5 Stellar Ideas to Dress up a Flannel Shirt and Jeans Combo

5 Stellar Ideas to Dress up a Flannel Shirt

Our obsession with flannel is far from being over. In fact, it can be safely said that the obsession has just begun. Everyone who has wee bit knowledge about fashion knows this for sure that flannel shirts (specifically focusing in that) is extremely versatile and can be dressed with a number of other outfits to create effective fashion statements, but there is one combination in particular, which emerges the winner any given day. A pair of jeans and a flannel shirt! Yes, ladies! That is all you need to walk with the ultimate panache. But what if you have to dress it up? In order to make this comfy combo more dramatic (or maybe not), you can refer to the following ideas as listed below. They all are approved by the preying fashion police, so yes you can be rest assured that these look will, only help you appear a winner.

The first idea is to keep it simple. You can tuck in a wool lined flannel shirt inside your jeans and complete the look with a pair of boots. Use a shade and handbag as your only accessory, so as to avoid looking flashy. A few bracelets on your wrist will add to the elegance and simplicity of the look.

mens wool flannel shirt

The second idea is to still remain simple yet have a very powerful impact on the onlookers. Use your flannel shirt as a jacket and casually throw it over a graphic t-shirt. While the jean remains a constant, you can pick a pair of sneakers as footwear and for that perfect sporty yet chic finish. You can further use a baseball cap as an addition to the outfit to help it look breezy and spontaneous.

The third idea draws massive inspiration from the trendy plaid on plaid look. Sticking to the basic flannel shirt and pair of jeans approach, use a plaid scarf and loosely hang it around your neck. Wear a pair of high heels to add to your stature. A sling bag will give the required bling to the look, while shades and a wristwatch will give you an edge.

flannel vest

The fourth idea uses the concept of flannel vest combination. Ideal for formal occasions, add a simple vest in solid hues over you flannel shirt to give it a touch of conventionalism. A pair of slim fit jeans and pumps will help you pull of a sophisticated appearance. Refrain from using any kind of accessories at all to avoid looking ostentatious.

The fifth idea banks largely on the traditional flannel approach, where in you tie the shirt around your waist. A simple t-shirt, a pair of jeans and the plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist. That is it! All that is required to slay all the onlookers. You can further wear ankle length boots to add to modest yet classy approach.
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To conclude, it can be said that to wear flannel, you don’t really need to stick any particular approach. There are innumerable ways to wear flannel. All you need is to master the ones that are correct. Prominent manufacturers have a plethora of flannel products adorning their inventory that include flannel jacket for men, skirts and shirts for woman, blankets, vests and many more. Store owners can now revamp their collection by making bulk purchase from them. Registering with the manufacturers can help secure attractive discounts.

Cool New Ways to Wear Flannel in the Form of a Jacket, Shirt or Dress

Cool New Ways to Wear Flannel in the Form of a Jacket, Shirt or Dress

The plaid flannel has been ruling the fashion scene since forever l be it while Kurt Cobain rocked the flannel shirts to reflect the grunge style, or the present scenario when the lumbersexuals are completely incomplete without them.  It is due to the unending craze and love for flannels, that the designers and manufacturers are introducing latest and fresh new oodles of styles through this fabric in the vintage plaid patterns.  There was a time when flannels meant only the casual and rough plaid shirts, as they have now crossed the traditional line, and given way to the different flannel outfits, be it dresses, blazers, pants, coats and a lot more.  Be it the outerwear options given way by the leading flannel jacket women’s designers, or the chic party wear by the brands, flannels are everywhere today, and deliver a very vintage yet fresh fashion statement.

Here are some of the flannel clothing pieces which might help you to deliver the best looks in different intriguing ways.

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Formal looking blazers

The blazers in plaid flannel  comes with warm and cozy feel and best  for trying the  winter fashion statements.  Equipped with smart collars and buttoned fronts, one can wear them with the bold single colored clothing counterparts, or team them up with the other prints in polkas,  stripes , animal skin motifs and much more.

Chic dresses

The flannel dresses are best in the form of shirt dresses, collared sleeveless one, body con party wear, and a much more.  These dresses can be worn for the casual and night around the town scenes and some of them can also be worn for the formal attire solutions at office.  Smart and classy, these dresses come with refined finesse and gorgeous stance.  Wear them with cropped jackets, vests, stockings and much for to add a touch of elegance.

Edgy flannel pants

To add punk edge to your style, make sure to ditch the denims and chinos for once and replace them with the flannel pants.  Sleek and sophisticated, these pants come in very warm feel, and can be worn with the single colored tops, tunics and outerwears for the seamless blend.

mens wool flannel shirt

Fluffy coats

The fluffy wool flannel coats are best to stay out of the chilling winds with style. These can be worn with the long flowing skirts and dresses to leather skirts, and trousers, denims and everything else. Very versatile, wear them with a scarf wrapped around for the most refreshing silhouettes.

Office ready pencil skirts

If you want to do something different for the office going style, then the plaid flannel pencil skirts are the best options. These shirts can be worn with heels, teamed with coats, blazers and even the solid colored shirts. You can add the tie blazer look to them too!

Lightweight tees and shirts

Apart from a warm and cozy wool flannel shirt, you can also try the lightweight cotton shirts and tees, which are breathable enough to survive in the summer  for the most happening ensemble options.

Thus, it is time to ditch the same old flannel outfits, and go for the new and fresh ones.

Look Effectively Stylish in Clothes from Flannel Clothing Brand

Look Effectively Stylish in Clothes from Flannel Clothing Brand

Who doesn’t want to look chic and stylish in branded clothes? But while picking clothes for your wardrobe, there are several factors which you got to keep in mind. Whether you’re shopping for woollen flannel clothing UK, you’ve got to see what suits you the most and accordingly make a purchase. Here are few tips which you can follow while you are making purchase from flannel clothing brand to ensure that you are able to create an everlasting impression in those garments.

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Do Not Go Blindly by Trends

While talking about flannel clothes, the most popular style that would come to anybody’s mind is wearing these flannel as an open jacket with white spaghetti and denims. But if you have a paunch, then it is better to refrain from this style. For those who are slightly overweight, they need not get disheartened. Instead, they should go for flannel shirts which are slightly longer in length. For women, such flannel tops which are more like tunics are readily available in the market and can be worn with leggings and jeggings also.

Discover New Ways of Flannel Clothing

With the very same flannel, you can create as many different looks. All you need to do is dig slightly deep into your wardrobe and find clothes that would complement these. One of the best features of flannel clothes is that it gives you great opportunity to experiment and play with.

Flannel clothing Perth is indeed very popular owing to the versatility it has to offer. You can easily invest in flannel clothing Mosman for your retail store. All you need to do is get in touch with a reputed manufacturer or wholesaler and they’ll supply you with these garments in a wide array of sizes, designs and styles.