Men must master the art of wearing the designer oversized flannel shirts

oversized flannel shirt mens

There was a time when clothes with great fit used to determine and define the impeccable key to style. The slim and tailored though is the defined fit or silhouette. But the fashion designers and bloggers have been attempting to push, reintroduce and re-establish a slightly fuller cut in the form of the oversized shirts for the handsome hunky men. The increasing penchant for the ill- fitted and careless oversized shirts has spruced up in the recent years, and debunked the refined and elegant approach to style. The oversized shirts are complete antithesis of the clean and fitted silhouette that we’ve all religiously embraced and men look extremely dapper in them for the casual occasions.The effort to challenge the status quo through the oversized shirts is the newest highlight in global fashion scene today, giving way to striking and careless silhouettes. The oversized and sloppy flannel shirts actually are the latest craze today, as they bring in the vintage appeal with the much required contemporary and spunk edge. Here are few tips to try the oversized flannel plaid shirts with perfection.

Strictly for casual attires

You should never incorporate the oversized flannel shirts into the formal or smart-casual ensemble. The well- fitted shirts must be left for dressing up, as opposed to this more contemporary, fashion-forward silhouette that is possible for casual occasions in the sloppy and loose-fitted flannel shirts.

Simplicity is the art

Instead of going over the top, you need to be simple and look absolutely effortless by sticking to primary colors and let the long length make the statement. As there’s no need to overcomplicate things with too many accessories or detailed designs.

Always embrace these with confidence

If you are used to wearing the well- fitted shirts. Then being used to with the oversized ones will take some time. No matter how you are styling them, make sure to reflect confidence. And this spirit will help you make a unique statement.

Don’t go oversized with everything

You don’t have to oversize every part of your outfit to carry off the oversized flannel plaid shirt well. You just have to keep a balance between your outfits to get the right attire. Thus, it’s better to contrast an oversized shirt with a pair of slimmer fitted trousers or jeans as oversized everything is a fast track back to the 1990’s.

The layering game gone strong

If you are not really at ease with the oversize plaid flannel shirt. You can always go with the strong layering game. For this, instead of any jacket, stick to the bomber jacket or denim jacket that perfectly complements an oversized shirt! Make sure you coordinate the colors well! This also works great for the winters or while traveling for the best airport looks.

Try some style tricks

To look hot and sexy in the oversized chic flannel shirts. You can simply keep some buttons undone as that exude a lot of freshness and novelty. Also, you can slip the oversized flannel check shirt over a simple t-shirt and turn it into a basic and fashionable layering option in summers. Also, one of the best ways to pull off an oversized shirt is to use it as a top layer in a casual outfit so that you can show off your style statement with a twist.

Look for certain style icons like Kurt Cobain to get the right edge of wearing the oversized flannel shirt for men.

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

A brief history

With fall season officially here, it is time to update our collection to the more warm and insulated clothes. This is time when sassy jackets and hoodies come to play. In fact, it can be safely declared that it is the season of flannel. Flannel clothes are made of soft woollen fabric which makes the perfect choice for winter occasions, especially the outdoor ones.

Flannel, crafted with soft woollen materials, was introduced in the 17th century when farmers started wearing them to protect themselves from the chilly winds. They soon became popular as the perfect outdoor wear. One of the biggest myths is that plaid is a type of cloth. Many fail to realise that is a pattern that is commonly used with flannel clothes. Lumberjacks were seen sporting this rugged look during the late 20th century. Further on, tartan plaid flannel shirts became wildly popular with the youngsters when rock bands like Nirvana wore them on stage for a grungy appearance. Here are listed a few flannel clothes that are being sported by the fashion enthusiast this fall.

Marcelino Royale Check Flannel Shirt

Oomph it up tendy shirts

Featuring a varied palette, these flannel shirts for women are designed for all occasions. When going for a formal meeting, one can opt to wear this stylish piece of clothing with a pair of slim fit trousers. Ankle length boots or high heels can be a perfect addition to the ensemble.  An overcoat can add volumes and boost up the sex appeal. For a casual setting, one can opt for a pair of denim shorts and tuck it in for an impactful appearance. A sleek leather jacket is not only a smart choice for the winters, but will add a dash of sexiness to the look. Ladies can further choose to leave the buttons open and flash some skin. To pull off a sporty look, one can tie the shirt around the waist and match with a pair of funky sneakers.

Matador Inspiration Flannel Shirt

Jackets are the new thing

Plaid jackets are also very common these days. They are practical and perfect for daily use as these provide warmth and further help define a person’s character. One will surely gain compliments for their choice, when worn over a formal shirt and pair of well fitted trousers. To accessorise simply is the key to looking ethereal in plaid jackets. Mirror sunglasses and a lustrous handbag can be the correct match for the look.

Inky Hued Check Flannel Skirt

Flaunt those curves with the skirts

With plaid patterns becoming popular in the fashion industry, one can choose to wear tartan plaid flannel skirts that come in varied lengths and colours. From a mini skirt to the maxi inspired skirts, these are classy and elegant. For a spontaneous appearance, one can team a mini tartan skirt with a tucked in casual tee and fish net stockings. A pair of knee length boots can make them stand out tall in the crowd. Throw over a simple hoodie or a bomber jacket for a boisterous yet elegant look.

Boasting a wide range of collection of flannel shirts for men and women, you can purchase them online in bulk from reputed wholesalers who further provide attractive discounts, making them worth the buy.