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Be Winter Sorted as the Flannel Fever is On

Winter is all about layering accessorizing and adorning yourself in the warm and cosy vibe of the season’s need. In your core winter staple collection flannel is a definite must-have and flannel is a material that not only adds warmth but also depth to your look. The material has a fuzzy texture and can be of wool or wool and cotton blends as well.

These provide a lot of warmth and are perfect for the winter. Flannel is the fabric you need this winter. Wondering about the specific items to grab? Well, with the semblance of style, winter calls for a few investments and it goes with a minimalist flannel shirt (versatile and comfortable), flannel socks, and flannel blankets.

So, what’s the wait all about? Let’s plunge in and see what’s in store…

Being one of the trendiest clothing pieces at present flannels have been flaunted by celebrities all over. The cashmere blend stunners are in the real mainstream fashion and with its classic designs and infusion of quirky prints, flannels are quite on the cover page. The flannel shirt is much in vogue and that’s what the pick of the list is.

The flannel shirt- You can bet your winter style on this. Read on.

As a classic choice, the Flannel shirt is here to save you but with that sassy swag twist. Be it men or women these shirts with their versatile manner can be the showstopper of any event. It all depends on how you choose to style them up.

1. With strategic layering, a thermal shirt beneath your actual flannel shirt for that added insulation. To ramp up the look, you could pair beanies or scarves to create that cool style sense. Balancing fashion and functionality are the key and with the flannel shirt, you could pull off a lot of new looks and create your own fashion statement.

2. You could also wear your flannel shirt on top of a black Heineken. Once you layer you could open the initial shirt buttons and put some junk jewelry on to have a fusion or bohemian look. This unisex look can be donned at casual events and club parties during the chilly winter evenings.

3. A black high-neck skivvy layered with a colorful unicolor bright flannel shirt can be a real charmer. With sunglasses on, high heel boots, and denim slim fits this flannel look will empower you with that chic flamboyance you would want to flaunt. A sling bag to pair along wouldn’t be a bad idea!



The flannel socks are the best winter accessory to prove your style statement


Time to gleefully prance over the winter with the soft cosy touch of the flannel socks. The cool crisp mornings of the winter will no longer pain your feet as the socks are in rescue. These often-neglected winter heroes are back in fashion and here’s a sneak peek to how you can make them a part of your winter fashion ensemble.

1. The buffalo plaid flannel socks are a quintessential winter accessory. Lounging by the fireplace these socks are like a warm hug to your feet on those cozy winter nights that have the “Netflix & Chill” vibe written all over. You forget all your winter blues with these classic pairs on your feet.

2. Want to have some fun well the quirky printed flannel socks can be your gateway. The funky geometric patterns or the famous cartoon character prints or woodland creatures can be the ideal pick. You can pair these socks with shoes of ankle length or loafers and defy the norm for some unconventional fashionable look.

3. The luxe layered fashion can be bragged through socks. Yes! It’s possible. With lace trimmings on the borders, flannel socks can be explored in their ultimate luxury form. Faux fur accents can also be another way to draw attention to your cozy comfort in the feet. Let your feet do the talking.

The flannel blanket- Keeping the flannel fever on this winter.

Time to wrap yourself in the warm chronicles of winter night and the cosines of the flannel blanket. The flannel blankets can define soft snuggles but in style too. Your winter can never be complete without a flannel blanket so here is what you need.

1. Drape your printed flannel blanket sink in that armchair and read your favorite storybook. An Instagram post with #metimemadness #flannelfeveron can be a huge Instagram hit. Being the epitome of winter comfort, the flannel blanket can be that sweet savior.

2. Add some customized personal touch to your flannel blanket. The much-revered TV show Friends was a super hit. Why not bring that friend flavor back but in a different way? The FRIENDS theme printed flannel blankets can make your sofa or bed look so alluring.

3. With the embellished or fur-lined flannel blanket, you can instantly change the look and feel of your interior. These blankets are not only cozy and functional but have a rich touch to them that adds to the aesthetics of your corner.

Well, flannels when incorporated into daily life in winter can make life so much better. With their warm and fuzzy texture, they can make the season so much more enjoyable. Be it flannel clothing, flannel accessories, or flannel home interiors they are sure-shot instant mood lifters. Therefore, with flannel, the frosty fun can be something you would want to look forward to. So, when the temperatures are dropping grab your flannel bestie by your side and enjoy the seasons’ bliss!


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