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4 New Chic And Trendy Ways To Wear A Fashionable Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are ubiquitous. It is their preppy presence that makes them so popular and to add to the delight, enthusiasts have been finding new ways to wear them. The versatility of flannel shirts is commendable. There are hundreds of ways in which a flannel shirt can be worn. But what new ways can you apply to wearing them? Here is a list for your reference.

The first way:

So flannel shirts are not the only thing in vogue right now. There is something else that is garnering the same amount of attention from enthusiasts all around the world, and it is called leather pants. Oh yes, leather pants teamed with an oversized flannel shirt is the latest trend on the block which everyone ought to try out once. You can complete the appearance with a pair of strappy heels and that is it.

The second way:

When going for a brunch, you need to dress up but refrain from overdoing the look. Okay, now that is confusing! Instead of stressing over what to wear, you can pick a solid grey t-shirt and team it with a white skater skirt. Opt for vintage flannel shirts and tie them around your waist. Throw a bomber jacket over the ensemble and wear pumps to look graceful, elegant and up to the minute with the flannel trend.

The third way:

Animal printed jackets have hit the circuit with undeniable panache. Considered to be sexy, you can’t miss out on the animal printed jackets. But wearing them on top of a flannel shirt can be tricky. Team them with a pair of jeans and pumps and shades to look chic. Don’t go over the board with the ensemble. Refrain from using any accessories and keep your makeup mellow. Also, try to stick to the basic shades of plaid flannel like blue for the maximum impact.

And finally:

Don’t we all love wearing our flannel shirts like a jacket! It is so comfortable that we can bet our money on it. Just pick a grey tee, a pair of black jeans and throw a black flannel shirt over. The ensemble is simple yet makes an impact worth the praise. Wear a pair of a black ballerina to complete the casual guise.

So, move over the old ways and use the latest tends to pull off the flannel shirt. Top manufacturers have the best womens flannel shirts displayed in their inventory. The button-downs are comfortable to wear owing to their fine quality make. They also come in a variety of shades and textures that add to their overall appeal. Retailers can make a bulk purchase while securing attractive discounts.

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