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How To Style Flannel Outfits For The Busy UNI Life?

You know you’ve entered Stage 2 in your life the day you step on the stairs of the University. It’s a completely new life where you’ll make new friends, foes, mentors and probably your potential first love too. However when it comes to the ideal outfits, a lot of students find themselves perplexed as to what to invest in.

One of the popular wholesale women’s flannel shirts supplier has come up with a trendy collection of women’s wear you can invest in. Hence, let’s read on to find out about the unique ways you can incorporated flannels in your college outfits.

  • This outfit is really simple. All you need to do is wear a brallete and a well fitted flannel shirt with a skinny jeans to complete the look. For the shoes, you can simply adorn a pair of statement dad sneakers in neon or even neutral shades so that you can create the chic and casual outfit for the first day.
  • Sometimes libraries or even smart classes can be chilly due to the blasting central A.C. In this case you should always keep a jacket handy. Therefore, simply opt for a dark solid colored flannel shirt that can be worn with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. For the jacket opt for a printed variant so that you can bet the Monday blues in style.
  • If you love to wear leather irrespective of the season, then flannels will work well for creating a timeless outfit perfect for the pinterest profile. Simple opt for a pair of black high waisted leggings with leather panels across the hemline. Knot the flannel shirt on the front and wear a cropped black leather jacket to create the fashionable attire.
  • Women who love to dress up in feminine clothing pieces can simply opt for a floral ivory oversized flannel shirt. For the bottom wear a plaid flannel skirt will definitely work for you. Don’t forget to add the cute shimmery ballerina to complete the look.

Retail customers who wish to invest in men’s flannel shirts wholesale in their store can simply browse through the ever expanding assortment of clothing pieces that one of the popular suppliers have in store. Check the MOQ and state your bulk needs to the help team for the same. You can even avail offers on the investment, hence hurry!