4 Vintage Styles of Flannel Shirts that You can Fancy Today

Wholesale Vintage Flannel Shirts

The 90’s was the time for blooming new lines of dresses and new ranges of shades being incorporated into regular dresses to repulse the irregularity that overcasts its gloom onto daily lives. The whole art revolution was still going on in full pace when it all reflected on the dresses worn. The whole inspiration from music had its peak reached during this time, with new musicians covering and capturing the hearts and minds of the audience completely the style statement changed in a radical form giving the outlook a much needed uniformity.

Famous Rock bands like Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin shaped the music scene as well as the dress coding that people started following with time. Kurt Cobain being a pioneer in this area created a statement of his own which later on became a leading hot trend. The oversized jacket with shabby shaded jeans and a laid back attitude on stage managed to capture the heart of millions. Famous vintage flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers are curating these looks from the past, mixing up certain trendy elements and making it ready as new. Retailers looking to add such clothes to their stock should find the best amongst leading manufacturers before buying in bulk their desired designs.

Take a look at these 4 styles of flannel shirts that has reappeared and is killing the scene.

The checkered drop shoulder

This shirt represents the best what grunge looked like. The drop shoulder gives these shirts an illusion of being oversized. The perfect balance of the drop shoulder with the overall length of the shirt gives this shirt the touch of modern appeal. This little tweak in the design has made all the difference that was required for this shirt to reappear. These shirts will have a very luscious look if layered properly with a knee length cardigan and a round top cap. The perfect shoes to go with this are white conversesneakers that will complete your hip look and fancy your out -of- the-box style.

Checkered half sleeves

A blue checkered half sleeve with the buttons open and bare skin underneath, paired with the perfect brown leather pants instantly takes us back to the stairway to heaven, or the takes us back to the stage where Robert Plant with his the most talented musicians on the planet were making the people cry with their performance. Led Zeppelin has been has been an outstanding influence to the world of music and musicians as a whole, but not only that, they had major influence on the world of fashion as well. Heavy medallion necklaces, rings on each finger and open blonde curly hair paired with a half sleeve flannel shirt will take you right back and will give your hip look legitimate validation.

Vintage Flannel Shirts Wholesale

The good old black on red

This design is one of the pioneering designs of the flannel shirt universe and the list will be incomplete if this was not mentioned, with shiny red body with black checkered prints give these shirts a standard definition that works brilliantly with all shades of skin complexion height and even if you are overweight, find a suiting size for you and wear it with capri pants to make you look as good!

Dark color blends

The dark color fashion trend has always been a part of mainstream line that has emerged with a leap in recent times. People are obsessed with dark colors all over the globe and this gives manufacturers the freedom to come up with new designs with the help of new design blends using color combinations like brown and dark green, light brown highlighted with dark brown in patches or even maroon red and white blended and matched in perfect coherence to give you the ultimate old school look.

If you are a retailer and looking for wholesale vintage flannel shirts, then make sure to check amongst the famous manufacturers to ensure highest quality fabric and promising service on your bulk order.

5 Bottom Wear Except Jeans that Enhance the Beauty of a Flannel Shirt!

Flannel is a versatile fabric! So bidding adieu to winter, it is time to update the spring wardrobe collection. But that does not mean you need to stash away the timeless fashion flannel shirt just because it is not winter. Enough tweaks have been introduced to the principal design of the shirt that makes it a popular choice throughout the year. (You can’t really deny the strong presence of flannel!)

But the question still remains- what exactly should you team a flannel shirt? Breaking from the age old shackles that flannel can be worn only with a pair of jeans, here is a list of 5 bottom wear that can be teamed with a flannel shirt for a stellar appearance. Read on and find out more about the noteworthy couplings as stated below.

Long Shirt Tunic for Women

Flannel shirt with a pair of leggings

The first choice is an appropriate combination for the hotter months, thus it is worth the try. Oversized vintage flannel shirts are the flawless pick to master this look. Team a pair of black leggings with the button down and complete the attire using a pair of knee length boots. This is a great casual assemble and is sure to help you garner compliments from the onlookers. If you want to add a touch of drama to the ensemble, then wear a chunky neckpiece and you will be done for the best.

Silver Tinge Red Checked Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirt with a pair of shorts

A classic look for summer, this look tests the stability of flannel fashion as you use the piece like an outerwear. Tuck a solid t-shirt inside a pair of shorts and throw over the flannel shirt like a jacket. For dramatization of the appearance, you can let the buttons fly open. Make sure that the length of the shorts enhances your silhouette. A pair of ballerinas will be perfect to amplify the simplicity of the look, with no added accessories required to accompany.

White Sleek Playful Dress

Flannel shirt with flared pants

Adorable at the first sight, a flannel shirt combined with a pair of flared pants is a winner. There are a few tips which you need to remember when trying out this look. You need to tuck the shirt inside your pants. The pants should end well below your ankle. A pair of pumps will help you elevate your silhouette. No accessories are required as the two juxtaposed fashion items are strong enough to stand out on their own. Walk with confidence as that is going to help you win hearts.

Self Tie Cream Cool Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirt with skater skirt

If you are a tad bit worried about the fact the masculinity of the flannel shirt is too strong to overpower, then add a feminine piece of skater skirt to your outfit and see it perfectly balance the upshot. Make sure that the colours of the top and lower portion of your outfits complement each other and are in sync. Wear a pair of opaque stockings and let ballerinas adorn at the end of it. A chunky neckpiece and sunglasses will perfectly sum up this wonderful chic look.

Cute Brick Shirt Dress

Flannel shirt with summer dress

No fashion list for summer can be complete without a simple dress to graze it! Thus, the last clothing item might not be a bottom wear, but it is a dress in whole and requires a mention. Pick a flirty dress in neutral colours and throw over an oversized flannel button down to add drama to it. A pair of knee length boots will add volumes of sex appeal to the ensemble. You can let go off any and all accessories for that is really not necessary. Stay simple and make the maximum impact.

So make summer worthwhile by making worthwhile and distinctive appearance in flannel shirt coupled with the right bottoms. Prominent manufacturers have a bunch of flannel shirts Australia, as they are available in many other countries. Retailers from all around the world can make a bulk purchase and secure great discounts on them.

The Must have Flannel Products to Make Your Everyday Life Better

The flannel fabric has been in buzz since time immemorial, and is continuing with its craze even today. The outstanding quality and texture that authentic flannel fabric holds is irreplaceable. Flannel as a fabric has a perfectly soft and smooth touch and feel that grants it the uniqueness and comfort level. A very convenient fabric as renowned to be, from clothes to accessories and everyday products, the wholesale hubs have been manufacturing a wide array of items through this. From the fashionable outfits like plaid shirts, to the accessories like gloves, socks, the bed sheets, blankets and much more, the retail stores have a lot to offer you from their flannel product category.

Just like a plaid flannel shirt is the closet staple for all the style conscious men and women, have you ever considered of using the high quality flannel towel for your bathroom? If you are still confused, then here are some of the flannel items which will make your life better.

Soft Spun Vintage Flannel Shirt

The vintage flannel shirts

There are times when you would like to wear something stylish, without dressing up much or spending time to style it. For these occasions, the vintage plaid flannel shirt with come to your rescue. This is a completely classic piece, with a touch of class, sportiness and contemporary edge. From your office formal scenes, to the casual outings or while traveling, you can wear this one without being too hard on accessorizing it. Today, the conventional red and black pattern has been given some support with the entry of a wide array of other fresh new and bright color combination, to make you choose something according to your preferences and requirements.

Sparkling White Grey Check Towel

Spruce up your bathroom

What about replacing your simple and plain or printed towels with the soft and fluffy flannel towel? These towels are very soft and smooth in texture, and retains moisture very well to keep your fresh and dry for the best post shower experience. The fine textured flannel towels are not only great for the functional properties they hold, but also commendable in the unique designs they come in. From the single colors to the classic plaids or checks, you will get to spruce up the bathroom décor double the meter.

Cherry Wine Mini Checks Flannel Bed Sheet

Bedroom additions

From the flannel blanket to the warm and comfortable flannel bed sheet. Your bedroom will turn instantly comfortable, and cozy with the addition of flannel essentials. They come in conventional plaids, or the neutral shades and can be used according to the color of the wall paints. These go well with both modern and classic room décor themes. The flannel bed sheets and blankets are very high in quality with a soft finesse, and renders a comfortable and warm experience to you for the best sleep.

Pink and Black Knit Pattern Check Socks

Accessorize your outfit

Your outfits will be useless and boring if you do not accessorize them properly. Apart from the right pair of shoes, or jewelries, belts and sunglasses or bags, the recent craze is to match your dressing piece with a pair of socks. The flannel socks are great options to instantly style up your simple outfit, and help you to get the smartest and voguish look for any casual occasion.

Thus, add flannels to your everyday life and make it better with a lot of varied options.

Top Colours for Men Shirts for the Ultimate Impact This Fall

Top Colours for Men for the Ultimate Impact This Fall

Designed to help men carry off a flawless cool look, flannel shirts are comfortable to wear. They were first worn by Welsh farmers during the 17th century to protect themselves from the harsh winter winds. The trend has henceforth become popular among the masses and has now continued for centuries, never going out of style and being one of the favorites of the fashion buffs. You can update your store collection with these trendy shirts from renowned wholesalers who offer a wide range of shades to choose from.

Skippy Cool Red Flannel Shirt

The Angel wears red

Red flannel shirt mens can be a considerably a difficult look to pull off. In all honesty, one would not want to end up looking like wearing their previous night’s pajamas. Hence, it is of pivotal importance to team it with the right clothes and accessories. For the perfect rugged appearance, men can wear these plaid shirts with a pair of colored trousers and boots. A scarf and a slender leather jacket will be a great addition to the ensemble for a more defined impact. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds became a motivation for many by making an effortless appearance in a red flannel shirt combined with blue pants and leather boots.

Sun Flux Blue Check Flannel Shirt

Sober yet sexy blue

A tint of blue and purple on the flannel shirts can be exemplary when redefining the masculinity. Wearing them on top of casual graphic t-shirts and a pair of faded jeans can render one ready for a jamboree. A sober pair of sneakers and wristwatch will do the job while one enjoys undulating attention.

Greenish Blue and Black Checked Flannel Shirt

Turn up the heat with green

Taking inspiration from the Hunger games star Liam Hemsworth, one can experiment with the palette and choose a hue in green. The hottie from down under sported the perfect lumbersexual trend by wearing a green plaid shirt with a white casual tee and wild beard. One can add a little more sex appeal to the look by wearing light colored trousers and a pair of military boots.

It is all about colors

With a lot of trends doing their suitable rounds in the fashion world, this is the perfect time to wear that old, tattered multi-color flannel shirt. They add an antiquated touch to one’s appearance. They look alluring when teamed with a pair of well fitted denims and sneakers. Accessorising with aviators and messenger bags will make heads turn at any gathering.

Band Box Check Vintage Flannel Shirt

From conferences to the field, impeccable for all occasions

Tartan plaid shirts are versatile and are best suited for all occasions. One can slip into a quirky sweater or an eccentric hoodie when going out to the stadium to cheer your favorite team. A well-defined leather jacket sums up for the perfect semi-formal wear and can make the ladies skip a heartbeat.

So choose wisely from a wide range of comfortable and stylish vintage flannel shirts that are easily available online from reputed wholesalers to redefine your store collection.