannel Outfits

Rock the Vintage Flannel Outfits

The vintage flannel has made its way to the modern global fashion scene today, and reflecting contemporary vibes effortlessly. Replacing the classic flannel plaid shirts, the manufacturers and designers are introducing a wide array of newfangled outfits, from the dresses to the jackets and so on. After the immense popularity of plaid flannel shirts through the grungy style, the fashion forward ladies today are leaving no stone unturned to showcase their unaltered love towards this comfy fabric. Worthy to be draped in both formal and casual occasions, you can never say never to the fashion forward plaid flannel fashion statements. Being sure about the fit and line-length would be enough to let the flannels give you the most appealing looks for various occasions, from office to casual errands or parties.

The leading online stores are getting spruced up by the collections of the reputed designers, and their newest product category of flannels are mesmerizing. Whether you invest in a conventional flannel shirts or the voguish flannel dress, you will add some spin to your wardrobe.

Here are some of the style ideas to rock different flannel outfits.

Suave Midi Flannel Dress

The classy flannel dress

The flannel dress which you will buy can come in a wide array of designs and cuts, from the halter neck glamorous one, to the shirt dress for formal occasions or the t-dress for casual outings. Go for the right neckline and silhouette which suits your figure and preference. Add the thigh high boots with the short length dress, and the stilettoes with the mid length or long one. Dont forget to add the statement neckpiece or ear ring to get the most edgy stance. If you are wearing the formal one for office, keep things minimal and sober. A classy take on flannel dressing!

Smokey Grey Biker Cut Flannel Jacket

The flannel blazer of vest?

There are occasions when you need to need to spruce up your simple tee, blouse or shirt with a very trendy outerwear to break the monotony. For this, you can cinch upon the flannel vest or the blazer or even the jacket. The vest and blazer will be apt for the office ambience worn with any neutral shaded shirt or blouse. This will add some color to your boring office formal look, and help you reflect a very chic and smart demeanor. For the jackets, they are best when the weather is chilling outside, and you direly need a combination of comfort and panache for the right outfit.

Self Tie Flannel Crop Top

The casual flannels

Flannel might sounds clich in the form of the strict shirts, but today the wholesale houses are experimenting a lot with a different designs and styles. For the casual occasions like running errands on weekends, or going for brunch outings and movies, you can wear the flannel tunic tops, the strapless tops, the halter neck ones and much more for the most easy-breezy yet sexy looks. They exude casualness with simplicity and practicality and can be slipped into with the denims, trousers, palazzos or the skirts too. Just accessorize properly to get the most cutting-edge look.

Thus, wearing flannel is very easy, until and unless you know the style hack to embrace them. The right footwear, jewelry and clothing counterparts accompanying them with ensure you the medley of most stylish looks ever. Hey are versatile, and never give up on comfort and convenience, ranging from soft finesse, to exuberant look, and a lot more to experiment with.