4 Step Guide To Kick Start Your Flannel Shirt Business

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Let’s just say that flannel shirts are timeless and they are here to last till the end of time. People will never lose their love for flannel shirts, which is one of the reasons why your endeavor is likely to yield revenues steadily and continuously in stark comparison with other clothing styles that are often seen to play peek-a-boo with trends.

Branding and more –

Before starting your flannel shirt business, it is a must for you to determine what exactly sets your business apart from your competitors. Do you have specific designs or target buyers in mind? Are you standing up for causes, social or otherwise? What will your buyers gain from you that they cannot from some other provider? Think up on all these and your branding strategy will start to materialize successfully.

Knowing where to bulk order flannel shirts from –

To start your flannel shirt endeavor, you need to pick a dependable bulk manufacturer that can cater to your customized requirements perfectly. Landing with the right manufacturers inevitably ensures that you are covered in terms of desired fabric quality, stitching, fit and most importantly, pricing advantage.

The platform where you wish to sell your products –

You need to get this in place before you start to bulk order flannel shirts from your chosen manufacturer. You need to decide whether you want to sell locally through brick and mortar setup or extend your scope of services with online shops. Seek expert assistance on the matter always works wonders.

Marketing and more marketing –

If you need to blow your own trumpet, go ahead and do it because if it is about a new line of flannel shirts, buyers will be ever willing to lend you their attention. Be present in the social media, digital media and more to gather as much eyeballs for your products as possible.

4 classic ways men can wear a flannel shirt retorting to season

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A flannel shirt has become a thing of the year. Earlier, the use of a flannel shirt was limited to the colder months of the year, but for the last few seasons, their versatility has been adopted and well, rest is known to us. Since flannel shirts can be worn throughout the year, you have to consider certain aspects when dressing for the particular season. Here is a list of ways you can wear a plaid button down while retorting to the season. Keep reading to find out more.

For winter-

Since it is still pretty cold outside, you can try out this ensemble. There is nothing complicated about it. You just need to get your layering game on point. A light colored flannel shirt worn inside a knitted sweater that comes in the same shade will sort the top wear. A pair of jeans and military boots will get the rest of the look going. A beanie and an overcoat can be incorporated depending on the temperature outside.

For spring-

This is a tricky season to dress for, especially if it is men’s flannel shirts that are in question. It is neither hot nor cold, so you have to be careful that comfort is a priority all the time. An easy ensemble would be to wear your red flannel shirt with a white t-shirt under it. A very basic clothing combination, complete the look with a pair of low cut boots and classic blue jeans.

For summer-

Summer allows you to wear a flannel shirt any way you like it. However, rather than going full grunge, using the versatility of the shirt for a smart-casual sartorial expedition. You can pick a dark orange flannel shirt (yes, they exist) and wear it on top of beige pants. Make sure that both fit you right so as to highlight your stature. A pair of loafers, shades and casual wristwatch will complete the look with panache undeniable.

For autumn-

Again back to that time of the year when flannel shirt becomes a legit pick for the day. Don’t go for a shade that is too common, rather continue the summer trend and wear a flannel piece in dark orange or yellow. Tuck it in a pair of dark blue jeans and use a leather belt to hold the attire together. Throw over a structured blazer on top complementing the shade of the button down. Complete the ensemble with a pair of loafers.

Thus, these upcoming seasons, make sure to use the flannel shirt to its full potential. Retailers who are looking to update their store collection with the latest flannel shirts can register with the top manufacturers of the same. With discounts the flannel shirts cheap and affordable. Place the bulk order today!

3 ways and 3 age groups: The stylish impact of flannel shirts

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Okay, so are you a fan of flannel? Do you think it is the best piece at this moment? Do you think your wardrobe is incomplete without a flannel shirt? Good, then you would also agree that a flannel shirt can be worn by kids as well. In fact, there is a 98% probability that they will pull it off better than you. However, not all age group should be wearing it the same way. So here is a small reference on how young boys belonging to different age groups can sport a flannel shirt. Keep reading to get a proper understanding of how to style flannel shirts.

The tots:

Now this is the age group that includes all the tiny people. Preferably all aged four and less, these younglings can actually give you a run for the money. Their adorability is too endearing and when they are dressed in flannel, the glory is too hard to ignore. Pick a classic red tartan plaid button down and team it with a pair of dark blue jeans. Now keep in mind that it is freezing outside and your baby needs extra protection. Hence, a grey sweater is worn on top! A pair of brown boots and a charming smile, your son will be the center of all attention. Buy the best baby flannel shirt in the right fit from leading manufacturers.

The young ones:

Including all the young ones between the age groups of 5 to 8, these superstars have a way of shinning out. They are oozing with bubbliness and activity, running around the place, enjoying themselves like there is no tomorrow. It is more difficult to dress them because you have to be mindful of choosing pieces that allow them free movement. A flawless ensemble for them would be a grey Henley tee; a pair of grey trousers and the red plaid flannel shirt throw on top casually. Socks, boots and a grey beanie will further give them a stylish yet adorable appearance. You can alter the grey pieces with black versions as well, but keep the color theme dark to make the dirt less noticeable.

The young adults:

This is the age group that knows fashion, understands fashion and probably even has a style sense stronger than yours. Aged 9 to 12, these kids are exposed to social media and have a deep comprehension of fashion. When it comes to flannel, you know it is in vogue right now and its high demand is reflected well in the ensembles put forth by the adults. The best way to use a flannel shirt for them would be to put it on top of a hoodie. This combination will keep them warm and comfortable. A pair of green trousers and white sneakers will further complete the look with panache undeniable.

So, parents, what are you waiting for? Pick a flannel shirt and dress your lad. Let him shine through with bravura. Manufacturers of boys flannel shirts have the best pieces in their collection that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers. Special offers are available for bulk buyers.

5 ways to wear a flannel shirt that will impress women

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Do you have zero luck with the ladies? Maybe the problem is not you but how you dress. Come one, if you want to act oblivious to the fact that your appearance has an impression on the ladies, then you are wrong dude. Your clothes, your hair, your shoes are definite indicators of your personal preference. And till now, it seems you have maxed out on all the trends with no success.But maybe it is not the traditional trend that you need to master. Maybe you need something that has been charming ladies for long and enhancing men’s wardrobe for long. Yes, you guessed it right. A flannel shirt! You know with all its versatility and charm, it can elevate any appearance. So how do you wear a flannel shirt that promotes your look to be more impressive to the ladies? Keep reading, you will find the answers listed here below.


  • Get the double flannel game on by teaming two flannel shirts together. All you need to get this look right are two complementing flannel shirts, precisely one in yellow and blue and the other in green and blue. Complete the look with a pair of jeans, military boots in tan and an indomitable attitude. You can also wear a white t-shirt if it gets too cold outside. For a sexier appeal, tie one of the shirts around your waist and look classy.
  • Manufacturers of the wholesale shirt have tweaked the classy flannel shirt that imitates a jacket with a zip to complete the unique appeal. So wear your solid white tee inside and throw over the jacket casually, to look effortlessly cool. A pair of black trousers that gives a peak of your ankles completed with a pair of loafers will get you going.
  • If you want to get in the Christmas mood, then opt for the brightest red plaid shirt you have in your wardrobe and team it with a pair of jeans (rolled towards the ankle). To balance the red, pick a graphic tee and a quilted sleeveless jacket. Wear a pair of bright red sneakers for that jolly Christmas appearance that will definitely help you make a stellar impression on the ladies.
  • Nothing can beat the leather jacket-flannel shirt combination. It is meant to slay all the onlookers and guess what, it spares none. Wear a dark flannel shirt with a black textured leather jacket. Complete the ensemble with a pair of denim and white plimsolls to stand out in the crowd. Keep the rest of the attire simple to keep the classy sophistication intact. (And also if you want to look like a good boy gone bad, this is the combo that will get you going).
  • Since it is winter, an overcoat is a must of almost all ensembles. So why not try it out with your flannel shirt? For a flawless appearance, pick a dark flannel button down and the overcoat should be textured in camouflage. Replace your jean with a pair of dark chinos and loafers for footwear to perfect the smart-casual look.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to impress ladies around you with your style and charm, a flannel shirt is your arsenal.

Manufacturers of men flannel shirts have every type of flannel shirt displayed in their catalog that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk at prices which are discounted.

Flannel Shirts: The Ultimate Guide to Wear A Flannel Shirt for 3 Occasions

The Ultimate Guide to Wear A Flannel Shirt

It was during the 17th century that the Scottish farmers thought that it would be a nice idea to come with a piece of cloth that was thick enough to protect them from the harsh winters. They did work hard for it. Well, not that they cared much about fashion; the piece that they come up with was surely an eye-catcher. No wonder we still have it today, ranking in the top echelons of the fashion circuit.

There is no doubting the fact that flannel is truly a wonder. Yarned from both cotton and wool, this particular fabric is known for being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Balancing out both it the right proportions, flannel is extremely versatile.

In fact, the flamboyance of flannel is what makes it great! Though much of it is associated with casual grunge and cowboy extravagance, it is their ability to match up the expectation of the different occasions that adds to their popularity. But how do you roughly incorporate a high-on-casual-tone t-shirt for a formal occasion?

To guide your way and provide you with enough insight, here are three ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt for different occasions.

Wholesale Suave Off White Polo Tee

For a strict formal appearance

The appeal of any outfit can be heightened if worn in the right fit and right combination. Since flannel shirts come in mono colors as well (and not only plaid to say the least), you can opt for a dark shade and wear it inside a nice tailored suit. A pair of derby to complement the ensemble and no accessories to wear as such, this is the perfect combination you can opt for if conventionalism is what you are looking for.

Just a point to remember- Choose a neutral shade for your suit to keep the look grounded and effective. For the non-plaid wholesale flannel shirt, check out the collection of the top manufacturers who have assembled wholesale flannel tee shirts and shirts.

Big Block Tartan Field and Stream Flannel Shirts Bulk

For a smart casual uproar

Flannel and smart have a long history of togetherness. It is their affinity to blend well with each other that makes them a perfect combination to try. Pick a plaid flannel shirt in any of its basic colors (red, black, blue or green) and team it with a pair of chinos. Throw over an unstructured blazer over and for footwear wear a nice pair of a loafer. All you need is a killer attitude and you will be golden, garnering all the attention from the ladies around.

Beauty Blanca Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt Bulk

For its origin- the grunge

Since it is grunge that we are aiming for, you can exploit the look as much as you want, but a personal favorite is definitely the ‘use your shirt like a jacket’ look. Do not be afraid to combine two very popular trends at one go. So a graphic tee and a flannel shirt loosely hanging on top is quite the flag bearer of grunge. A pair of jeans and plimsolls will complete the appearance. Like a rockstar, keep your ensemble simple and let the flannel shirt do all the talking.

Thus, it can be very well established that a flannel shirt is a shirt for all occasions. It has already found a place in your wardrobe, but utilize it in the most conspicuous way to stand out in the crowd every time you make an appearance.

Celebrated manufacturers have the best of bulk flannels displayed in their collection. Retailers who are interested in making a purchase can register with them and get unrestricted access to the inventory. massive discounts can be secured on bulk purchase.

3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

Flannel is popular, and it has been the same forever! You have at least one flannel piece in your wardrobe, and love wearing it for several occasions. Wholesale womens flannel shirts are also designed by popular manufacturers that woo the aficionados. But how much do you know about flannel? How well do you carry them off? To know more, keep reading them for much has been explained as given below.

Plaid is a pattern; flannel a fabric

One fact about flannel that everyone gets wrong- FLANNEL AND PLAID is NOT the same thing. Flannel is a fabric that is crafted by weaving wool or cotton or yarn. Plaid on the other hand is a pattern that usually showcases checkered prints. When flannel first came into existence, the tartan plaid pattern was added to it to give the fabric a more appealing look. Thus, their existence became amalgamated. No matter how much they have been propagated together, they can very well exist individually.

Forever Young Flannel Shirt Wholesale

Flannel comes in different types

So you thought flannel was only for the colder months? It is not! Flannel is generally made from wool; however, with time they have tweaked enough and are now constructed with cotton and synthetic fiber as well. Baby flannel is also another type of flannel which is used to tailor the clothes for the little ones. There is also a type of flannel called the Ceylon flannel which mixes cotton and wool together. Invented by a German man Léopold Lairitz in the 1800s, vegetable flannel is crafted using fibers from Scots pine. Bet you had no idea about them!

Flannel has been around for over four centuries

Originally invented by the Scottish farmer in the 1600sto protect themselves from the harsh winter weather, the word of flannel spread during the Industrial Revolution. Though the origin of the word is not known, many believe it was in 17th century Wales that the word saw the light of the day. The ability to provide heat during the winter made it popular in North America as well, as lumberjacks too started wearing at large. Thus, the bottom line remains the same here, it is an old fashion piece that has successfully retained its originality and has maintained its status in the top; for four centuries.

Red Fitted Plaid Flannel Shirt Wholesale

And finally how to wear plaid flannel shirts

There are numerous ways in which a plaid flannel shirt can be worn. But if you truly want to stand out in the crowd, then try the given ways here.

  1. For a casual outing, wear your oversized flannel shirt with a pair of jeans and ankle length boots. Pick a dark shade to have a better impact. Go without accessories to let the flannel shirt cast a charm of its own.

  2. If you are going for a formal event, tuck a flannel shirt inside a pair of tailored trouser. Wear a pair of ballerinas or pumps to add a dash of convention to the outfit. Use a statement belt to look elegant and sophisticated.

  3. When going for a party, make sure to dress up your flannel by teaming it with a skater skirt. You can tuck in your shirt and use ankle length boots to look adorable. Balance the entire ensemble by using a chunky neckpiece and some bangles.

Flannel is an extremely versatile fabric. It has retained its position in the fashion circuit and in the closets of the enthusiasts for years due to its immense appeal. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with top manufacturers that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at a discounted price.

The Creative Feminine Ways to Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous in Men’s Flannel Shirts

Women can look stunning in men's flannel shirts

The flannel shirts have come a long way from being a cowboy or grunge style attire for men. And have garnered the attention of the mainstream fashion scenario. Women have grown a fetish to wear them for different occasions, exuding a smart appeal that is different from the extremely girlie looks. Be it for the weekend errands in layered manner. The parties with leather pants or to the beach as cover ups. You will never run out of options to style these super funky and classic plain flannel shirts.

Just when you thought that you are running out of fresh new ideas to wear the wholesale womens flannel shirts this summer, the retail stores have come up with the boyfriend flannel shirts that are sluggish, oversized and slouchy, lending an ill fitted casual spunk. You can wear them in different manners, be it as a dress or as a jacket, and end up looking refreshing and stunning.

Thus, it is a lot like wearing the bulk men’s flannel shirts with confidence and oomph, with a tinge of feminine charm.

Wholesale Boyfriend Stolen Cool Flannel Shirts

The skinny way

The boyfriend flannel shirts for women are ill fitted, and come in oversized silhouettes. Hence, if you are looking for a sexy and toned look, you have to experiment with the bottom wear. And add some accessories to get the desired look. For everyday outings, you can get a very idea look without adding to the sluggish feel by wearing the flannel shirts with skinny jeans, boots, and a belt cinched over the shirt on the waist. Keep the sleeves rolled up for a funky stance.

Wholesale Cool Flannel Shirts For Women In Blue And Orange

The manly demeanour

To get a fresh new manly ensemble, you can put on the flannel men’s shirt and add the sassy cargo pant with numerous pockets to this. To get some hotness quotient, just toe up the shirt at the bottom, and crop it up to show off the midriff perfectly in a confident way.

Turn it into a mini dress for sunny days

Off to a brunch outing or lunch date on the sunny weekend? If you are in a way to be creative and try a sweet and sexy charming feminine look. The flannel plaid shirts will do wonders. Turn it into a strapless mini sundress by some simple steps.

  • Button up the shirts without putting the sleeves on.

  • Twist the sleeves and put them in a criss- cross manner around your back.

  • Get them on the front and tie a little pretty knot.

Wholesale Skylark Cool Flannel Shirts

Go back to the 90’s

Get a very spunky and hipster retro look with the plaid flannel shirts as you use a pair of suspenders to be clipped on to the shirts, and wear it half tucked for a very smart feel. Add the sneakers to complete this look with a finishing edge. Wear this with a wide bottomed denim trouser.

Red Fitted Plaid Flannel Shirt Wholesale

Go formal

If you are a working woman, going short of ideas to dress up regularly for office is a regular affair. For this, the flannel shirts can come to your rescue. You just have to tuck it into a very plain and monochromatic high waist pencil skirt, with a sleek or broad belt added as a perfect accessory.

Party all night

Tuck the shirt into a palazzo, and wear the shirt above a bodice or tank tee. Also, add the long shimmering neckpiece for the a preppy, classy look!

Thus, time to check the flannel stores to get the boyfriend flannel shirts in bulk at affordable rates.

Watch Out for The Three Sexy Ways to Wear the Flannel Plaid Shirts in Beaches

Watch Out for The Three Sexy Ways to Wear the Flannel Plaid Shirts in Beaches

With summer being officially here, it is time to pull of the most sexy and hottest looks for the trips, outings and parties. From the bikinis at the beach, to the little floral summer dresses, skin show becomes the next possibly best thing to add to your style statement when the weather gets sultry. The leading online fashion destinations are bringing in a wide array of summer closet summer staples and they end up adding a lot of funk to one’s wardrobe. You just need to think of few out of the box style appeals to carry them confidently, with a lot of poise and oomph.

Now that summer means beach vacations, you might be bored of regularly wearing the same old tanks, or short dresses, shorts and bikinis to beach, this year it is time to look and feel different from the crowd. Touch of creative and a keen sense of fashion will end you up looking no less than a diva in the beach.

What are your thoughts regarding the flannel plaid shirts? No they are not just limited to the colder seasons, you can easily wrap them in the summers at the beach also. Here are few style statements possible in the flannel plaid shirts wholesale pieces at the beach in summer.

Blue Tunic Plaid Crop Top Wholesale

Perfect beach cover up

It is time to ditch your silk and satin or synthetic printed cover ups for the beach trips as they have already become so outdated. Then what is the other alternative? Well you have the oversized plaid flannel shirts that can be worn over the bikinis as the beach cover ups. They come with colourful and duo toned plaid patterns making them absolutely perfect for the smartness quotient that you want to deliver through your beach attire. Add the funky accessories to them and look no less than the bombshell, completely offbeat from what people usually wear for the beach vacations in summer.

Bulk Color Block Plaid Shirt Dress

As a dress?

If you want to look casually simple for the lunch dates by the beach, you are supposed to add something very trendy and contemporary. You simply cannot wear the beach shorts with a tank as that would add a slouchy feel to your silhouette. Thus, it is essential to go for the outfit that complements the sunny day and amorous date vibes. You can easily go for the flannel shirts worn as a dress with a belt cinched on the waist, with any footwear that adds a finishing touch to the attire. The flannel shirts worn as a dress or the flannel dress will add a novelty to your persona, and make you look very preppy and classy. Make sure to add the right make up and hairdo with this.

Monochromatic Tied-up Plaid Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Flannel shirts as an accessory

You might be wondering on how to turn a clothing piece into an accessory, well we will tell you how!

Well, the flannel shirts are extremely versatile and enough give you a lot of options to look chic, funky, classy or smart. Instead of completely wearing them as full-fledged outfits, you can just add them as accessories to keep up with the aura of plaid flannels. Just tie them around your waist while wearing anything from the jean shorts to bikinis or dresses. This will leave you with the impression of a fashionista who loves to try new things.

Thus, before hitting the beach this year, make sure you stash the luggage with a number of custom flannel shirts.

Wholesale Flannel Shirt Purchase and Style Tips All Male Buyers Must Know

best wholesale mens flannel shirts
Almost all ladies around the world would fondly agree that men and flannel often make an irresistible pair. Custom flannel shirts thus, are very popular with men these days and perhaps, make the best and the most comfortable addition to trend friendly wardrobes. However, it is also necessary to know that enlightenment about these shirts is the best way to invite authentic options to one’s wardrobe while maintaining a safe distance from counterfeit numbers.

Following are 5 tips that can help buyers land with the best wholesale mens flannel shirts; decisions that are not likely to be regretted later…

All flannel shirts are not lumberjack numbers

Speaking of flannel, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic lumberjack plaid which is in fact a timeless piece that can leave anyone awestruck with its raw outdoor charm and simplicity. However, this is not the only option that you can avail. Motivated manufacturers and stores these days have introduced a range of sublimate prints and patters in mono tone pastels or bold solid colors that are equally charming as their classic counterpart.

Wholesale Sun Flux Blue Check Flannel Shirt

Flannels are great as casual wear options; but they can be carried to offices as well

While it is true that flannel shirts are incomparable when it comes to casual clothing, it would be good to know that they can be carried to formal places like offices as well. All you need to do is choose the right design, color and checks, and the rest will fall in place.

Frozen Blue and Green Check Shirts Wholesale

Choosing the right flannel is important

There are different types of flannel fabrics each of which offer a different feel to the wearers. Checking the nature of the fabric is necessary before choosing your shirt. At present, you can choose from wool flannel and worsted cotton, in plain or twill weave depending upon the feel you prefer to embrace.

Ombre Flannel Shirts Wholesale

The source of your flannel shirts will determine its longevity and quality

Whether men’s shirts of bulk boy’s flannel shirts , you can determine the quality and longevity of your chosen options by the name and reputation of the manufacturers of the same. More often than not, reputed motivated manufacturers live up to the assurance of authenticity that they guarantee in their products.

Price matter

Lastly, it is necessary to know that good quality flannel is never available at dirt cheap prices. While it is true that the fabric is cheaper than many other luxury materials, the prices can still hit anywhere from 35$ and up depending upon the brand and manufacturer.

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

A brief history

With fall season officially here, it is time to update our collection to the more warm and insulated clothes. This is time when sassy jackets and hoodies come to play. In fact, it can be safely declared that it is the season of flannel. Flannel clothes are made of soft woollen fabric which makes the perfect choice for winter occasions, especially the outdoor ones.

Flannel, crafted with soft woollen materials, was introduced in the 17th century when farmers started wearing them to protect themselves from the chilly winds. They soon became popular as the perfect outdoor wear. One of the biggest myths is that plaid is a type of cloth. Many fail to realise that is a pattern that is commonly used with flannel clothes. Lumberjacks were seen sporting this rugged look during the late 20th century. Further on, tartan plaid flannel shirts became wildly popular with the youngsters when rock bands like Nirvana wore them on stage for a grungy appearance. Here are listed a few flannel clothes that are being sported by the fashion enthusiast this fall.

Marcelino Royale Check Flannel Shirt

Oomph it up tendy shirts

Featuring a varied palette, these flannel shirts for women are designed for all occasions. When going for a formal meeting, one can opt to wear this stylish piece of clothing with a pair of slim fit trousers. Ankle length boots or high heels can be a perfect addition to the ensemble.  An overcoat can add volumes and boost up the sex appeal. For a casual setting, one can opt for a pair of denim shorts and tuck it in for an impactful appearance. A sleek leather jacket is not only a smart choice for the winters, but will add a dash of sexiness to the look. Ladies can further choose to leave the buttons open and flash some skin. To pull off a sporty look, one can tie the shirt around the waist and match with a pair of funky sneakers.

Matador Inspiration Flannel Shirt

Jackets are the new thing

Plaid jackets are also very common these days. They are practical and perfect for daily use as these provide warmth and further help define a person’s character. One will surely gain compliments for their choice, when worn over a formal shirt and pair of well fitted trousers. To accessorise simply is the key to looking ethereal in plaid jackets. Mirror sunglasses and a lustrous handbag can be the correct match for the look.

Inky Hued Check Flannel Skirt

Flaunt those curves with the skirts

With plaid patterns becoming popular in the fashion industry, one can choose to wear tartan plaid flannel skirts that come in varied lengths and colours. From a mini skirt to the maxi inspired skirts, these are classy and elegant. For a spontaneous appearance, one can team a mini tartan skirt with a tucked in casual tee and fish net stockings. A pair of knee length boots can make them stand out tall in the crowd. Throw over a simple hoodie or a bomber jacket for a boisterous yet elegant look.

Boasting a wide range of collection of flannel shirts for men and women, you can purchase them online in bulk from reputed wholesalers who further provide attractive discounts, making them worth the buy.

Think You’re Stuck in a Style Rut? Here’s How to Get Out!

Now, there might be a hundred different reasons as to why a man dresses up the way he does, why certain trends are favored over others and why a man makes a certain type of sartorial choices. The reason can be anything from trying to impress boss at work or that hot girl at the bar. Most men would get furious if it is suggested that they dress a certain way to garner a nod of approval from their peers.  But doesn’t it feel nice to be noticed and appreciated for the way one dresses up? Well, whatever the reason may be…they key is to not holding on to one trend for a very long time! Yes, we are pointing towards plaid shirts.

Everybody loves flannel shirts and men practically live in it. No, we are not suggesting that you stuff it in the drawer and forget about it because in 2016 this trend has been revived in a big way and is made available in myriad tie-and-dye color combinations that are absolutely smashing. Even lumbersexuals are winning brownie points over metrosexuals! But wearing these shirts the same way, every day would just indicate that you are stuck. Move on!! Let us show you how to move on while taking this trend forward.

oversized flannel

Move Over Fitted Shirts…Welcome Oversized!

The key to impeccable style has always been and will be fitted clothes. But this fashion season is all about being bold, experimental and self-expression. A little rugged, maybe! We are hinting at going understated and wearing womens oversized flannel shirts for flaunting that ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude and look. But to completely nail this oversized style, we have some helpful tips.

  • Oversize Everything? No! Oversized plaids are in vogue but do not team it up with baggy trousers. Go for slim or fitted denims and pants to sort of bring about a balance to the overall ensemble. Over-sizing everything in your outfit would just send you back a few years and trust us, not in a good way!
  • Modest is Key: Don’t complicate your outfit. Keep it simple. Look for colors that are not too flashy but just enough to help you stand out from the crowd. Maybe team it up with a beanie or a pair of nice, cool shades and awesome shoes!

There are like over hundred ways to dress up a flannel shirt and there is a plaid to suit every taste. Dip your toes in the oversized bandwagon by getting in touch with a flannel shirt supplier. Confidence will uplift you! For inspiration on how to be daring, look at Jaden Smith.

Bye-Bye Metrosexual Men, Hello Lumbersexuals… And Flannel Shirts !

wholesale flannel shirts

The trend columnists had marveled en masse at the rise of the metrosexual man at the start of the 21st century. But metrosexual men now seems to be men of past times as the latest trend repots favors men who look more rugged., have beards that are best kept bushy and unkempt. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck and David Beckham are seen already rocking this lumbersexual look that is a stark contrast to the overly-groomed men.

Now, lumbersexual doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to know how to chop firewood! But then, women don’t seem to mind that either. They seem to be taking quite a fascination of the bearded man. Growing at the same pace is the rise of the best flannel shirts men. Well, because how can a hot, hipster lumberjack look ever be complete without wholesale flannel shirts! Plaids are like the epitome of contemporary fashion and though they have been around for years, it is only recently that flannels are having their moment in flannel fashion and are even seen gracing runways.

This fall/winter season, it is time to break out those flannels, keep the beard and give women some serious fashion goals to work on.

Bulls Eye Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Choose Flannel Shirts from a Plethora of Colors

Flannel plaids today are made available by designers and manufacturers in myriad hues and tones. Apart from the common grey and black checks, red and black checks, today plaids are available in gorgeous color combinations as well as shades.

Layer It Up or Accessorize!

Plaids look comfortably relaxed, cool and laid-back and exude a whole lot of attitude. But then, men wouldn’t just want to look OKAY! They would have to make a statement wherever they go…the easiest way is to layer it up! A smart leather jacket maybe on top of the flannel shirt or a shirt on top of a super funky graphic tee and it can be worn over shredded denims, shorts or with smart blue or black denims. Beenies or a pair of really cool wayfarers is all the accessories that a guy would need to make women go weak in their knees!

Flannel Plaids Not Reserved Just for Men Anymore!

Women too are craving for a piece of that sensual, lumbersexual charm! Flannel shirts layered up, tucked in or tied around the waist are seriously becoming a favorite among women. And nobody is complaining because these shirts instantly adds an edginess to any ensemble that it is paired up with and it can be just as easily dressed down as up.

So, if you thought the plaids were going away any time soon, they’re not. In fact, they keep coming back in the fashion scene stronger than ever. Spice up your existing collection by topping it up with bulk flannel clothing in the hottest and latest styles of the season.