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Making Pretty Flannel Bangle Bracelets Out of an Old Flannel Shirt!

No matter the weather, the season, or the current fashion trends, flannel shirts always seem to be in style. Such a cozy, comfortable, warm, and versatile piece has become one of those go-to items that make you shine everywhere.

If you love plaid flannel shirts so much that you can’t happen to bid them farewell even when they have become old, even when you have fully utilized them then you have come to the right place!

Flannel bangle bracelets are such innovative items, truly fashion-forward jewelry that you can easily use them as thoughtful handmade gifts. In any family gathering or occasion, you can use them as return gifts.

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Don’t worry. The bracelets are pretty easy to make, even when you don’t really consider yourself to be a creative person.

Items that You Will Need

  • An old, clean flannel shirt
  • Plastic or wool bangle bracelet
  • Quality permanent fabric glue that dries clearly minus any stain
  • Small glass plate or bowl
  • Scissors
  • ½’’ chip brush

How to Do It

1) In the first step, you need to place the flannel shirt on a flat surface. Now, using the wool or plastic bracelet as a guide, cut a fabric strip that’s 1’’ longer than the circumference of the bracelet and double the width. A pro tip would be to use a plastic bracelet since it will be easier for you.

2) Next, into a small glass plate or bowl, pour a little amount of fabric glue. Dip the chip brush into it and apply a medium-thick layer of glue on the bangle’s outside. Center and line up the pattern and press one of the ends of the flannel fabric into the glue. Wrap a fabric strip around the bracelet, holding the glued end in place. Use the lines of the plaid to make sure the pattern stays straight. Brush a bit of glue on the underside of the overage of the fabric to create a clean seam, then turn under and press it in place.

3) Leaving approximately 1’’ of fabric on each side, cut off any excess. Brush glue onto the inside surface of the bangle and then tuck the fabric in and firmly press in place. To allow the glue to fully dry, set the finished bangle aside.

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