5 Flannel Blanket Prints to Go With Your Home Décor

bulk flannel blankets

Flannel blankets are a must have in every household; be it for guestrooms or early winter chills. Made out of cotton, synthetic fiber, or wool, this textile is good for heat trapping and thus keeping people warm.However, people often dismiss these blankets because they do not go well with luxury home décor. But now these days are far gone and various flannel prints are becoming more hip. Here are 5 prints that won’t just suit your home décor, but stand its own as part of your furniture accessories.

Let’s take a look –

Christmas Print

When festivities are around the corner, nothing looks better than the Christmas print. Available in a variety of colours and design variations, it always houses a gamut of bells, reindeers, snow, Santa, and sledges.

Blue, red, maroon, and brown go fabulously with these festive prints and reflect very well in a simple yet classy home décor.

Multicolored Stripes

This print brings together class and color. Illuminating in its bedroom presence, it looks vibrant and fun, giving your home décor a unique edge.

Stripes have long been a staple of interior decorations and go very well with the flannel texture. Especially, the VIBGYOR stripes especially are a consumer favorite.

Chequered Prints

The classic flannel print is also available with blankets. It might be old school, but it’s still in style and redefines interior décor fashion in every sense of the term.

Cool with blue and hot with red, the one you need to buy depends on the color of your bedroom walls.

Animal Hide Print

Whether it be tiger stripes or leotard print, this one is for them luxury bedrooms. Adding a bit of wild flavor into the mix, it opens up your bedroom decoration options quite a lot.

You can now match your carpets in similar or contrasting prints and completely revamp the style with minimalistic changes.

Floral Prints

Made for children’s rooms in general, it makes the ambience brighter and more jubilant. Adding more happy vibes in your place, it can be combined with a starry ceiling or garden floral wall paint.
Sounds amazing right? You bet it is!

If you want more than a couple, you could always try distributors who load their products from flannel cloth manufacturers.

So, what are you waiting for? The best flannel prints on blankets aren’t going to adorn the retail shelves forever. If you think, that’s what you need, grab a shopping bag now and set on to give your home a blanket makeover.

Wholesale Flannel Shirt Purchase and Style Tips All Male Buyers Must Know

best wholesale mens flannel shirts
Almost all ladies around the world would fondly agree that men and flannel often make an irresistible pair. Custom flannel shirts thus, are very popular with men these days and perhaps, make the best and the most comfortable addition to trend friendly wardrobes. However, it is also necessary to know that enlightenment about these shirts is the best way to invite authentic options to one’s wardrobe while maintaining a safe distance from counterfeit numbers.

Following are 5 tips that can help buyers land with the best wholesale mens flannel shirts; decisions that are not likely to be regretted later…

All flannel shirts are not lumberjack numbers

Speaking of flannel, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic lumberjack plaid which is in fact a timeless piece that can leave anyone awestruck with its raw outdoor charm and simplicity. However, this is not the only option that you can avail. Motivated manufacturers and stores these days have introduced a range of sublimate prints and patters in mono tone pastels or bold solid colors that are equally charming as their classic counterpart.

Wholesale Sun Flux Blue Check Flannel Shirt

Flannels are great as casual wear options; but they can be carried to offices as well

While it is true that flannel shirts are incomparable when it comes to casual clothing, it would be good to know that they can be carried to formal places like offices as well. All you need to do is choose the right design, color and checks, and the rest will fall in place.

Frozen Blue and Green Check Shirts Wholesale

Choosing the right flannel is important

There are different types of flannel fabrics each of which offer a different feel to the wearers. Checking the nature of the fabric is necessary before choosing your shirt. At present, you can choose from wool flannel and worsted cotton, in plain or twill weave depending upon the feel you prefer to embrace.

Ombre Flannel Shirts Wholesale

The source of your flannel shirts will determine its longevity and quality

Whether men’s shirts of bulk boy’s flannel shirts , you can determine the quality and longevity of your chosen options by the name and reputation of the manufacturers of the same. More often than not, reputed motivated manufacturers live up to the assurance of authenticity that they guarantee in their products.

Price matter

Lastly, it is necessary to know that good quality flannel is never available at dirt cheap prices. While it is true that the fabric is cheaper than many other luxury materials, the prices can still hit anywhere from 35$ and up depending upon the brand and manufacturer.

4 Tips for Men to Rock the Flannel Look This Summer!

4 Tips for Men to Rock the Flannel Look This Summer!

Finally, summer’s here! There are chances that you were actually thinking of getting rid of that uber cosy flannel shirt. But let us reconsider that decision. For years, there has existed in fashion industry a need to link a particular clothing item with a specific season. Flannel for the fall, and light t-shirts for the summer. But we are well past that point when this line could be held true. The scenario has changed completely.

With enough tweaks to the basic design of a plaid flannel shirt, they can be sported throughout the year. However, when it comes to summer, there has to be some precise tips on how to wear flannel shirts. For that all-on-out grunge look that we want to borrow from the 90s, flannel shirt is the key. So to help you completely master the look and be at the top of your game, here are a few suggestions, which you may find interesting.

Whoopee Burgundy, Blue Check Shirt

Use the flannel shirt as an added auxiliary!

Whether you want to tie the flannel shirt around your waist, or just wear like a jacket, the look is the ultimate you can have for this summer. A humble t-shirt to accompany your look will rid you off vanity, as obviously you cannot wear two button-down shirts at the same time, it is just weird. The shirts will serve as an accessory, with no less panache. Online flannel clothing store have the best collection of plaid shirts which will definitely help you dress appropriately for summers.

Keep the look really simple

A plaid flannel shirt has a very heavy character. It is something that has a voice of its own and works a charm that is undeniable. No matter if they are the hero of your look or just acting as a very strong catalyst, the rest of your look should be refined and subtle. So just a t-shirt, jeans and the flannel shirt, you are definitely up to steal the show. There is no need to make bold statements by combining it with other patterns and textures. The key to looking good in flannel in summer is to keep it plain and simple.

Wholesale Sublime Period Flannel Shirt

Team your plaid shirt with denim bottoms

The third rule more specifically focuses on the bottom wear. If you need advice regarding that, then read on. The strategic approach to wearing flannel shirts in summer is to actually wear it the way it was meant to be- casual. So it goes without saying that a pair of jeans is what you are looking for. However, if you are looking to experiment, then a pair of khaki pants can also work well, without adding any drama to the outfit and keeping it light and breezy.

Opt for lighter shades, practicality wins!

Cheap flannel shirts for men as available with many manufacturers, have designed plaid shirts that complement the hotter pangs of summer. Colour is a vital factor to consider! Darker colours attract more heat, whereas lighter shades have a tendency to refract light and heat. For this simple scientific reason, you can pick lighter hues for the shirt. This will not go easy on you and keep you comfortable, but will look extremely presentable.

Thus, to conclude it can be said that make your summer worthwhile this year by coupling your plaid flannel shirt with the correct outfits. Wholesale flannel shirts can be purchased by retailers or store owners from prominent manufacturers at discounted rates. The versatility of the shirts make them worth the investment.

4 Golden Rules On How To Dress In Your 30’s: A La Star Inspiration!

Every man in his 20s undergoes an experimental phase when everything has to challenged and defied. The same rule applies when it comes to fashion for men. But as time passes by and you enter your 30s, the quirky pieces duly find their way back to the dark corners of the closet.

Dressing in the 30s is all about finding a perfect fit and flaunting the aesthetics. Your wardrobe should inevitably consist of simple yet powerful fashion pieces. Well fitted shirts, tailored trousers, personalized suits should be your pick for almost all occasions. Even if you want to opt for something more spontaneous, being mindful of the colours is necessary. So today here is a comprehensive list that draws clothing inspiration from three British celebrities in their 30s.

Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. From playing the enigmatic detective Sherlock Holmes to the powerful superhero Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch is talented and has proved his acting skills. But it is his repeated appearances in public wearing sharp suits that has raised eyebrows and made women skip their heart beat. From flannel jackets to solid blazers, Cumberbatch, a 39 year old man definitely poses as a competition to the younger stars.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

  1. Even at 38, Chiwetel Ejiofor definitely knows how to dress appropriately and look effortless. He is stunning on the screen, but his off screen appearances is surely one to take inspiration from. He plays in the darker shades and modest textures that complement his chiselled physique. If you are in your 30s looking for some major fashion inspiration, then this stunning actor is your go-to-person.

Eddie Redmayne

  1. With numerous awards under his belt, Eddie Redmayne, at 33, is a sight to behold. He makes ladies go weak on their knees with his charming smile and dazzling eyes. This talented actor looks really great in his casual endeavours but when wearing suits, he looks a class apart. He too like his fellow countrymen likes wearing solid colours that gives his aesthetics a more defined appearance.

Now, drawing inspiration from these wonderful actors, these four rules should be followed by the men who are in their 30s. Read on and find out more.

  • Understand the clothes that actually work for you. So if its shirts, wear shirts. If you are a casual t-shirt fan, then settle for it. Having a rocking collection of clothes is what matters when you are already reaching the post 20s stage.
  • Suits should be the backbone of your closet and your personal style. Increasing your options once you enter 30s is pivotal. Invest in good materials, bold colours, and smart patterns. If they come in tailored fit, they will only make you appear nifty.
  • Men’s flannels shirts looks extremely classy on the middle aged men. The sturdy build of flannel gives them a smart appearance, while the plaid pattern adds volumes to the characters. In fact teaming them with a pair of jeans will make up the perfect casual Friday wear.
  • Invest more on stand out pieces. This is the time when you have gained enough experience and gave a subtle view towards life. So add such items in your wardrobe which is going to last a lifetime. Reflecting your personal thoughts through your clothes is the key to shine through. Trench coats, a pair of oxfords, flannel shirts, a messenger bags can be great investments during this age.

So make a worthy style statement that is definitive and complete. You are surely to shine through for your fabulous choice of garments. Many prominent manufacturers have gathered clothes that range from basic solid clothes to flannel clothing Perth. They are designed to perfection and can be purchased in bulk by the retailers who are looking to update their store collection.

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

A brief history

With fall season officially here, it is time to update our collection to the more warm and insulated clothes. This is time when sassy jackets and hoodies come to play. In fact, it can be safely declared that it is the season of flannel. Flannel clothes are made of soft woollen fabric which makes the perfect choice for winter occasions, especially the outdoor ones.

Flannel, crafted with soft woollen materials, was introduced in the 17th century when farmers started wearing them to protect themselves from the chilly winds. They soon became popular as the perfect outdoor wear. One of the biggest myths is that plaid is a type of cloth. Many fail to realise that is a pattern that is commonly used with flannel clothes. Lumberjacks were seen sporting this rugged look during the late 20th century. Further on, tartan plaid flannel shirts became wildly popular with the youngsters when rock bands like Nirvana wore them on stage for a grungy appearance. Here are listed a few flannel clothes that are being sported by the fashion enthusiast this fall.

Marcelino Royale Check Flannel Shirt

Oomph it up tendy shirts

Featuring a varied palette, these flannel shirts for women are designed for all occasions. When going for a formal meeting, one can opt to wear this stylish piece of clothing with a pair of slim fit trousers. Ankle length boots or high heels can be a perfect addition to the ensemble.  An overcoat can add volumes and boost up the sex appeal. For a casual setting, one can opt for a pair of denim shorts and tuck it in for an impactful appearance. A sleek leather jacket is not only a smart choice for the winters, but will add a dash of sexiness to the look. Ladies can further choose to leave the buttons open and flash some skin. To pull off a sporty look, one can tie the shirt around the waist and match with a pair of funky sneakers.

Matador Inspiration Flannel Shirt

Jackets are the new thing

Plaid jackets are also very common these days. They are practical and perfect for daily use as these provide warmth and further help define a person’s character. One will surely gain compliments for their choice, when worn over a formal shirt and pair of well fitted trousers. To accessorise simply is the key to looking ethereal in plaid jackets. Mirror sunglasses and a lustrous handbag can be the correct match for the look.

Inky Hued Check Flannel Skirt

Flaunt those curves with the skirts

With plaid patterns becoming popular in the fashion industry, one can choose to wear tartan plaid flannel skirts that come in varied lengths and colours. From a mini skirt to the maxi inspired skirts, these are classy and elegant. For a spontaneous appearance, one can team a mini tartan skirt with a tucked in casual tee and fish net stockings. A pair of knee length boots can make them stand out tall in the crowd. Throw over a simple hoodie or a bomber jacket for a boisterous yet elegant look.

Boasting a wide range of collection of flannel shirts for men and women, you can purchase them online in bulk from reputed wholesalers who further provide attractive discounts, making them worth the buy.