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4 Vintage Styles of Flannel Shirts that You can Fancy Today

The 90’s was the time for blooming new lines of dresses and new ranges of shades being incorporated into regular dresses to repulse the irregularity that overcasts its gloom onto daily lives. The whole art revolution was still going on in full pace when it all reflected on the dresses worn. The whole inspiration from music had its peak reached during this time, with new musicians covering and capturing the hearts and minds of the audience completely the style statement changed in a radical form giving the outlook a much needed uniformity.

Famous Rock bands like Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin shaped the music scene as well as the dress coding that people started following with time. Kurt Cobain being a pioneer in this area created a statement of his own which later on became a leading hot trend. The oversized jacket with shabby shaded jeans and a laid back attitude on stage managed to capture the heart of millions. Famous vintage flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers are curating these looks from the past, mixing up certain trendy elements and making it ready as new. Retailers looking to add such clothes to their stock should find the best amongst leading manufacturers before buying in bulk their desired designs.

Take a look at these 4 styles of flannel shirts that has reappeared and is killing the scene.

The checkered drop shoulder

This shirt represents the best what grunge looked like. The drop shoulder gives these shirts an illusion of being oversized. The perfect balance of the drop shoulder with the overall length of the shirt gives this shirt the touch of modern appeal. This little tweak in the design has made all the difference that was required for this shirt to reappear. These shirts will have a very luscious look if layered properly with a knee length cardigan and a round top cap. The perfect shoes to go with this are white conversesneakers that will complete your hip look and fancy your out -of- the-box style.

Checkered half sleeves

A blue checkered half sleeve with the buttons open and bare skin underneath, paired with the perfect brown leather pants instantly takes us back to the stairway to heaven, or the takes us back to the stage where Robert Plant with his the most talented musicians on the planet were making the people cry with their performance. Led Zeppelin has been has been an outstanding influence to the world of music and musicians as a whole, but not only that, they had major influence on the world of fashion as well. Heavy medallion necklaces, rings on each finger and open blonde curly hair paired with a half sleeve flannel shirt will take you right back and will give your hip look legitimate validation.

Vintage Flannel Shirts Wholesale

The good old black on red

This design is one of the pioneering designs of the flannel shirt universe and the list will be incomplete if this was not mentioned, with shiny red body with black checkered prints give these shirts a standard definition that works brilliantly with all shades of skin complexion height and even if you are overweight, find a suiting size for you and wear it with capri pants to make you look as good!

Dark color blends

The dark color fashion trend has always been a part of mainstream line that has emerged with a leap in recent times. People are obsessed with dark colors all over the globe and this gives manufacturers the freedom to come up with new designs with the help of new design blends using color combinations like brown and dark green, light brown highlighted with dark brown in patches or even maroon red and white blended and matched in perfect coherence to give you the ultimate old school look.

If you are a retailer and looking for wholesale vintage flannel shirts, then make sure to check amongst the famous manufacturers to ensure highest quality fabric and promising service on your bulk order.

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