Men must master the art of wearing the designer oversized flannel shirts

oversized flannel shirt mens

There was a time when clothes with great fit used to determine and define the impeccable key to style. The slim and tailored though is the defined fit or silhouette. But the fashion designers and bloggers have been attempting to push, reintroduce and re-establish a slightly fuller cut in the form of the oversized shirts for the handsome hunky men. The increasing penchant for the ill- fitted and careless oversized shirts has spruced up in the recent years, and debunked the refined and elegant approach to style. The oversized shirts are complete antithesis of the clean and fitted silhouette that we’ve all religiously embraced and men look extremely dapper in them for the casual occasions.The effort to challenge the status quo through the oversized shirts is the newest highlight in global fashion scene today, giving way to striking and careless silhouettes. The oversized and sloppy flannel shirts actually are the latest craze today, as they bring in the vintage appeal with the much required contemporary and spunk edge. Here are few tips to try the oversized flannel plaid shirts with perfection.

Strictly for casual attires

You should never incorporate the oversized flannel shirts into the formal or smart-casual ensemble. The well- fitted shirts must be left for dressing up, as opposed to this more contemporary, fashion-forward silhouette that is possible for casual occasions in the sloppy and loose-fitted flannel shirts.

Simplicity is the art

Instead of going over the top, you need to be simple and look absolutely effortless by sticking to primary colors and let the long length make the statement. As there’s no need to overcomplicate things with too many accessories or detailed designs.

Always embrace these with confidence

If you are used to wearing the well- fitted shirts. Then being used to with the oversized ones will take some time. No matter how you are styling them, make sure to reflect confidence. And this spirit will help you make a unique statement.

Don’t go oversized with everything

You don’t have to oversize every part of your outfit to carry off the oversized flannel plaid shirt well. You just have to keep a balance between your outfits to get the right attire. Thus, it’s better to contrast an oversized shirt with a pair of slimmer fitted trousers or jeans as oversized everything is a fast track back to the 1990’s.

The layering game gone strong

If you are not really at ease with the oversize plaid flannel shirt. You can always go with the strong layering game. For this, instead of any jacket, stick to the bomber jacket or denim jacket that perfectly complements an oversized shirt! Make sure you coordinate the colors well! This also works great for the winters or while traveling for the best airport looks.

Try some style tricks

To look hot and sexy in the oversized chic flannel shirts. You can simply keep some buttons undone as that exude a lot of freshness and novelty. Also, you can slip the oversized flannel check shirt over a simple t-shirt and turn it into a basic and fashionable layering option in summers. Also, one of the best ways to pull off an oversized shirt is to use it as a top layer in a casual outfit so that you can show off your style statement with a twist.

Look for certain style icons like Kurt Cobain to get the right edge of wearing the oversized flannel shirt for men.

The Flannel Bedsheets, Blankets or Dresses: Add Comfort to Your Life!

The Flannel Bedsheets, Blankets or Dresses: Add Comfort to Your Life

When it comes to living a very comfortable life, you are supposed to use the most convenient everyday items too. If you want to achieve this, the flannel fabric can come to your rescue ion the form of the bedding and clothes you wear. Technically once used as outerwear, flannel fabric is now being utilised to made sheets, blankets, outfits, and much more. The warm, soft and fine textured flannel fabric comes in both cotton and wool, and is renowned for being so cozy and smooth. This is a very old fabric that has been used since ages, be it to adapt the grunge looks in plaid flannel shirts or to beat the chilling winters. They are fuzzy and the wool flannel fabric has the basic structure hat traps body heat beneath it and prevents the cold from seeping in. A primary choice for body insulation, and the cotton ones also help one get maximum comfort and breathability in summers too.

From the flannel bedsheets to the jackets, the blankets and much more, here are some of the flannel items that you must have in your home for the most comfortable and pleasant stay.

Bold Brown Madras Checked Flannel Bed Sheet

The flannel bedding for comfortable sleep

From the winters to the summers, you are supposed to get the best sleep to have an energising day ahead. Thus, you can go for the very comfortable flannel beddings that come with the sheets and the blankets. These are extremely comfortable and lend you the most peaceful sleep ever. The flannel beddings provide you the most comfort because they maintain the right balance between cold and hot temperatures, and also are soft and smooth to feel on the skin without any disturbance. The heat insulation is completely accurate, and especially in winter you get the right amount of heat to stay out of the chilling cold. Instead of the wool and silk ones, these are easier to be maintained. They can be regularly washed without the problem of getting faded in color or quality, and also the fibres are soft, and are very durable to last for a longer time. They also help top save electricity as flannel fabric retains heat for long time periods without causing discomfort to the use.

Warm White Flannel Blanket

The designer flannel outfits

The wholesale clothing hubs and designers are giving way to the bulk designer flannel outfits that come in an array of designs and styles. From the sloppy pajamas, to tight fitted pants, the warm and fuzzy jackets, the plaid shirts and much more are readily available at the retail outlets. These are very fashionable, exude practicality, retro vibe with the ultimate comfort. Wear them to the causal outings to the parties, at home or also for the office ambience. Though they conjure up images of plaid in every color and pattern, but flannel outfits actually come in a wide variety of hues and designs.

Thus, be it the cotton flannel blanket the retro plaid shirt, the bed sheet or the pajama, your life needs flannel for ultimate comfort and relaxation at every point.

Check Out the Different Style Ideas to Rock the Vintage Flannel Outfits

Rock the Vintage Flannel Outfits

The vintage flannel has made its way to the modern global fashion scene today, and reflecting contemporary vibes effortlessly. Replacing the classic flannel plaid shirts, the manufacturers and designers are introducing a wide array of newfangled outfits, from the dresses to the jackets and so on. After the immense popularity of plaid flannel shirts through the grungy style, the fashion forward ladies today are leaving no stone unturned to showcase their unaltered love towards this comfy fabric. Worthy to be draped in both formal and casual occasions, you can never say never to the fashion forward plaid flannel fashion statements. Being sure about the fit and line-length would be enough to let the flannels give you the most appealing looks for various occasions, from office to casual errands or parties.

The leading online stores are getting spruced up by the collections of the reputed designers, and their newest product category of flannels are mesmerizing. Whether you invest in a conventional flannel shirts or the voguish flannel dress, you will add some spin to your wardrobe.

Here are some of the style ideas to rock different flannel outfits.

Suave Midi Flannel Dress

The classy flannel dress

The flannel dress which you will buy can come in a wide array of designs and cuts, from the halter neck glamorous one, to the shirt dress for formal occasions or the t-dress for casual outings. Go for the right neckline and silhouette which suits your figure and preference. Add the thigh high boots with the short length dress, and the stilettoes with the mid length or long one. Dont forget to add the statement neckpiece or ear ring to get the most edgy stance. If you are wearing the formal one for office, keep things minimal and sober. A classy take on flannel dressing!

Smokey Grey Biker Cut Flannel Jacket

The flannel blazer of vest?

There are occasions when you need to need to spruce up your simple tee, blouse or shirt with a very trendy outerwear to break the monotony. For this, you can cinch upon the flannel vest or the blazer or even the jacket. The vest and blazer will be apt for the office ambience worn with any neutral shaded shirt or blouse. This will add some color to your boring office formal look, and help you reflect a very chic and smart demeanor. For the jackets, they are best when the weather is chilling outside, and you direly need a combination of comfort and panache for the right outfit.

Self Tie Flannel Crop Top

The casual flannels

Flannel might sounds clich in the form of the strict shirts, but today the wholesale houses are experimenting a lot with a different designs and styles. For the casual occasions like running errands on weekends, or going for brunch outings and movies, you can wear the flannel tunic tops, the strapless tops, the halter neck ones and much more for the most easy-breezy yet sexy looks. They exude casualness with simplicity and practicality and can be slipped into with the denims, trousers, palazzos or the skirts too. Just accessorize properly to get the most cutting-edge look.

Thus, wearing flannel is very easy, until and unless you know the style hack to embrace them. The right footwear, jewelry and clothing counterparts accompanying them with ensure you the medley of most stylish looks ever. Hey are versatile, and never give up on comfort and convenience, ranging from soft finesse, to exuberant look, and a lot more to experiment with.

The Correct Accessories to Go In Tune with Different Types of Flannel Dresses

The Correct Accessories to Go In Tune with Different Types of Flannel Dresses

Realizing the craze of flannel as fabric and plaids as the style quotient, the global fashion scene has moved from the flannel shirts and is laying stress on the fresh new flannel dresses.  Uber –chic and classic as they look these dresses comes in a medley of cuts, colors and designs, from the halters to body cons and many more exclusively for the fashion forward women. With the leading flannel dress manufacturers crafting a wide array of dresses, ladies can definitely experiment a lot, and take a break from the usual plaid flannel shirts for classier ensembles.

Talking about dresses, a lady is incomplete in a dress without the complementing jewelry. Keeping this in mind, when it comes to the flannel check dresses too, one must be aware of the jewelry which would go in tune with the cuts and silhouettes of the dresses and hence wear them accordingly.

Thus, to understand what accessorizing looks like in terms of flannel dresses,    here are some ideas to help you out.

The plunging V-neckline

When it comes to the plunging deep V-neckline of the flannel dresses, you need a neckpiece to adorn your neck, which otherwise would have looked drab and banal. Make sure to add something to your cleavage, and for this frame the pendant chains and neckpieces look absolutely stunning. Thus, this can definitely be your next party silhouette!

womens flannel dress

Sweetheart neckline

Drawing the attention to your face becomes easy with sweet heart neckline, and for this a short statement neckpiece would do wonders! You can also use chokers if you want to have a funky and elegant retro edge for your look.

Sexy halter

The halter necklines for flannel dresses add a fusion of hotness and sportiness, and these results in a wonderful style quotient.  With halters, instead of the neck, you need to lend some attention to the exposed arms   with chunky bracelets and bangles which will add spice to the simple and glamorous look.

Chic tank dresses

The tank dresses come in flannel checks for giving you the ultimate laid back and causal avatar for the daily outings, Hence, do not spoil their simplicity with the heavy accessories, rather just ear cuffs and rings would help you draw the attention to the face effortlessly. Thus, this will balance your overall look with an edge.

Hot backless flannel dress

For the hot and polished backless flannel check dress, you can add a belt to cinch on the waist, so that all the limelight falls on the sexy and exposed back of yours.  For the dinner outings and posh cruise parties, ditch your little black dress and try this style out for something offbeat.

Crew neck scenes

The plaid flannel dress for crew neck might seem to be offering less chances to accessories, but what are the layered statement necklaces for?  You need to break the look with some interest offered to the upper body which remains covered with this neckline and this can be done with the large statement necklaces.

blue flannel jacket

One shoulder

The one shoulder flannel dresses add a lot of grace to your persona, and for them the hand cuffs are enough.  Wear them on the wrist opposite to the shoulder strap to balance the unevenness of the whole outfit. Also, try out little earrings to add a finishing touch and finesse to the whole silhouette.

Thus, be it the flannel jacket or the dress, or the vintage shirt; make sure you render room for enough experimentation with the proper accessories.

Replace Old Cocktail Dress With A Funky Flannel Dress For A Spunky Style Quotient

You might be a dress aficionado, and doing every kind of dress like denims, cocktail, maxi or the LBD has been one of your favourite fashion statements, but have you tried the flannel dresses lately? As the retailers are busy to buy flannel clothing in bulk, the fashion experts say, that picking up flannel dresses from the retail outlets can sass up your wardrobe double the meter, cladding you in new style definitions every now and then, be it at the casual coffee meet or at the party.

Wondering how? It is the classic essence of the flannel fabric and plaid patterns which comes together to define the exquisiteness of flannel dresses. While the fashion-forward women are going gaga over the beauty of cheap flannel clothing, many would be surprised to know that dresses are more versatile than the mainstay plaid shirts, owing to their variety of cuts, shapes and designs.

Adding up to your fashionable stance, we got you covered with the types of flannel dresses which must find a place in your wardrobe :

plaid flannel shirts womens

Collared High-Low Dress

When you are a first timer in doing flannel dress, start with a crisp and smart high-low dress. The A-line dress comes with a conventional smart looking collar, adorned with buttoned detailing. The asymmetrical hemline with side slit with high-low pattern adds edge to the whole dress and can be worn with or without stockings to get the perfect silhouette at casual outings.

Girlie Skater Dress

In sleeve less or with sleeves, the skater dress in feminine color combo like reds, oranges or pinks make a great option for your brunch scenes. Adorned with a conch at the waist and the flattering hemline, this can be the best dress to reflect your playful charm!

flannel plaid shirts women

Monochrome Shirts Dress

For comfort and relaxation on any day, slip into a collared shirt dress, with a sleek belt around the waist. With asymmetrical hemline, and smart collars, stands high as the stylish women can do it any occasion in black and white color combination.

Halter Neck Body Con Flannel Dress

If you want to wear a flannel dress at a party, a halter neck body con dress in bright hues can come to your rescue. The charming dress comes in in a sleek figure-hugging tailoring and the sexy neckline adds up to its sensuous effect which is needed for evening parties and events.

womens flannel shirt

Slit Tunic Dress

Get a cool flannel tunic dress with perfect collars , pockets and sleeveless design for any purpose, With asymmetrical hemline and side and front slit, it looks funky and reflects innocent flair and verve. Thus, as the flannel shirts wholesale are introducing shirts for the men, go for flannel dresses to wrap around exquisite persona!