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Wearing a Flannel Shirt over a Hoodie – Everything that You Should Know

A flannel shirt over a hoodie is a simple and comfortable yet fashionable look. It’s perfect for cold weather and can be monochromatic or colorful, depending on your mood. What more? This particular combination suits all kinds of body shapes.

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Two Simple Tips to Remember when Wearing a Flannel Shirt and Hoodie

Now, thinking about it you can be like ‘’oh it’s pretty easy to sport it’’. However, if you don’t give it enough thought, it can quickly make you look immature or sloppy.

So, How Do You Club the Two?

Just Follow These 2 Tips Given below:

Consider the Weight of the Fabrics

As you know, this look is the best for the winter season the most. Layer an oversized flannel shirt over a thick cotton hoodie and you will be warm and cozy almost everywhere. Once indoors, you can simply remove the shirt to avoid overheating.

Outside winters, this pair might feel too weighty. While shopping for flannel shirts, go for lightweight ones. On warmer days, a shirt crafted out of cotton/wool blend or linen will prevent you from melting away. In the case of the hoodie, pick luxe merino or cotton for spring and summer.
The conclusion? Be it any time of the year, you can cooly go for this combination.

Matching the Base Hue

Flannel shirts are available in a myriad of vibrant checks and shades, from brightly-colored plaids to heritage tartans to muted monochrome motifs. You may want to wear it all alone or you can use it to tie the look together (just like while partnering it with a hoodie).

For an easy and eye-soothing men’s ensemble, try matching one of the base colors with your footwear or trousers.

When Can You Sport This Combination?

Keep in mind that this is a casual look and there is no way you can get away with calling it formal in any situation (you shouldn’t). If you want then you can dress it up a little with a tailored wool flannel shirt, black pleated trousers, and a black cashmere hoodie, but then, reserve it for just the laid-back and weekend events like hitting the pub with friends, trips out of town, winter walks, etc.

The flannel shirt and hoodie look the most genuine and natural when you club them with similar casual pieces such as twill chinos and denim jeans. As for footwear, desert boots or sneakers finishes the look with perfection.

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