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How to Style Your Oversized Flannel Shirt – Top Styling Hacks for Women!

As fashion trends have evolved, oversized flannel shirts have earned popularity as chic outerwear that ladies love to sport. Whether it’s spring, fall, or winter, you can wear your cozy oversized flannel shirt in iconic plaid patterns and stripes over your streetwear to make your casual outfits trendier. If you’re a business owner, on the search for flannel shirts for ladies do connect with a top-rated flannel apparel manufacturer with an attractive women’s flannel shirt collection that provides tips on how to style oversized flannel shirts fashionably.

Keep browsing to go through these various oversized flannel shirt styling tips.


Style Your Oversized Flannel Shirt with Other Layering Pieces

flannel shirt with other layering pieces

Layering a striking oversized flannel shirt is one of the coolest ways to style it. Layer your favorite loose-fitting flannel shirt over or under warm apparel. Make your oversized flannel the bottom layer and throw on a jacket or cardigan over it such that the flannel can be spotted. Keep the flannel top buttoned with a few buttons at the top open and wear a cute tank beneath it to create a trendy cool-weather outfit.


Go for the Cool-girl Look with Denim

Most girls love to wear oversized flannel tops with denim jeans. Choose an oversized flannel in a color combination that complements that of your loose t-shirt or bodysuit and pair it with high-waisted distressed jeans to pull off a stylish look. The tight fit of the denim will contrast the relaxed silhouette of your oversized flannel to flatter your figure seamlessly.



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Embrace Monochromatic

Flannel shirts that display prominent plaid prints are perfect to create a monochromatic outfit. Style a large black flannel top over a black spaghetti top and black leather leggings. Wear sneakers or boots in black color to complete this uber-chic grunge outfit.


Wear As a Jacket

oversized flannel shirt wear as a jacket

You can style your oversized flannel shirt as a jacket, wearing it over a crop top and flared pants. For a bold style statement, you can go for pants in a vibrant shade that matches well with the color of your flannel top. If you want to drop the pant option, wear it as a blazer or jacket over your midi or maxi dress. And if you’re wearing a long-sleeved dress, you can wrap your oversized flannel around your waist for a sassy look.


Turn It Into a Dress

As you can find certain oversized flannel shirts to go across mid-thigh or even up to knees, it gives you the scope to wear it as a dress. Wear a bodycon dress or biker shorts below your flowy and loose flannel top and pair with knee-length boots. You can add a belt just below your chest to cinch your waist and make your legs elongated so that you appear taller and sexier!


Style with Snazzy Leggings

Want to bring to life a relaxed and super-comfy look with your oversized flannel shirt? Then, simply grab your favorite leggings, slip into an appealing tank and throw on an oversized flannel shirt. If you want to create a chic fall look, you can pair this ensemble with long socks and boots and wear a beanie.


Try Out Sporty

Wearing an oversized flannel shirt to achieve a sporty look is one of the most dynamic ways to carry it. You can pair your oversized flannel with a coordinated athletic outfit and finish with matching sneakers or boots. In colder weather, you can wear high-rise leggings with a suiting crop top or sports bra and layer with an oversized flannel shirt, keeping it fully unbuttoned or with some of its buttons open. Finally, during spring, you can pair your flannel with trendy biker shorts attire, wearing the top buttoned or unbuttoned in the fashion of a sweatshirt or jacket.

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