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New Ways To Style Your “Old” Vintage Flannels!

With fall approaching, we are in the midst of the flannel season again. If you are a flannel-head like us, you can always do with another way to sport the iconic, and perhaps tedious if donned too many times in a row, vintage flannel shirts wholesale.

Tuck in your flannel into a structured skirt and throw in a necklace for a flouncy approach on the whole lumberjack staple. Slip into tights or tall socks to keep cozy.

Sport your flannel shirt along with a crop top as well as distressed jean shorts if you are staying in for the night. To up the sporty factor, put on a slouchy beanie.

Play with texture and shades by using your flannel shirt as a base layer beneath a super distressed sweater and a vibrant leather jacket. Team it up with a mini skirt to play with ratio and don’t step in scores of puddles.

Droopily tuck a flannel shirt into a pair of shorts if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere where winter doesn’t truly mean freezing your back off. Add an adorable fedora as well as your much-loved bag.

Sport a baggy flannel on top of a skater skirt or team up your overall shorts with another added layer of aesthetic interest.

For a model-not-on-call appearance, put on a vintage tee, distressed denim, and wrap a flannel around your waist. It will mark out your waistline and offer added warmth just when you require it.

Sport a flannel shirt in one of the most iconic ways possible, with a winter jacket, denim, and huge accessories to keep your secluded from the cold weather. You will look lovely if you keep to muted tones outside of your bright flannel.

Layer a stocky fisherman sweater on top of a huge flannel shirt so just a tad peeks out beneath the bottom hem. Team with over-the-knee socks and huge boots for an adorable, cozy look.

Winterize a sunny look by sporting a jumbo flannel with a crop top, high-waist shorts, and cool tights for only a speck of warmth.

Throw in a tad of punk to a feminine dress by putting on a flannel with a leather motorcycle jacket.

Business owners if you want to add iconic vintage pieces of flannel shirts make sure to get in touch with a famous flannel clothing brand in the industry. Write to the support team and spell out your bulk order right away.