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7 Dapper Ways to Rock Men’s Flannel Shirts This Year

Flannel shirts have become a wardrobe staple for men as these speak comfort and smartness like no other streetwear! Wondering how to groove up your flannel shirt outfits? Right from tucking them inside your pants, leaving them out or keeping them unbuttoned, you can experiment with these cozy shirts as you please to stay dry on a summer’s day or feel warm on a winter outing. Keep reading to learn more about the styling tricks to carry your flannel shirts with magnetic charms. If you’re a private label business owner, eager to purchase in bulk flannel shirts for men, do connect with a reputed supplier of quality blank flannel shirts wholesale in eye-catching colors.

1) With Chinos

A flannel shirt when combined with chinos creates a charismatic smart-casual look for hunks. Looking for a comfortable attire to wear on a summer’s day? Then, you can pick a breathable flannel shirt portraying checks in maroon and black to pair with your chinos. Add derby shoes in brown to complete this stylish ensemble.

2) Layering with Tees

Wearing a flannel shirt over a t-shirt is a popular trend to amp up your style game. Choose a brown checked flannel shirt or a classic black checkered shirt and layer it with a white tee. Leave your flannel shirt unbuttoned and club it with black denim to stay cool and relaxed, looking perfectly trendy!

3) Flannel Shirt with Jeans

Flannel shirts look really nice when paired with your timeless blue denims. Going for a date? Then, make things cooler on the fashion front by combining your green, blue or brown flannel shirt with your comfy denim and white sneakers to create a dashing street look.

4) With Jacket

Want your flannel shirt outfit to lend you warmth and style in slightly colder weather? Then, we suggest that you layer it with a jacket to evoke edgy vibes. Pair your suave flannel shirt depicting red and black plaid designs with your jeans or chino trousers and throw on a black bomber jacket over it to get compliments for your bold look while staying snug.

5) Over Hoodie

You can wear a hoodie under your classic flannel shirt to pull off a more kicky debonair appearance. Wear a hooded sweatshirt under your oversized flannel shirt, making sure that the colors complement each other. Finish this ensemble by teaming this aesthetic with your joggers and sports shoes to connote steezy athleisure vibes. To rev up your street style, you can wear this combination with jeans and sneakers for an uber-cool look.

6) Flannel Shirt with Shorts

If you prefer the casual and laidback statement in summer, you can definitely pair your flannel shirt with shorts as many guys do. Choose a breezy flannel shirt exhibiting black, red and white checked prints and team it with beige shorts and loafers in white, black or brown. You can roll up the sleeves for a more composed and flamboyant look.

7) With Blazer

Who said you can’t wear flannel shirts for a formal occasion? You can make them a part of your formal outfit by pairing them with an elegant blazer. Select a white, black or grey-hued flannel shirt and layer it with a magnificent blazer in dark color. Complete this stylish and refined look with formal trousers or khaki pants to capture everyone’s attention at your office!

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