How To Plan a Perfect Plaid Pajama Theme Party This Winter?

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Parties, especially theme parties, have always been the best way to make your mark in any social season. Thus, what better way to end the year with a bang than throw a theme party yourself. One can take the classic, good old pajama party and make it their own. The plan can be broken down in a few parts.

Venue with a twist

You can choose to have the party at your own house or elsewhere depending on the number of people you intend to invite. The venue can then be accordingly decorated and since the theme is plaid pajamas, the upholstery can accordingly be changed for the event. Light fixtures with dimmers can be used along with a good music system. These two will help set the mood of the party and get the guests grooving to the theme of the party.


After music and venue are sorted you need to decide on the type of food you intend to serve your guests. Preferably finger foods will work best and keeping the theme in mind you can add different surprises to them.

Business owners and retail stores can get their stock of quality products by buying stock only from the most reliable flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers. They can also guy the pajama bottoms wholesale as well and then customise it to their customer’s choice. This will help the consumer concentrate more on the other details of the party for the costumes are taken care of. Plaid coloured cupcakes to flannel shaped sandwiches, you have lots of options available. These are only a few options, there can be many such food options that can be used for the party to make it one epic night.

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Finally comes the most important part of any theme party, the costume. You can choose to buy plaid pajama pants wholesale and then get them further customised to match your theme to the party. Same can be done with the shirts. These will give your party an individuality that no one else can dream of topping off.

Business owners and retail stores can get their stock of quality products by buying stock only from the most reliable flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers. They can also guy the pajama bottoms wholesale as well and then customise it to their customer’s choice. This will help the consumer concentrate more on the other details of the party for the costumes are taken care of.

List Of Flannel Outfits Perfect For An Autumn Date

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The crisp and cozy season of fall is almost three months away and we can’t already stop beaming about the spiced cinnamon latte dates. There are numerous other things that are synonymous to Autumn. One of them neon the super stylish flannel clothing. Be it in the form of shirts, pants or even dresses, the classic flannel pattern is what the cold season comprises of.

In fact one of the popular wholesale mens flannel shirts manufacturers has curated a unique collection of clothing you can definitely have a look at. Hence, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Vintage love

Do you have a penchant for vintage clothing pieces ? Then, opt for a cropped red and blue classic flannel shirt that can be worn with a pair of high waisted flared jeans. For the shoes , the best thing you can opt for is a pair of beige brogues. You can either opt for a sans make up look or stick to a neutral make up with touches or peach blush.

Rocker chic

The rocker chic outfit basically comprises of an oversized flannel shirt that can be used like a jacket. Hence , try creating a grunge romantic outfit with the help of a black mesh top with floral appliqué embroidery. For the bottom wear, the best thing you can opt for is a pair of black denim shorts with frayed hemline. You can try the instagram baddie look which will definitely complement the outfit.

Bougie Chic

The bougie chic outfit comprises of a white lace top , blue leggings and a pastel toned flannel shirt. For the shoes , you can either opt for a pair of rhinestone studded pump heels. You can actually switch the pastel shirt for something dark toned as well if you want to twin it with the pants. Stick to a classic cat eye and pink glossy lips to complete the look.

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Paisley pretty

Who said you can’t mix two patterns together ? You only need confidence to pull off the print on print look. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a paisley print maxi dress and a flannel plaid printed shirt that can be layered over the dress. For the shoes, the best thing you can opt for is a pair of strappy heels with tassel detailing.

Back to school

If you love to dress up in simple outfits , then the best thing you can opt for is a pair of slim fit jeans , white tee and a red and green plaid patterned flannel shirt. This outfit is a classic and can be accessories with leather pieces like a wide metal studded belt, a tan brown leather bucket bag and a pair of chocolate brown vintage boots.

Skirt love

You can definitely wear skirts for the fall season. A black suede pencil skirt and fitted plaid flannel shirt is the best thing you can opt for, for those days when you’re headed to a romantic dinner immediately after the office. Regarding the shoes, you can either opt for an ankle length boots or something like pump heels.

Business owners who want to order mens flannel shirts in bulk can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing that the supplier has in store. After selecting the required pieces state the bulk needs to the help team.

Here Is a List Of Pairing Elements For Your Flannel Shirts

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Winter has its perks, the cool dresses and designer scarves are one of those. The designer clothes that you can wear during winter are usually very bright and colorful to start with, the comfort factor is a very essential thing to keep in mind while buying clothes for winter. It goes without saying that, you need to choose clothes for winter which are moisture wicking and breathable at the same time. You cannot expect to stay comfortable if you are wearing something that does not let the body breathe no matter how cold it is outside.

Flannel shirts work beautifully in chilly weather conditions. These shirts are made with superior thick fiber that keeps the wearer dry, because of the moisture wicking capacity, and warm as well. Earlier in the days, flannels were considered a part of the street fashion, up until recently when famous names in the fashion business, acted as patrons for the designers before it became such a boom in the industry. Today leading fashion magazines and lines are motivating flannel shirts manufacturers to cook up new designs and lay them forward to the target customers. Retailers looking to add them to their stock line should get in touch with the manufacturers to get the best quality products and promising designs on their bulk buy.

Here is a list of ways you can pair your flannels with the best of things to make you look right out of the cover page:

Layering jackets

You need to know exactly how you will layer your flannel shirt with. You need to mix and match with different elements, but try out wearing clean crisp jeans with your choice of a flannel shirt and layer it over a t shirt and then wear a jacket on top, preferably a leather brown one. You can even wear black leggings and a high heel to match with it. This outfit is very versatile, opening avenues for you to wear them at a party and even the next morning at the office.

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Try something completely different

By saying that, we mean try something out-of- the- box and see how it suits you. You can try the all new range of plaid flannel dresses, with the side split and the perfect knee length dresses will make you look lazy and stylish at the same time. Can anything be better than that? You can easily pair them with black or solid dark color leggings and wear them without pants as well. Both the outfits will give you very different looks. Try out both and pick out which one suits you best! You can get a whole new range of clothes with wholesale womens flannel shirts manufacturers ,who are curating new looks and designs for your comfort and the style quotient.

Chains go brilliantly well

Want to make your flannel wear experience a little fancier? Try pairing your flannel shirts with sleeveless jackets and golden thick chains. This is going to toss up your look and give it a very different and hip look that you can carry off at a beach party or a fancy cocktail party. You can layer this with full sleeve jackets as well, that will allow you to balance the fancy tone with something subtle.

Retailers looking to add new collections of designer flannel shirt accessories, should get in touch with wholesale mens flannel shirts manufacturers to get the best deals on bulk buy and promising design qualities for shirts and accessories that you can add to your retail collection.

Go for These 3 Flannel Fashion Ideas That Rocks!

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The setting of the fall brings out new clothes from the closet. You get to choose what to wear, and what to definitely layer it with. This gives us the freedom of wearing more clothes in the first place, secondly you have the choice to play with more clothes, which will definitely give you a new look. It is very evidently different as to how people look due to change of seasons. You will find yourself draped in a hoodie with the cap on with tight hard boots during winter, and a pair of rugged shorts and a sleeveless baseball vest during the sunny bright days.

But, against all odds, the one show stopper for your fall collection has to be designer flannel shirts. Flannel clothing is unique in their own appearance, the reason for that is the bold and established designs that work brilliantly with the solid color backgrounds which ultimately gives you the most polished and fashionable outlook. These shirts are specialty items on their own, you can easily wear them to parties, your first big date night? Don’t worry we have you covered with the huge variety of clothes famous flannel clothing wholesale manufacturers are churning up to make your lives better.

Take a look at these 3 flannel fashion ideas that will definitely give you a unique look:

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Layer it over a t shirt

You can wear flannels mostly anyway you want to, but to look very sporty and stylish, try pairing them by wearing a t shirt on the inside. You can keep it hanging loose, you can also button it up maybe halfway. Don’t work up the buttons all the way for obvious reasons. You can easily wear them over a pair of jeans and a nice black and white converse.

Wear it formal

Who says you can’t be funky and still manage to pull off a nice straight formal look? Grab yourself a green pair of flannel shirts, try wearing skin fit black formal trousers and shiny black shoes. The green black pattern will play beautifully with the trousers. And the shoes will add the most formal touch it can, making you look very fashionable while keeping the professionalism intact.

Wear it casual and smart

Trying to get more out of your flannel shirt? Try getting yourself a pair of plaid pants and a white shoe. This will basically sort you out for any design you pick for flannel shirts. The plaid pants work brilliantly with the flannel prints. Try tucking your shirt in and wear the shoes with ankle socks to reveal the skin a little. This contrast will work brilliantly on you.

Retailers looking to add hot new collection of flannel shirts to their retail stock should get in touch with the leading flannel shirts wholesale manufacturer to get the best designs and quality clothes on your bulk buy.

This Season, DOUBLE Your Flannel Shirt Sales: 4 Tips

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Flannel shirts are everywhere. it’s the ultimate style staple for women and men this season. Bank on this trend to double your online sales. Here’s how to maximize your returns:

1. Get the “summer quality”

Pick wholesale plaid shirts that are ideal to wear in non-winter seasons. Make sure the fabric quality is good and have effective wicking feature. Nothing too thick or heavy. With a soft touch, it must be easy to breathe in.

Understand that finding the right quality isn’t that easy. To that, it won’t be very cheap either. So, look around at different flannel shirt manufacturers and select one that ideally fits your requirements and budget.

2. Avoid the standard varieties

They are already everywhere. Almost all of your competitors have them already. So, don’t go big on the standard varieties, unless you see an evident demand among your potential customers.

Instead, go for newer and less-popular varieties. This will make your collection different and unique from others, which, if marketed well, can become your USP.

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3. Personalize your wholesale the right way

Your target customers have distinct needs. They have different preferences. The easiest way to satisfy them — and increase your retention — is to listen to them and customize your collection accordingly.

Find out what varieties of flannel they are looking for, what kind of style they have in mind, what’s their budget and more.

And once you know, personalize your wholesale plaid flannel shirts accordingly. This is the sure-shot way to increase your sales easily and quickly.

4. Price it thoughtfully

Of course, this is the fundamental aspect given price remains the biggest influence in customers’ purchase decisions. So, take your time in pricing your wholesale.

Don’t keep the price very low that compromises in your profit margin. Don’t keep it very high either that nobody wants to purchase. Strike a perfect balance. Use discount offers strategically to boost sales quickly.

These are 4 simple tips that will help you double your flannel shirts sales this season.

The Era of the Lumber sexual and Tough Femme Fatales Defined by Flannel Shirt


The early 2000s saw the rise of the metro sexual male and the world embraced highly tailored and sculpted looking men. But a more rustic presentation is taking over that trend as burly-looking, bearded men in flannel plaid shirts continue to rise in popularity. This trend is viewed upon the resurgence of masculinity as Shakespeare had said, if boys had their whiskers coming in that meant they were becoming man and they could no longer play women on the stage. Following close behind is the new-age women who doesn’t mind looking a little rough and tough with a beautiful touch of feminity. And nothing satisfies all the criteria better than a classic, hippy plaid shirt!

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The Urban Lumberjack Men is On the Rise

Expecting Tinder date to look clean shaven, wearing well-fitting and tailored clothes and looking all neat and tidy is a thing of the past and frankly, women today want something more. They want a sense of adventure, excitement and a craving for the unknown. We all know and have met the guy who has got everything together, a life planned out. But where is the fun? Here is when the lumberjack-looking, uber-sexy guy will come in the picture and sweep you off your feet! What makes this guy so irresistible? Is it the well-groomed beard? Or that fabulous plaid shirt that he wore with those really durable working boots? The entire urban lumberjack look is held together by flannel shirts that are specifically crafted to exude an outdoorsy feel and it looks absolutely smashing with just about anything – slim-fit pants, over trousers, teamed up with a smart jacket, layered and left unbuttoned on a plain, colored tee. Just about anything looks spiced up and enticing!

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Men Love Girls a Little Tough with Flannel Shirt

Yes, we all know you are the good girl and in search of the perfect guy. But can you honestly deny the need for some thrill during the journey of finding that prince charming? Since you cannot, just fill your wardrobe with some super comfortable, warm and electrifying plaid shirts that will enhance your appearance by levels you cannot even count on your finger. A-Lister celebrities are seen rocking the trend…when will you join the list? Get a flannel shirt made in USA and wear it anyhow you choose to – just lay it there over that sexy LBD and nail that edgy, chic look or pair it up with those leg-hugging, tight leather pants and tie it over your seductive waist, or you could also choose to go the conventional way of wearing it buttoned-up with those skinny jeans or skirt.

Given that the flannel shirts have been ever on the rise in demand and popularity, designers have left no stones upturned to jazz up these little beauties. Contact top-rating flannel shirt manufacturers, place order in bulk to save yourself a fortune and guys and girls, get your hipster, punk look on!

Everything You Should Know about Flannel Shirts- Busted Here!

We have all craved for the flannel shirts at some point or the other that Kurt Cobain often pulled off in his music videos. So here’s the good news- the grunge style is back! As soon as they emerged in the late 19th century, particularly for the purpose of keeping the body warm and comfortable, they have turned into a casual wardrobe staple for many. So if you have recently purchased a couple of plaid shirts, here’s what you must know. Take a look!

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A Small History To Share About Flannel Shirts

Flannel, since its evolution in the 90s by a sub-culture, popularly known as grunge, has found its foot in the recent age from being a material to a special checkered print. Though in earlier times it was a well known dress code for the working class, especially farmers, it has gradually fuelled the interest of many a man and woman from different genres and remained a classic favorite till now.

Retailers who want to extend their stocks with flannel plaid shirts women’s can also contact a reputed wholesale clothing manufacturer online and place their orders in bulk.

Style Inspirations To Watch Out For

The best thing about plaid shirts is that they are available in lots of variations and practically fit every body shape, making it an essential closet ensemble. So grab them in different color combinations, checks and prints and get a spot on look whenever and wherever you wear them. Read on to know more about how you can style your flannel shirts to different places.

    If you are going out on a coffee break with your long time friends, step out in a green and yellow shirt and denim ripped jeans with a pair of white sneakers teamed in. You can also wear an open shirt over a tank top and rock your comfy and casual look over steaming coffee and spicy conversation.
    Heading out for a dinner date with your beau and confused about what to wear? Simply slip on a flannel shirt made in USA in the classic combination of red, black and white and pair it up with a vintage high waist mini leather skirt and you are ready to turn heads. But do not forget to carry your essentials in a leather clutch and go paint the town with black ankle booties.

These are just a few ways that you can work your tartan attire and channel the classic vibe. To try them in more places and more ways you can get them in a plenty of styles from your flannel shirt manufacturers.