4 winter-trends for flannel shirts that is worth the try

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Flannel shirts have been under the spotlight for too long. And they deserve every bit of the attention that they are receiving. The entire of 2017 has been about flannel button-downs and this winter, it is going to be no different. The flannel obsession is on and you should already be on the bandwagon.

Though there is no true way prescribed on how to wear flannel, here are some situations and ensembles that work wonders every time. Keep scrolling to find out more.

On a warm winter morning,

don’t put in much thought when wearing your flannel shirt. If you have plans to come back before sundown, then wear your flannel button down like a jacket for it will be enough to keep you warm. For the base layers, pick a solid white t-shirt and black mini skirt. A pair of ballerinas will complete this uber-casual guise. For the flannel shirt, pick in white-black plaid pattern to give the monochrome dressing a good push.

But if you plan to stay out the entire day,

it is better to be prepared for that. Keep the white t-shirt and the flannel shirt as it is, but switch the skirt for a pair of jeans in a relaxed fit and wear a sweater on top of the tee and shirt. This will be enough to help you survive the cold. The ballerinas can stay as well, but if you have the urge to wear socks, you can opt for sneakers. Super snug and super smart, this is one of the best ways to show off your fashion prowess using a flannel button down.

However if you want to go for something dressier,

the same ensemble can work but only with a pair of heels and a slim fit pair of jeans. You can skip the white completely and wear your flannel with the sweater. Keep the color hues in your mind. Opt for darker colors for they are more insulated and retain more heat. An oversized flannel version can be a great accouterment for this attire. If you feel a little bland, add a little zing to a hat.

When formal becomes a mandate,

you can use your flannel smart. Go for a shirt that has a dark texture and team it with a pair of tailored trousers and a structured blazer. This will get the whole conventional side of the look working. The key to getting this look right depends on your choice of clothes and accompaniments. You don’t want to go over the top with your varieties. Stick to the basic ones and it will be effective enough to win hearts. Complete the look with a pair of pumps and a big wristwatch.

So, this winter, follow the trend that is surrounding the flannel shirt in the circuit right now; but follow your heart as well. There are a million ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt. These above-mentioned ensembles are popular and unique in their appeal. Try them out.

The flannel fashion mania has shrouded the entire fashion industry and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. So this is your time, and the world is your stage. You go get it, girl!

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Time to Take up Flannels as a Part of Plus Size Clothing for All Curvy Women

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The recent decades in the global fashion scene have been curve celebration, and from celebs to models, no one turned away from confidently showing off their flabs. The plus size celebs are nowhere behind in today’s glamorous world, and they are motivating the other women too, to look absolutely stunning by following some tips and tricks to stay in style.

Today, moving from the usual clothing styles, what about going back to the 90’s and trying out the flannel clothing pieces to look different, vintage and feel comfortable too? The plaid flannels bring back the grunge fashion, and also the fabric itself is found in two types, cotton and wool, in fine textures. From feeling convenient, to trying a number of attires in flannel clothing pieces, you are good to go with this style.

Thus, check out the retail stores that have flannel clothing pieces as a part of plus size clothing wholesale category and shop them in different varieties to add some freshness to your closet.

Always wear your size

Flannel is a very smooth fabric, and sometimes wool flannel happens to be heavy. Hence, to not make it look too fluffy, you have to make sure that you wear the right size, be it the flannel shirt or the pants. The tighter or baggier clothes will make you uncomfortable and also would not flatter your body.

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Never be afraid of colors

Whilst wearing the flannel clothing pieces, never be scared of experimenting with color schemes. Black might make you appear slimmer, but the addition of different other brighter colors will help you accentuate your best assets, and highlight them properly. These mixture of different colors create right amount of interest towards you by the onlookers, and also make you more confident to walk down anywhere with oomph.

Blocking is a big yes

Flannel always doesn’t mean the essential checks or plaids, as you can go for monochromatic or dual toned clothes too. To give a proper silhouette to your figure, you should bank on the clothes with color blocking, print blocking and seam details in the flannel outfits, and look very put together and stunning. These clothing styles will help you carry the right demeanor easily without putting any such efforts.

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Combining right silhouettes

The right silhouette creation is very important, and hence balance you must balance outfits, properly. If you are wearing a tight pencil skirt, add the loose flannel shirt on it, and for the right fitted crop top you must go for the baggy fitted flannel pyjama pant.

Choose flannel fabric wisely

There are different categories of flannel fabric, especially the wool and cotton. To make you look more streamline, avoid wearing the heavier wool and bank into the cotton flannel clothing pieces.

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Necklines matter

The collared flannel shirts are best for any body types, but for the tops and dresses you must cinch into the boat and V-neck line ones, to look best with your chest area.

Thus, explore the retail stores that have plus size flannels in bulk.

4 Ways to Wear Flannel in The Summer (and Look Chic)

4 Ways to Wear Flannel in The Summer (and Look Chic)

Flannel is a patent fabric that has found its way back into our closets over the last few seasons. Be it because of their versatility or comfort that they offer in abundance, flannel clothes are here to stay. These classic pieces of fashion can be dressed according to the occasion and weather. So this summer, make flannel your go-to item, as you can pick a variety of clothes, all incorporated with the fabric and the pattern. To help you make a distinct appearance throughout the hotter months, read on and refer to the list, which guides in four ways on how to wear flannel clothes.

#Pick a flannel dress

Womens flannel tunic as available with many reputed manufacturers, it is the perfect way to dress for a hot summer day. Wear a dress featuring plaid flannel, which ends well above your thighs. Complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots and some junk jewellery that add considerable amount of elegance to your look. To look breezy, pick a dress in bright shades that may include red, yellow, and green for that will make you look in sync with the season.

Monochromatic Tunic Dress

#An oversized flannel shirt

We all have always have been warned about the fact that flannel shirts should be a perfect fit in order to look good in it. But it is time to break all shackles and try out something new. An oversized flannel shirt can be worn with a pair of slim fit jeans and pumps to look sleek and elegant. Carry an oversized handbag and skip on all accessories for that simple yet effective finish.

Black Cherry Flannel Shirt

#A flannel skater skirt

Smart and sexy, a skater skirt adorned with plaid flannel is what you definitely need for summer. Tuck a modest solid tee in the skirt to look feminine. You can further wear a chunky neckpiece to add drama to the look. A pair of pumps will add to your stature and complete the appearance for the ultimate panache.

Tweed Awe Check Flannel Skirt

#A flannel jacket

Ideal for those unpredictable summer weather changes, a flannel jacket is versatile enough to be worn to both formal occasions and casual settings. Throw them over a t-shirt and jeans combo or wear them with a sharp shirt and trouser, the charm of flannel will always work at its fullest, helping you garner compliments from all the onlookers. You can add a pair of sneakers or pumps according to the situation. For this approach, it is best to refrain yourself from using any kind of accessories, so as to avoid looking flashy.

When you are confused about what to wear, wear flannel! It is a safe bet but only once you know how to wear each piece in a proper way. Overdoing flannel is a big no-no that you should be mindful of. With prominent manufacturers producing an exclusive range of flannel clothes that include jackets and flannel shirts for women, the options available are vast and varied. Retailers and store owners can make a bulk purchase while securing attractive discounts.

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Traced back to 16th century Scotland, plaids became popular with the masses when they became linked with the outdoor workers like cowboys and lumberjacks. Though known for their durability and warming quality, tartan plaids soon became a fashion symbol with rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam wearing them on stage during concerts. It is a trend that has been adopted by both the sodality and the mainstream.

So before dismissing the idea of wearing flannel shirt outfits, one should reconsider their decision. Smart and sexy, these are the ultimate piece of clothing which should definitely adorn the wardrobe.

Perfect to fight the wrath of winter

Winter can be a difficult season, with snow and fleet making our lives difficult. Flannel comes in both cotton and woollen make. The woollen plaid flannel shirts are commonly worn during winter for they have insulating qualities and further protect one from the chilly winds. They are in fact the best choice for outdoor activities on a snowy day.

Long Baggy Winter Shirt

Rock a smart formal look

The myth of plaid flannel shirts being associated with a hipster appearance has been redefined by many fashion enthusiasts. Wearing them over a pair of well fitted formal trousers will provide an edge to the appearance. Throwing on a blazer over the shirt is a common trend these days. One can further experiment by adding a tie to the ensemble. A pair of leather boots or dinner shoes will give it the required formal touch helping you make a strong fashion statement.

Casual lumbersexual

With the recent lumbersexual trend doing rounds among thCharming Charlie Red Checked Flannel Shirte men, superstars like Ryan Reynolds, Jason Mamoa, Tom Hardy and Liam Hemsworth have been spotted rocking their respective looks, making women go all gaga over their hot and grubby look.

When it comes to wearing oversized flannel for casual settings, they will help one get attention from the ladies around when worn with a pair of slim fit trousers and loafers. A sleek leather jacket will up the sex appeal. Trimmed beard and messy hair will provide the required rough and raunchy look.

Choose the colors cautiously

The secret to insert plaid in the attire is to keep it simple. Plaid itself is a bold and vibrant pattern and combining it with other prints can end up in a disaster. Opting for a solid and neutral palette when wearing them will surely complement the appearance.

Red flannel shirt can be a significantly tough look to pull off. It is of pivotal importance to accessories correctly when wearing this shade. The less daring ones can stick to more conventional colors of blue and green, which will definitely give a sober and classy appearance.

Offering a varied range of products from plaid flannel shirt women and men, you can purchase them in bulk and upgrade your store collection today.

Think You’re Stuck in a Style Rut? Here’s How to Get Out!

Now, there might be a hundred different reasons as to why a man dresses up the way he does, why certain trends are favored over others and why a man makes a certain type of sartorial choices. The reason can be anything from trying to impress boss at work or that hot girl at the bar. Most men would get furious if it is suggested that they dress a certain way to garner a nod of approval from their peers.  But doesn’t it feel nice to be noticed and appreciated for the way one dresses up? Well, whatever the reason may be…they key is to not holding on to one trend for a very long time! Yes, we are pointing towards plaid shirts.

Everybody loves flannel shirts and men practically live in it. No, we are not suggesting that you stuff it in the drawer and forget about it because in 2016 this trend has been revived in a big way and is made available in myriad tie-and-dye color combinations that are absolutely smashing. Even lumbersexuals are winning brownie points over metrosexuals! But wearing these shirts the same way, every day would just indicate that you are stuck. Move on!! Let us show you how to move on while taking this trend forward.

oversized flannel

Move Over Fitted Shirts…Welcome Oversized!

The key to impeccable style has always been and will be fitted clothes. But this fashion season is all about being bold, experimental and self-expression. A little rugged, maybe! We are hinting at going understated and wearing womens oversized flannel shirts for flaunting that ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude and look. But to completely nail this oversized style, we have some helpful tips.

  • Oversize Everything? No! Oversized plaids are in vogue but do not team it up with baggy trousers. Go for slim or fitted denims and pants to sort of bring about a balance to the overall ensemble. Over-sizing everything in your outfit would just send you back a few years and trust us, not in a good way!
  • Modest is Key: Don’t complicate your outfit. Keep it simple. Look for colors that are not too flashy but just enough to help you stand out from the crowd. Maybe team it up with a beanie or a pair of nice, cool shades and awesome shoes!

There are like over hundred ways to dress up a flannel shirt and there is a plaid to suit every taste. Dip your toes in the oversized bandwagon by getting in touch with a flannel shirt supplier. Confidence will uplift you! For inspiration on how to be daring, look at Jaden Smith.