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Nobody Can Rock a Flannel Shirt like Tom Holland

Hollywood stars Tom Holland and Zendaya make an adorable couple. The two once preferring a relatively private relationship, have recently been much more open about each other. In fact, it took years before they publicly confirmed their relationship.

In a recent event by the non-profit organization Hoopbus, Tom and Zendaya visited some students in California for a little basketball. With the event happening in Zendaya’s hometown Oakland, Tom being an adorable boyfriend accompanied her and got some nice pictures from the event where both looked cute and goofy. Zendaya is always pretty no matter what she wears, but when you take a look at these pictures, you will admit that the guy looks equally great whether he is wearing a sports jersey, a suit, or a flannel shirt!

Holland has been spotted in flannel shirts countless times (suits occasionally) and the rugged piece goes well with his boyish looks. The proof is these 7 pictures that feature him in some cool flannel shirt designs:

Blackish-Brown Plaid Flannel Shirt With White Tee

In an Instagram post, the Uncharted actor can be seen wearing a blackish-brown plaid flannel shirt. He combined it with a black tee and went for an unbuttoned look. You can’t help but say how much the tousled hair suits him.

A Layered Look

While shooting Spider Man: Far from Home, the 27-year-old layered a blue and grey flannel shirt over a white tee, leaving the top two buttons open. And, just like that, along with a backpack, Parker’s look was complete.

The Ultimate Boyish Charm of Holland

‘Peter Parker plus Tom Holland plus flannel shirt’ screams the ultimate boyish charm. The deep blue and white heavily checked flannel shirt combined with a grey graphic tee made him look like the chocolate boy of Hollywood in the same series.

While Running Errands

On a cold winter morning, for running errands, Holland wore a heavyweight brown and black bold patterned flannel shirt like a jacket with a blue hoodie. Now, that’s what you call an interesting color combination.

A Comfortable Flannel Shirt Look

Clicked while being together with Zendaya, Holland was seen wearing a white basic tee, blue and white bold patterned flannel shirt, and loose, baggy black shorts. Okay, now this guy seems to have a thing for this flannel shirt color combo!

Shooting for a Magazine Cover

Shooting for a popular magazine cover, the Cherry star looked handsome in a beige-brown turtleneck tee, and flannel suit. The whole picture gave a vintage vibe and Tom pulled it with ease and confidence.

Being Coolly-Casual

Stepping out on the street to meet Zendaya, Holland looked coolly casual in the traditional red, black, and white checked heavyweight flannel shirt, deep blue crewneck tee, and casual pants. The actor accessorized his look with a winter cap.

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