4 Ways To Look More Manly In Cool Flannel Shirts!

4 Ways To Look More Manly In Cool Flannel Shirts!

Although it is said that “clothes don’t make a man” but it certainly makes a man manlier, don’t you agree? Well, you can find some designs and colours that are particularly tagged as more “feminine” and there are clothes which are meant only for men. Now that winter has arrived, flannel has started to grab the spotlight.

Flannel shirts have always been a favourite among men and you can’t deny that it can add more masculinity to a man’s appearance. If you are clueless and can’t decide how to wear your flannel shirts, then here are four ways you can look manlier with a plaid flannel shirt. Check these out!

Skippy Cool Red Flannel Shirt

1. Wear A Red And Black Button Down Flannel Shirt With Grey Tee Underneath:

Among the gallery of flannel shirts, what’s most common is the red and black colour combination. This is the most classic version of plaid flannel which still has its panache unspoiled. So, if you wish to look manlier in the flannel outfit, then pair up your red and black plaid shirt with a grey short-sleeve t-shirt. Wear it over the grey t-shirt and keep the front buttons open. This look will make you appear more masculine and attractive. If you have well-built muscles, then a thin layer of long sleeve flannel shirt will simply accentuate your biceps.

Sheen Green Cool Flannel Shirt

2. Put On A Green Flannel Shirt In A Formal Way:

Do you think flannel shirt cannot be a formal clothing option? Try out a green plaid flannel shirt and button it up fully, including the collar buttons. The buttoned up cool flannel shirts will look much more appealing and formal. As dark green is an elegant hue, you can simply wear it to your workplace. Just do one more thing! Tuck the shirt in your pants, and you are ready rock the interview.

Pumped Ally Flannel Shirt

3. Wear A Grey Flannel Shirt With Beige Bottoms:

Creating a casual look with flannel shirts men is simple and fun. If you want to look casual yet chic, opt for a grey flannel shirt and pair it up with beige pants. For added warmth, you can layer a white t-shirt under the flannel shirt and button it up.

Twill Cool Flannel Shirt

4. Cardigan Over White Flannel Is An In-Thing:

Do you want to utilize your cardigan this winter? The Manliest way to wear a cardigan is to put it on a flannel shirt. Yes, choose a black and white flannel shirt and wear it under your grey cardigan. The opening in the front will add a sheer touch of unparalleled chic.

Men’s Guide To Pull Off A Perfect Flannel Shirt Look This Fall

men plaid flannel shirts

Unless you’re living in caves, you would already know flannel wears are going to headline this fall- Again! While women are born fashion enthusiasts, men fall short in this department and often end up looking complete style-doofus. If you are still untouched with the ultimate charm of cool flannel shirts but wants to try them anyway this season, here are some do’s and don’ts.

Play with Different Colours

Thanks to their multiple colour combinations, flannel shirts, to a large extent, synonyms style and boldness. So when it comes to buy a cool flannel shirt for yourself, don’t shy away from the popping and eye-catchy colour variations. Try new varieties top manufacturers are offering them in heaps. Buy varieties even when they are that’s not so me… Pairing with the right bottoms and accessories, you can easily pull off a charming and confident look.

pink plaid flannel shirt

Keep It Neat When Uncomfortable

Some of us have got too comfortable with the round neck-tees that wearing something different in a normal setup might make you look odd and ‘out of context’, which mirrors well in your overall attitude and lack of confidence. So if you’re just migrating to the flannel world, keep things simple. Look for cool mens shirts of plain and subtle varieties. Feeling confidence is your top priority here.

Jeans or Chinos

Jeans and Chinos both looks good with flannel shirts but which one should you pick depends on your mood, personality and occasion. If you’re looking for a cool and casual look, nothing beats the classic snug-fit blue denim bottom. Want a hot, rugged, machismo look? (Well, of course you do!) Opt for ripped jeans. And if the setting is formal or you want that suave-ish style, chinos would work wonders.

Layering or No?

If not you know a thing or two about layering (i.e. complementing colour combinations, patterns and so on), leave this territory untouched. Otherwise layer with plain-simple tees or sweaters. Graphic rich tees can also be the great choice; we’ve seen celebrities pull off that look beyond perfection. And we all know, you’re no less than a celebrity yourself; are you?

Sneakers or Leather Shoes

Many self-claimed ‘fashion gurus’ yep, they apparently exist won’t like it, but we’re going to say anyway- leather shoes are far better option with cool flannel shirts than sneakers or any casual shoes for that matter. They are simple looking, yet speak volume of style, masculinity and elegance. So invest in a good pair of leather shoes light, dark- any variation would do.

Sleeve length

While full-sleeve flannel shirts have always been popular and favourite among men, this season we’re seeing a slight change. Half-sleeve cool mens shirts have become just as appealing choice. Just other day, we saw Ryan Gosling sport these causal but classic shirts at the airport; and we all know, we it comes to style, Kim K can fall into ditch, not Ryan. Never!