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Unique Ways You Can Style The Flannel Shirt For Winter 2021

If there’s one item of clothing you simply cannot do without in the winter season, then it definitely has to be the flannel outfit. From shirts to skirts and even pants, flannel has definitely garnered a classic status for itself.

Hence, if you wish to surprise your customers this season, it will be advisable to contact one of the popular cotton flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers in the industry. Read on to know more about the different ways you can style flannel shirts this season.

  • An oversized flannel shirt can be worn as a dress. All you need to do is opt for a black and red flannel shirt that can be styled with a metallic gold belt. For the shoes, you can stick to a pair of statement dad sneakers that will allow your outfit to stand out.
  • A monochromatic outfit comprising of flannel clothing pieces will definitely allow you to create a statement outfit for the winter season. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a leather jacket that can be worn with a charcoal grey flannel shirt. For the bottomwear you can stick to a black textured flannel pant to add the element of panache to the outfit. Regarding the footwear you can simply stick to boots to complete the look.
  • Colorful clothing should definitely replace the boring neutrals. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a pastel colored flannel shirt that can be worn with a cardigan and a high waisted jeans. The idea is to select the such colors that will make your outfit a farewell to your favorite summer season. Hence, think about shades like pink, baby blue and yellow which is perfect for you.
  • Flannel skirts are the best way to incorporate the element the style into your outfits for the office. All you need to do is opt for a cropped white shirt that can be worn with a high waisted pencil skirt. Stick to a color combination of mustard yellow and brown to complete the look.

Retailers who wish to invest in flannel crop top wholesale for their store can contact one of the popular suppliers in the industry. All you need to do is have a look through the vast collection of clothing that the supplier has in store. Select the required pieces and state the bulk needs to the help team.

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