3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

Flannel is popular, and it has been the same forever! You have at least one flannel piece in your wardrobe, and love wearing it for several occasions. Wholesale womens flannel shirts are also designed by popular manufacturers that woo the aficionados. But how much do you know about flannel? How well do you carry them off? To know more, keep reading them for much has been explained as given below.

Plaid is a pattern; flannel a fabric

One fact about flannel that everyone gets wrong- FLANNEL AND PLAID is NOT the same thing. Flannel is a fabric that is crafted by weaving wool or cotton or yarn. Plaid on the other hand is a pattern that usually showcases checkered prints. When flannel first came into existence, the tartan plaid pattern was added to it to give the fabric a more appealing look. Thus, their existence became amalgamated. No matter how much they have been propagated together, they can very well exist individually.

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Flannel comes in different types

So you thought flannel was only for the colder months? It is not! Flannel is generally made from wool; however, with time they have tweaked enough and are now constructed with cotton and synthetic fiber as well. Baby flannel is also another type of flannel which is used to tailor the clothes for the little ones. There is also a type of flannel called the Ceylon flannel which mixes cotton and wool together. Invented by a German man Léopold Lairitz in the 1800s, vegetable flannel is crafted using fibers from Scots pine. Bet you had no idea about them!

Flannel has been around for over four centuries

Originally invented by the Scottish farmer in the 1600sto protect themselves from the harsh winter weather, the word of flannel spread during the Industrial Revolution. Though the origin of the word is not known, many believe it was in 17th century Wales that the word saw the light of the day. The ability to provide heat during the winter made it popular in North America as well, as lumberjacks too started wearing at large. Thus, the bottom line remains the same here, it is an old fashion piece that has successfully retained its originality and has maintained its status in the top; for four centuries.

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And finally how to wear plaid flannel shirts

There are numerous ways in which a plaid flannel shirt can be worn. But if you truly want to stand out in the crowd, then try the given ways here.

  1. For a casual outing, wear your oversized flannel shirt with a pair of jeans and ankle length boots. Pick a dark shade to have a better impact. Go without accessories to let the flannel shirt cast a charm of its own.

  2. If you are going for a formal event, tuck a flannel shirt inside a pair of tailored trouser. Wear a pair of ballerinas or pumps to add a dash of convention to the outfit. Use a statement belt to look elegant and sophisticated.

  3. When going for a party, make sure to dress up your flannel by teaming it with a skater skirt. You can tuck in your shirt and use ankle length boots to look adorable. Balance the entire ensemble by using a chunky neckpiece and some bangles.

Flannel is an extremely versatile fabric. It has retained its position in the fashion circuit and in the closets of the enthusiasts for years due to its immense appeal. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with top manufacturers that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at a discounted price.

4 Ways The Flannel can Become Your Bestie This Summer

4 Ways The Flannel can Become Your Bestie This Summer

Classically stylish and comfortable, flannel check shirt has been in the spotlight for a long time. Justifying their presence in the top stratums of the fashion circuit is easier for they have been adding much of style to the wearer. Many argue that flannel is strictly for the colder months, but breaking the shackles, flannel shirts have reintroduced themselves as summer staple. If you are lacking ideas on how to wear it for the hotter months, well, worry not, for the article is completely dedicated to the same. Scroll down for some true plaid inspiration.

Make a statement

Making a statement in s flannel shirt is easier for it has a more absolute impact. Pick a flannel shirt, throw it over a graphic t-shirt and team it with a pair of jeans. This combination is simple yet effective in its approach. You can further slip into a pair of white plimsolls to give the appearance a cool finish. Refrain from using accessories as the ley of the look is “less is more”. A lot more!

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The cute effect

The wholesale plaid flannel shirt is much more than what it appears to be. Though it is closely associated with grunge and ruggedness, you can make every ounce of it look adorable. The key- tuck your flannel shirt inside a skater skirt. Fishnet stockings and ballerinas, talk about traveling back in time!

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The monochrome prosody

Monochrome is always elusive and looks stunning when combined with the plaid pattern. Pick a jumpsuit in black and throw over a white plaid shirt. To make the ensemble look radiant, wear a pair of ankle length boots in black. Accessories can include shades as that will render a smart yet chic appearance.

The casual way

Flannel and jeans, when combined together, the result is always that of awe-inspiring. An oversized flannel shirt teamed with a pair of slim fit jeans and brown ankle length boots. Perfect for summer outdoor activities, you can use a straw hat and retro sunglasses for a dash of breezy and casual appeal.

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So, whichever way you want to dress, retort to any of the four options given here, and bring about a fresh twist to your outfit. Wholesale womens flannel shirts are available with reputed flannel manufacturers. They come in an array of shades which gives the retailers a wide variety of options to choose from. the flannel shirts can be purchased in bulk at discounted rates.

Fun Ways to Notch up a Womens Flannel Shirt for Effortless Silhouettes

Though shirts are supposed to be more of the formal dress code, but the flannels are cool and stylish, and can be worn fir any off duty occasions.  One of the versatile pieces which a woman can own, a fashion forward lady can breathe new life into an old one though different style quotients for different occasions.  The flannels reflect classical and vintage connection, and come in the conventional, bold plaid patterns which never go out of the fashion scene.  Once known for the men, they have surpassed and became one of the wardrobe staples for the women today and also today the leading womens flannel shirt designers and manufacturers are crafting them in brand new designs, cuts and colors, introducing fresh demeanors for the  flannel aficionados.

Here are some of the looks which can be tried with flannel shirts, off duty!

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Feminine or athletic?

Fashion is all about taking risks and experimenting! Thus, you can go for a fusion of something very athletic and something fiercely dressy with a flannel shirts teamed with a maxi skirt and paired with a sneaker. This look will definitely pay off and make you the ultimate fashionista!

Black and white color game

Who doesn’t like the black and white combo in fashion? Very classy and modish, team up a black and white plaid flannel shirt with a black sweater, with the collar popping out, a black coat, or blazer, and denims. This can be your look for traveling too!

Uptown poise

Go for a very uptown poised and lady like silhouette in a tweed jacket with a flannel shirt, and an embellished mini skirt in some contrasting shade.  Go for pastel shaded sling bag and similar colored pump shoes.

Casually posh

For the casual outings, do not always look laid back, as at times you can try the carelessly stylish silhouettes too. Wear your usual oversized flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves, and team this with a vest. Get the punk chic appeal with a leather mini skirt, with a stiletto heel.

womens plaid flannel shirts


With denim being the most trendy fashion items, you cannot deny them! Fuse your flannel shirts with a denim jacket and distressed denim pant, and structured shoes. Break the monotony with a bright colored tote bag!

Flirty and fun

Be it at the beach or for the pool party, try out a flirtatious and fun look. The oversized flannel shirts can be worn like an off-shoulder, and tuck this into a lace midi skirt,cohesively paired with the mule footwear. This look with a careless bun can be your trendsetting attire option.

black plaid flannel shirt

Off beat vibes

Try something offbeat with your flannel shirt as you wear it below the single colored strapless dress and team this with a leather moto jacket. Something very fresh and out of the box, wear this for the night around the town party scenes, and look dapper and sexy with red lips accompanied.

Baggy, yet put together

You can wear one of the baggy black flannel shirts with all buttons closed till the collar and tuck this with a printed lace skirt for the most novel outlook. Try out a colorful full length stocking with this, and ballerina shoes to add some innocence and balance the whole ensemble.

4 Styles of Flannel Shirts That Are Creating Rage in 2015

No matter whether you’re a strict fashion follower or not, a nice and warm plaid flannel shirt must be your best friend during the falls. From warm cotton flannels to silks, you get a variety of shirts nowadays to satiate everyone—from a no-nonsense lady to a frivolous young soul addicted to fashion. Yes, plaid flannel shirts are never going to lose their charm over the years. But does that mean you should stick around with one style over the years? Wake up girls, and get a variety of shirts, tunics and dresses in plaid flannels. Read on the blog to know more about the styles that have been on rage this runaway season—

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  • There’s No End to the Classy Style:

A classic plaid flannel shirt must be the wardrobe accessory of everyone. Keep one in dark color and another one in soft pastel. Play with the checks, and keep the sleeves long so that you may fold it according to the needs of the hour. Try to have some of them perfectly fitted (which is against the normal norm of the same being loose and airy) to look classy and stylish always.

  • Wrapped Shirts are IN This Season:

Be it for formal occasions or for casual events, a wrapped shirt can create magic always. And, when talking of shirts, how can a plaid flannel one be left behind? Get them in myriad colours and materials—silks and cottons, solids and pastels. Team black or white solid coloured trousers, and you shall be good to go. Get wholesale women’s flannel shirts from the distributors to get them at amazing discounts.

womens flannel

  • Washed Out Flannel Shirts Are En Vogue:

    If you’re quite tired of washed out chambray shirts, remember that the flavor of this season is the washed out flannel shirt. Get them in colors of your choice, and wear them open buttoned over your favourite statement tank, and be the star.

  • High Low Tops Are Still Around:

    If you’re loving the current trend of high low tops and tunics, get one in lovely plaid flannel material. Keep the material absolutely soft for the best effect. If you want, you may tuck the front portion of your simple plaid tunic inside your denim to get that effect without having to buy a high low tee. You may get the best high low flannel tees at the flannel tees manufacturers nearest to you.

Girl’s Flannel Shirts In Four Fabulous Ways From Work To Weekend

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The fascinating flannel shirts are back from their vacation and this time it is giving  a huge shout out to women fashion. Yes, adopted from men’s wardrobe the timeless style piece; flannel shirts have found a new place and that certainly is  the top shelf of a girl’s closet.

The sea of wholesale women’s flannel shirts has evolve d a major way and why not when you can have comfort in blend with style. Also these  can rightly accessorize different outfits from different occasions, be it the 9-5 go-to-work garments, some cool concert, street strolling  or the leisure Sunday brunches.

Versatile Girl’s Flannel Shirts For Myriad Moods-

For Those Confident And Casual Denim Bottom Times

With  an “I don’t care” attitude, when you pull up the butt-out denim bottoms you can give style vibe an extra dosage of satisfaction, teaming the fitted pair with a full sleeved flannel shirt. Your  confident frame of mind of mind and onlookers will surely enjoy moment of glory.

For Those Craving For A Little More Than Basic

It is absolutely okay to have a cup of regular cappuccino with a little extra cream once in a while! And just the same way you might not want to dress up  too much but give your staple clothes something more than just a basic tee and pair of jeans. How about the flannel shirt turning a jacket. You got it! Simply throw on the bright flannel shirt on a white crew neck top and keep the buttons open, and enjoy layering.

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For Those Flamboyant Skirts And Curves

When you want some jaws to drop and eyes to drool, flannel shirts can be your ideal weapon to woo! Now the great news is, the global girls flannel shirt supplier, Flannel Clothing  gave a new birth to the classic and introduced the wholesale womens flannel shirts in an amazing range of flannel cropped shirts. Get high wasted teaming the flat ab showing semi-formal and baggy chinos. You can also double the quotient of boldness and slip into the cropped flannel shirts with thigh high tattered denim shorts! But flannel shirts with hacked midriff is not only what can flaunt your curves, wear the pleated mini-skirts in floral or the contouring leather bodycon and amaze hunks with your luscious curves.

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For Those Oversized Careless Attitude

Like the mellow lazy Sundays, and those times when you want more warmth than the usual, the oversized flannel shirts can give that cozy bear hug to you. While you wrap around a turtle neck muffler make a high bun and rest your foot inside the chocolate brown boots, you can totally slide into the XL dark blue flannel shirt tucked out and pair it will the soft jeggings or black yoga tights.

Owning an fashion apparel boutique or launching a photo shoot whatever is your reason to look for the wholesale womens flannel shirts, hunt for a  flannel shirt supplier, to upgrade your collection with the newest and nicest range of these warm and wonderful pieces then, the prominent bulk girls flannel shirt Canada companies will be a great option.

Flannel Plaid Shirts – Favorite Fall Trend

Different types of clothes, it seems, have been associated with seasons year after year – denim shorts to beat the summer heat, killer jackets and coats during chilly winters, floral printed dresses for spring – and nothing quite screams autumn much like the flannel shirts. It doesn’t matter if you like to wear them buttoned, unbuttoned on top of a cute t-shirt pr tied around your waist, these shirts are the epitome of cool whichever way you choose to wear them.

Flannel Shirts Ruled The 90s

Flannel plaid shirts have been the embodiment of cool for decades and were associated with the grungy-casual outfit during the 90s. It was often paired up with converse, old tees, thermal shirts, ripped jeans, etc, and had also wrongly earned the reputation of being a guy thing. But the fact is, these shirts have come a long way and one can turn up her feminine charm decked in this garment in more than one ways.

oversized flannel

Style For The Outdoorsy Kind

If you are someone who likes to take long walks and admire the changing colors during fall, then a slightly oversized women’s flannel shirt with a curved hemline paired with leggings and mid-boots should do the trick. If you think the shirt is a bit too loose, then simply gather it at the waist with a leather belt. If there is a nip in the air, then just throw on a sleeveless jacket or wrap a scarf around your neck. This look is casual and comfortable but makes it apparent that you have made an effort to dress up.

Tips For A Casual, Lazy Afternoon

It’s alright if you don’t feel like dressing-up every day. But that does not mean you have to look sloppy! If you are feeling lazy but have to run to the mall or meet up with a friend for coffee, then just pull out a fitted women’s plaid shirt and tuck it into denim shorts or khakis or even skinny jeans. Don’t button it all the way and wear simple accessories like maybe a pendant. Another easy way is to layer it up with a dress.

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Time to Crank Up the Heat!

Do you want to turn up the oomph factor? If so, then look for flannel shirts in pastel colors and wear it with a pencil skirt and ballerina or kitten heels. Accessorize it to soften the masculine edge, but don’t go overboard. The flannel trend is a favorite with the trend-setting Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley and it can become your favorite too!

Whether you are interested in re-selling flannel shirts or use it personally, buying flannel plaid shirts for women can save you a ton of money!

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang!

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang

Everyone has witnessed the dungarees, mirrored glasses and hats make it way back into the fashion world but this season, fashion bloggers all around the world are talking about the revival of the 90’s grunge trend. This trend typically involved tying flannel shirts around the waist paired up with ripped jeans, sneakers or boots. Since no trend has ever come back without a single reinvention, here are 3 hottest ways for the ladies to wear their plaid shirts that are totally going to rock this trend this season.

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Wrap it around Jeans to Relive the Grunge Era

This is the most classic and common way to pull this look off. To nail this look, pay great attention to the color of the shirt and either make it match the color of your outfit or go for bold colored plaids to make it pop. If you want to give out the ‘Don’t Mess with Me’ message to all the boys looking your way, then pair it up with a biker jacket. Look grungy and relive the 90’s all over again. As far as shoes are concerned, don’t be afraid to play around and feel free to mix it up with flats, boots and even heels and as for jeans, any skinny or straight fitting ones would do great.

Wrap the Flannel Shirt around Skorts, Shorts or Skirts

This is an amazing way to combine the chic yet tough look. Skorts, shorts or skirts are anyway statement pieces on its own and adding the shirt-wrap just helps to accentuate and flatter the waist area even more. The key to pulling off this look is to pair it up with a neutral colored top or a light sweater as this will help to tone the outfit down a bit. Always remember that less is more! Sometimes being simple just might be the answer for looking ravishing and eye-catching.

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Plaid Shirts Look Great With Dresses Too!

Ladies, if you have raised your eyebrows with the thought of wrapping flannels around the waist with dresses, then clearly you have never tried to dress outside of the box! Flannels with dresses are a great way to achieve the casual yet chic look and is perfect for all those times when you want to wear a dress but do not want to look to overly dressed. To achieve the best results, try wrapping flannels around a body-con or t-shirt dress. For a more harmonized look, pick a shirt that has the same color as the dress.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in your boyfriend’s closet to find a shirt to wrap around your waist or look for manufacturers dealing in the sale of wholesale plaid flannel shirts. Whether you require flannels for personal or commercial purposes, buying in bulk will always be advantageous on the financial front.