4 winter-trends for flannel shirts that is worth the try

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Flannel shirts have been under the spotlight for too long. And they deserve every bit of the attention that they are receiving. The entire of 2017 has been about flannel button-downs and this winter, it is going to be no different. The flannel obsession is on and you should already be on the bandwagon.

Though there is no true way prescribed on how to wear flannel, here are some situations and ensembles that work wonders every time. Keep scrolling to find out more.

On a warm winter morning,

don’t put in much thought when wearing your flannel shirt. If you have plans to come back before sundown, then wear your flannel button down like a jacket for it will be enough to keep you warm. For the base layers, pick a solid white t-shirt and black mini skirt. A pair of ballerinas will complete this uber-casual guise. For the flannel shirt, pick in white-black plaid pattern to give the monochrome dressing a good push.

But if you plan to stay out the entire day,

it is better to be prepared for that. Keep the white t-shirt and the flannel shirt as it is, but switch the skirt for a pair of jeans in a relaxed fit and wear a sweater on top of the tee and shirt. This will be enough to help you survive the cold. The ballerinas can stay as well, but if you have the urge to wear socks, you can opt for sneakers. Super snug and super smart, this is one of the best ways to show off your fashion prowess using a flannel button down.

However if you want to go for something dressier,

the same ensemble can work but only with a pair of heels and a slim fit pair of jeans. You can skip the white completely and wear your flannel with the sweater. Keep the color hues in your mind. Opt for darker colors for they are more insulated and retain more heat. An oversized flannel version can be a great accouterment for this attire. If you feel a little bland, add a little zing to a hat.

When formal becomes a mandate,

you can use your flannel smart. Go for a shirt that has a dark texture and team it with a pair of tailored trousers and a structured blazer. This will get the whole conventional side of the look working. The key to getting this look right depends on your choice of clothes and accompaniments. You don’t want to go over the top with your varieties. Stick to the basic ones and it will be effective enough to win hearts. Complete the look with a pair of pumps and a big wristwatch.

So, this winter, follow the trend that is surrounding the flannel shirt in the circuit right now; but follow your heart as well. There are a million ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt. These above-mentioned ensembles are popular and unique in their appeal. Try them out.

The flannel fashion mania has shrouded the entire fashion industry and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. So this is your time, and the world is your stage. You go get it, girl!

Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase can register with popular manufacturers of flannel clothes including shirts. Special offers are available for bulk buyers. Register today and reap the benefits throughout the year!

3 types of clothes that enhance the beauty of plaid flannel

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Flannel flannel everywhere, and too much to choose from! Yes, this is exactly what comes to mind when flannel is taken into consideration. Enthusiasts have gone a long way to induce plaid flannel with a number of apparels to increase their appeal, and one has to give it to them for they did succeed. But if you are confused for which item to pick, here is taking a look at the three most common and most popular flannel pieces in the market right now. Take a look if you have them or need to run to the stores right away.

Flannel shirts

flannel shirts australia

One of the most popular pieces in the flannel category, shirts is the staple that can be found in the wardrobes of both men and women. Flannel shirts are quirky to look, have a comfortable appeal about them and a history that dates back to the early 17th century Scotland. This alone qualifies them as the standard piece of fashion. Topping the circuit charts for years, they have held their position against the toughest contenders without budging. People love them for their flamboyance and association with the finest trends in the fashion history, lumberjack and grunge to name a few. With the constant moderation, flannel shirts are on an upward growth and so signs of stopping either in the near future.

Flannel socks

flannel socks

An unlikely piece of fashion to have mentioned on the list, but nonetheless, flannel socks have a hold of their own. The extravagance of the plaid pattern, combined with the softest fabric of flannel is ideal for winters. The pairs are crafted with the superior quality of the same, which adds to the comfort they provide. Custom socks wholesale as available with the coveted manufacturers come in all kinds of shades and textures, which make wearing them all the more fun. Hide them under your trouser or show them off with unparalleled panache, you can be assured that the pair of flannel socks is the underrated hero of your wardrobe and deserves a place, oops praise.

Flannel jackets

flannel jackets

Sleek and sexy- the right adjectives to define a flannel jacket. This is no secret that flannel jackets with all their sassiness are ideal for the winters, but you can totally wear it for the summers (at least for the evenings which are usually chilly). Pick the right padding for your jacket, and you will be cosy and comfy inside it. Red, black, yellow, white, blue and orange are some of the colours you get your jacket in, so there is no reason to fuss at all. Some of them come with hoodies, while some of them have zip closure. The sheer variety of the style and design combined with the different shades makes these a worthy purchase.

Thus, if you are looking to make plaid flannel your go-to item, then these are the pieces you should be looking for. They enhance the beauty of the flannel by ten-folds. Available with the best manufacturers, retailers can buy flannel clothing in bulk at discounted prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your flannel clothes today and make an upgrade in your personal style statement.

Flannel Is Everywhere: How To Wear 5 Flannel Clothes This Spring!

Plaid flannel is like a fashionistas guilty pleasure. The classic fabric and pattern combination is just too good to ignore. And when they are referred to as being classic, there is an actual allusion to them being timeless. Throughout different eras of history, they have stood the test of time and some not so memorable alterations.

There has been a few clothing pieces of plaid flannel that has caught all our attention. From skirts to scarves, there is a variety of items that every woman should have in her closet. So following some stellar suggestions, here is how you can style five flannel clothes and already turn the heat up.

Mustard Storm Check Flannel Skirt

Flannel skater skirt: Very 90s inspired

Every 90s kids will be familiar with Rachel Greens’ style antics on the popular sitcom “FRIENDS.” Given how we all are enthused with bringing back the fashion from the 90s era, especially flannel clothes, you can actually borrow this one look from Rachel. A skater skirt in plaid flannel teamed with a white turtle neck sweater was too good to look at. Further, knee-length socks and a pair of black ballerinas perfectly complemented this smart yet cute appearance. Like Rachel, cut off the accessories and let flannel work its charm.

Mini Gathered Flannel Dress

Flannel dress: For the pretty girl you are

Of the entire flannel designer clothing available with manufacturers, flannel dress are the ones which look the most adorable. Wear your plaid dress with pair of pumps to add a wee bit of sex appeal to the approach. A chunky neckpiece and a wristwatch will be enough to amplify your look. An oversized handbag can further be a great pick for accessories. Walk out of the house with confidence and slay everyone who lays an eye on you.

Flannel scarf: They are a thing for all seasons

The subtle line that existed between seasonal clothing is slowly but steadily disappearing. This means more options for the ladies! So pick a scarf, essentially crafted for the colder months, in red plaid flannel and team it with an all-black outfit. A black t-shirt, a pair of denim in black, ankle length boots and the red plaid flannel scarf casually wrapped around the neck, you are good to go. if you are not game with the enigmatic black appeal, then you can pick a pair of pumps in bright colours for instance red and make a stunning appearance anyway.

Royal Blue Slim Pants

Flannel pants: Formal with a twist

A comparatively new approach to flannel, plaid pants are actually doing pretty well with the enthusiasts. To make it look formal and apt to be worn to the workplace, tuck in a simple shirt and wear a statement belt to pull off the look with ease. A pair of block heels, a modest pendant and a shoulder bag, there is an assurance that all your colleagues will be impressed with this distinctive yet elegant appearance.

Flannel shirt: For they are a must!

No flannel list can be complete without the mention of plaid flannel shirt. They have become a staple and will continue to be so for the next few seasons at the least. But how to incorporate them with a spring outfit is the question that bothers most. Just pick your floral dress and throw over the shirt casually over it with the buttons flying open. Use a statement belt to highlight your silhouette better. A pair of ankle length boots will be a great choice for footwear. Tone down the accessories and make a stunning casual appearance.

Flannel is smart, casual and stylish. When a juxtaposition of these three happen, it is really difficult to avoid. So whichever clothing piece you want to pick, make sure to accompany them with the correct outfits coupling for an unforgettable appearance. Womens flannel shirts Australia and other flannel outfits are available with prominent manufacturers that can be purchased by retailers in bulk at reduced rates.

Cotton VS. Flannel Bed Sheet – Which One You Should Buy This Winter!

Cotton VS. Flannel Bed Sheet

As winter arrives, not only do we start revving up our wardrobes with warm clothing, but we also redecorate our rooms, especially beddings. While cotton beddings are an all-time favourite, flannel beddings can offer warmth during the colder month. If you are thinking whether to buy cotton bedding or flannel bed sheets, here is the list of comparisons. Check out the qualities you can find in both these materials and choose accordingly.

1. Cotton Is Luxury, Flannel Is Comfort:

Flannel can be made out of cotton, wool or other synthetic fibres. While flannel can provide you with the much-needed warmth, cotton is an all-purpose bed sheet material. Flannel is easily affordable and has a soft, warm texture which is perfect for the winter months. Cotton bed sheets can be expensive or cheap depending on the quality and thread count. If you are buying beddings for winter, flannel bed sheets are the ideal choice for you. The soft, comfy and warm bed sheets will make you sleep better.

Bold Brown Madras Checked Flannel Bed Sheet

2. Flannel Can Save Your Heating Bills:

Although both cotton and flannel are recyclable and eco-friendly material, flannel can be the best for the colder months. If you think you cannot lessen your heating bills during winter, try flannel bed sheets. It doesn’t only keep the bed warm but also control the temperature of the room. Whereas, cotton can be soothing but not warming! Therefore, opt for flannel clothes and bed sheets this winter to keep the electricity bill shorter.
Sea Algae Madras Checked Flannel Bed Sheet

3. Taking Care of Flannel and Cotton Bed Sheets:

Both flannel and cotton bed sheets are easy to maintain. You can simply wash them in the washing machine and dry them naturally or using a dryer. The problem with cotton bed sheet is that it might shrink after wash. But flannel bed sheets made of synthetic fabrics never shrinks after washes. After washing cotton sheets, you may notice some wrinkles. On the other hand, flannel doesn’t wrinkle and hence you don’t need to iron it.

4. The Major Difference Lies In Their Usage:

Yes, the difference between flannel bed sheets and the cotton ones is that the former is used during the colder months to keep warm while the latter is used in summer. Now, if you think you are not a person to catch cold easily, you can continue with your cotton bed sheets. But if you want to keep yourself warm and lower the heating bills, invest on the cool flannel bed sheets which are available in the market.

The Secret Of Nailing The Flannel Look: 5 Ideas For The Stylish Woman In You!

The Secret Of Nailing The Flannel Look: 5 Ideas For The Stylish Woman In You!

With the spring approaching us fast, it is time to shift back to the comfortable clothes that will make the sun happy. Though, plaid flannel shirts become a staple for the colder months of the year, we can actually wear them all year round. They are that stylish you see! After a brief disappearance from the fashion circuits, they have quickly become an off-duty favorite of many woman. From wearing them to office to a get together with friends, flannel shirts just fit flawlessly with all occasions. So whether you are channeling your plaid shirt with a classic summer dress or just pairing it with a modern piece of denim, here is a comprehensive list that contains ideas on how to incorporate flannel in your wardrobe for everyday use.

Oriental Magic Weave Flannel Shirt

  • A red flannel shirt tucked in with a black midi skirt can be a classic amalgamation of old and new. While this coupling works well for both office and post work drinks session, it should not be overdone. Junk jewellery to complement and a pair of pumps to highlight the aesthetics can be the perfect choices for accessories. For added bling, you can carry a sling bag.
  • When going out with friends on the weekends, team your plaid button down with a pair of khakis and ankle length combat boots. This ensemble of flannel clothing will surely make you a stand out everywhere you go. You can opt for a scarf if you feel a little chill in the air. Sans accessories is the key to make this approach a winner.
  • Another flannel compilation that is classically formal in its approach. So pick your favorite trouser and combine it with a same color plaid shirt. You can pick a pair of pumps for your footwear that will give you a defined look. A handbag and a chunky neckpiece will make you look ethereal and will definitely leave all your colleagues stunned.
  • A slip dress is essentially casual. To make it look absolutely effortless, you can grab a flannel shirt and tie it around your waist. Slip into a pair of moto boots to complete your summer flannel fashion. Accessorise using a sling bag and walk around only to raise the temperature.
  • Flannel and leather sit well with each other. They are two strong fashion pieces that when united only narrates the best story. Perfect for a college girl appearance, team a plaid flannel shirt with a leather mini skirt and ankle booties. It is extremely stylish and chic. You can carry a backpack to accommodate all your belongings.

Bunkhouse Flannel Blanket

As a word of advice, always remember that flannel looks good when worn in the correct size. So be sure to pick one that fits you flawlessly for a more defined silhouette. For the retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase can take a look at the vast inventory a number of manufacturers have to offer. The products range from shirts to pants, jackets to flannel blankets. And striking discounts are available if registered today.

Men’s Style Stances Which Women Find Attractive: Flannel Clothing, Suits and Many More

flannel clothing

Be it to impress your boss, or to pull together a look at the date, men have learned to make sartorial choices in fashion in the recent years. Remember boys , the ladies love fashion and they would constantly keep a strict eye on you on what you are wearing, to get an idea of the personality you are reflecting through your clothes.  Rom your shoes, to the tee you are wearing, there are certain things about men’s style which hits a bull’s eye, and instantly impresses the women squad. Thus, if you are single and ready to mingle, it is essential for your to carry a fashion statement which would add confidence to you, and also make you the ultimate trendsetter.

From the flannel clothing, to the formal suits, and white tees, there are certain style quotients of men which women adore. Want to know them? Here they are.

flannel shirt wholesale


With mankles growing a lot on men these days, and the rolling up the trousers has become a very important style essence.  With this, men should sports their loafers or other shoes, but sans socks, and reflect a very funky yet classy look. Women are completely inclined to this fashion statement, and wondering if men could do this for all the occasions or not. (Wink)

The chinos

It is time to take a break from the denims and try out the chinos which again women love. These chinos can be worn for casual and formal events, and be it in classic blues or olive greens, they are very unique and fresh from the contemporary bottom wear pieces.  Slightly tapered and rolled up at the hem, you can woo a woman completely by wearing them in stylish silhouettes.

White shirt and jeans

This is a classic combo and according to experts, this will never grow old.  This is one of the favourite attire options for women, and the nice fitted white tee or shirt, without being too loose is the most magical factor which every man must possess.  Instead of the boxer pants, make sure to go for narrow and tapered denims or the distressed ones in great quality, and fit.

flannels for men

Flannel clothing

Be it ties around the waist, or casually with tees, or even formally with trousers, men flannel shirts are vintage clothing pieces, and they are ruling the fashion scene. Recently women are loving them for the lumbersexual looks of the men with flannel shirts, denims, jackets and the bearded looks.  Extremely punky with a dash of panache, make sure you have the flannel shirt in your wardrobe, as they are the wardrobe staple for the fashion forward men.

The tailored suit

A man’s closet is not complete without the tailored suit.  The clean and well-fitting suit must be versatile enough to be worn for both casual and formal occasions in different looks and demeanors, without galavanting around for something boxy and baggy.  Be it on the first date or the cruise party and while attending some social function, completely entice your lady with a very classy and elegant look in tailored suits.

Choicest accessories

From the shoes, to the belts, sunglasses and the chains or bracelets, make sure you are investing into the right accessories.  These little details matter and a lot, and women always notice them.

The Best Four Looks Which Flannel Shirts Can Give You: Watch Out For Style Ideas

A flannel shirt is probably one of the clothing pieces   which speaks of vintage styling, and definitely the 90’s grunge fashion statement. But, today we have come a long time ahead, and flannel shirts have become more versatile and urban. Be it predominantly casual or fiercely classy, there is no style quotient which is impossible in the flannels. Reflecting the classic plaid and check patterns, from tartan to pinstripe and madras, they now come in a wide array of colors combinations, be it the neons and pastels or the same old black and white color scheme.  Also, with these comes countless ways to look dapper and sexy in them, and not just the men , the women to have the freedom to choose from their endless style quotients , to add some balance to their fashionable wardrobes.

We have compiled the best four looks which are possible in the flannel clothes, or specially the flannel shirts for different occasions.

flannel clothing

Raw and rough layerings

There are times when maybe it is not that cold and freezing, you would want to go for a casually done rustic and layered look.  For this, you can add up to the denim jacket or may be the cotton vest to your flannel shirt, and get a very raw appeal. A bit tomboyish and equally graceful, this can be your look while travelling, for casual outings and when you are out with friends on weekends for brunch or move dates.  Give your appearance a mixture of different fabrics and textures, and add finishing edge with the boots and funky bag, without any girly accessories.

Classy and elegant vibes

Time for what girls like the most, the classy and elegant look! This can definitely be an option for decking up in the flannel plaid shirts.  For this, you can team up the flannel shirts and tuck them into the frilled skirts, A-line skirts, slit skirts or definitely the flowing maxi skirts. The skirts with the check flannel shirts will give you the maximum freedom to opt for any silhouette you want, be it the boho chic, the sophisticated damsel, or the old school girl vibes. Add the right heels, put on the shiniest lipstick, and accompany yourself with the complimenting bag for the most dapper looks.

90’s grunge throwback

Having the plaid flannel shirt and not doing the mandatory grunge look from the 90’s is a fashion crime you would be committing!  Forget being a girl and try out the lumbers sexual grunge look from the old times. Keep Kurt Cobain in mind, and add the graphic tee to the flannel shirt, the skinny chorded colored pant, or distressed denim, the hat and the sneakers.  You can add some chunky accessories to this look, but make sure to maintain the rough and edgy rocker chic silhouette.

flannel bed sheet

Cozy winters stroll scenes

Winter doesn’t stop us from experimenting with fashion, and here comes the role of flannel shirts.  From the parka jackets, to quilted vests, beanie, finger gloves and lot more, a flannel shirt will set the coziest and warm makeover. Make sure to keep the leather high rising boots with you to complete the look.

Just fashion, flannels have a lot to do in our regular lives, be it through the flannel bed sheet set or the blanket for more comfortable experience, especially in winters.

Style guide for all flannel shirt lovers: Take a look!

Style guide for all flannel shirt lovers: Take a look!

Be it fall or spring, there are few style quotients which never goes out of the global fashion scene, such are flannel shirts. Known for warmth and high-quality comfort fused with the essence of classic plaids, there can never be any substitute for flannels. Now you might be thinking that checks are quite monotonous and they no more have any freshness to deliver, but what if we say that the celebs and run way models have been giving the fashion forward crowd the most head turning style ideas to do them with perfection? Also, there are stunning collections of these outfits in the retail stores which are getting crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts wholesale companies to entice the flannel aficionados in the market.

If you are thinking on how to wrap around new definitions of style with flannel shirts, we will get you covered with style tips.

mens check flannel shirts

Style makes a gentleman

It has always been a stereotypical notion that fashion is for women, but why shall girls have all the fun? With the evolution of the global fashion industry, men are no longer lagging behind to embrace a medley of style mantras . How to do this with flannel shirts? Scroll down for your answers:

1. Blazers: the grown up costumes

Office scene aren’t complete without blazer and a suited up look. But it is time to break off the monotony , and try a flannel plaid patterned shirt instead. With a blazer? Yes, Get hold of a navy blue single buttoned blazer, and layer it one a black and white flannel shirt, tucked into a grey trousers and brown loafers! Sounds interesting? We bet it is lot more!

2. Rock the streets with smartness redefined

You might be thinking for a road trip with friends next weekend? Let’s give your street smart fashion a much required makeover with a funky flannel shirt. Instead of moto jacket and tattered denims, team up a red and black checked flannel shirt with a black bomber jacket, tucked into a beige chino pant with tapered bottom for a casual stance! Not to forget on the white sneakers for a peppy finesse.

3. Night around the town shenanigans

Rock your Saturday nights with music and dance, but refrain from committing any fashion crime! Trash all your worries because a multicolored plaid flannel shirt will help you here, with denim jacket, crisp denim pants , beanie cap and the chukka boots to add prep and elegance!

Women don’t do fashion, they are fashion

Women has a timeless connection with fashion, and this never ending bond can be rendered an edge with flannel shirts as the flannel shirts Australia companies have introduced wide arrays of them exclusive for the fashion conscious girls.

flannel plaid shirts women's

1. Feminine silhouette at date night

Make a difference at your date night with a spunky flannel shirt and a leather pencil skirt on your date night!

2. Cool vibes at shopping

On a street shopping spree? Hit the roads with a tee and rugged denims and tie a dark colored wholesale womens flannel shirts around the waist for a very appeasing look.

3. Poised party planner

Rock your weekend parties no more in dresses but carry off a cool and sexy outlook with a shimmering tee, leather leggings, and definitely a red flannel shirt layered from above.

High Quality Designer Flannel Clothing UK Available for Users

Superior flannel clothing company manufacturers in the UK have excellent collections churned out in huge lots every season, thereby, enabling bulk purchasers to place orders easily. Customized flannel shirts can also be ordered, with any personalized touches that might be needed for specific purposes. Designer range in bulk men’s flannel shirts are now put on made to order facility units, which enables all wholesale buyers to customize their purchase, based on distinctive requirements.

mens flannel shirts made in usa

Striving to earn highly from flannel shirt sell out is only a possibility if you personally want to excel in the type of products that you, as a business entrepreneur, deal in, however big or small your organization might be. There are now highly respected flannel clothing company manufacturers that excel in bringing out stylish and high fashion plaid shirts for men. Trust worthy and very reliable manufacturing organizations provide bulk men’s flannel shirts in every possible colour combo and style, with lucrative offers. Fashion statement made with just the perfect flannel shirt has brought about a great demand for every type of plaid, be it full sleeves, half sleeves, shirts with regular fit, loose fit, snug fit, slim fit or shirts with just the right line and length, adding to changing dynamics.

Men’s fashion range of high style plaid shirts has definitely added the significant designer value to well defined designer shirts, mainly made possible with the manufacturers of superior shirts and flannels clothing UK. Highly established manufacturing organizations come out regularly with newer and well defined superior styled flannel shirts that are meant to add on a high class touch of macho power and charm. Bulk flannels are always in demand. Superior fabric, refined stitching, definitive styling and contemporary designer touch in high fashion flannel shirts has definitely made top line manufacturers super popular amongst customers worldwide. This is mainly for bringing high fashion premium quality flannel shirts to the end user, and also for retaining the quality with high manufacturing standards maintained at all times!

Flannel Clothing Offers Enhanced Comfort And Style To Wearers

flannel shirts for men

Over the last few years, there has been an increased demand for high quality flannel clothing among fashion conscious men and women. People looking for comfortable and stylish clothing always prefer wearing flannel clothes as they are not only good looking but also comfortable to the skin. So let’s have a look at some of the distinct elements of flannel clothing Perth products.flannel clothesAdvantages Of Choosing Flannel Clothing

Flannel clothing items are quite popular because they keep the wearer warm and cozy without causing any irritation to the skin. They retain the warmth of the body perfectly, making them ideal for the colder months. However, flannel clothing can be worn at any given time of the year. A flannel clothing company produces flannel shirts and other clothing items made of this fabric in a wide range of stylish options. Although flannel shirts mainly come in simple, plaid styles, they offer the wearers plenty of designs and colors to choose from. These shirts are perfect for casual evenings and weekend trips, when one is looking for clothing that is fashionable yet relaxing.

Flannel Clothing As Fashionable Items

A nice looking flannel shirt can be combined with other clothes in a number of interesting ways. For example, they can be worn with a pair of jeans or khakis that compliment the shades of the shirt. They can be worn over a t-shirt or a tank top for creating a casual look. During colder days, the shirts can be combined with a leather or denim jacket for better warmth and protection. Every flannel clothing brand focuses on designing shirts that are in line with the current trends of fashion, which means that users can have plenty of stylish options while shopping for them.

Wholesalers As The Best Source For Flannel Clothing

If you are intending to boost the sales of your clothing shop, then it would be a good idea to get flannel clothing items in bulk quantities. For this reason, you need to get in touch with a wholesale dealer who can offer you high quality flannel products. A flannel clothing wholesale dealer can present you different types of flannel clothing in pocket friendly rates. Having flannel shirts bulk quantities will help you to attract more customers in your shop.

Wholesale Flannel Clothing: 90’s College Fashion Makes A Comeback

Wholesale Flannel Clothing

No other adage describes flannel clothing better than “love at first sight”! And both this adage and flannel clothing is reminiscent of the 90’s college fashion scene. Carefree times and a complete gay abandon – that’s what the 90’s fashion scene was all about.  Though our new age 21st century has progressed manifold in terms of fashion and have come up with exclusive fashion wears, but the 90’s college fashion trend had an element of casual charm and free spiritedness about it. Keeping these aspects in mind, wholesale flannel clothing manufacturing houses today have decided to revamp this classic style and blend it with the new designs and patterns. The result is stylish and glamorous flannel clothing for men and women, tough to resist.

Are you a private label businessman specializing in designer apparels? Do you own a retail store selling stylish men and women garments? If yes, then join hands with flannel shirts wholesale distributors and place your bulk order. When you have your shelves stacked with the latest flannel arrivals you not only gain a high profit margin but also great consumer good will.

So what are the latest flannel product offerings for men and women? Leading wholesale flannel clothing has experimented with fashion trends and introduced the following products that you check out and invest.

Men’s and women flannel shirt-

Rustic and smart, flannel shirts go soft on the sleeves, casual on the fall, perfect on cuts and fittings and designer in its overall look. Available in mono colours and chequered designs, these shirts available for men and women looks best when paired up with denims or khakis.

 womens flannel shirt

Cropped flannel tops-

A perfect top for women for beach outings or a relaxed weekend at a farmhouse. These tops are comfortable to wear and exude cuteness. Mostly popular amidst teenagers, cropped flannel tops comes in half, quarter, full sleeves as well as sleeveless.

Smart flannel jackets-

There is an uncanny bond between men and check-box design! It makes men look suave and charming. The latest product variants of flannel jackets are mostly available in attractive coloured chequered designs. Mostly designed in pastel shades these jackets can be worn as party wear and winter wear. That is not all.  Manufacturing houses have also come up with perky pink flannel jackets for women that are all chic and classy.

best flannel shirts men

Designer flannel dresses –

Women who love to sport a laid back country fashion during summers would love the flannel short and maxi dresses.

Other product variants include flannel tees, jumpsuits, pants and many more. To place your bulk order you can send in an email to the ace manufacturing houses specializing in flannel clothing in Canada.

Three Types Of Flannel Dresses To Enrich Your Stock!

Three Types Of Flannel Dresses

Flannel clothes are no longer limited to the warm shirts and jackets. The renowned manufacturers of flannel clothing are coming up with trendy designs of flannel dresses that are ready to cater to the taste of the modern women. Those who have interest in new fashion trends can try out these flannel dresses which can really lend them an iconic appearance. The best thing about this flannel dresses is that these are comfortable in every season.

Holding the hands of the flannel dress manufacturers, you can see a broad variety of flannel dresses in their inventories. Check out how many different types of flannel dresses are available.

Asymmetrical Hemline Flannel Dress:

If you visit the galleries of the top flannel dress manufacturers, you will surely notice the beautiful asymmetrical hemline dresses that are very stylish to look at. Crafted with blended cotton and flannel, these dresses are something one will love to slip into. You can find various colour combination of these dresses, starting from red, black, white, purple and so on.

Red Slit Flannel Dress Wholesale

Classic Flannel Dress With Belt:

The flannel dress wholesalers are also coming up with the classic pattern dresses which can be worn in any party. The classic dresses with belt are the perfect blend of classiness and style that will lend a woman an elegant appearance along with its snug wrap. So, flip through the websites of the top flannel clothes makers and get hold of these beautiful classic flannel dress paired with gorgeous belts.

flannel shirts

Body Con Flannel Dress:

No one can deny how stylish a woman can look in a body con dress and the good news is that, now these dresses are also available in flannel fabrics. The sleek and sexy body con dresses can complement the beauty of a woman by flattering her curves and making her look more appealing. So, if you have your own fashion boutique, then get in touch with the top manufacturers of flannel clothing and place your order for these brand new range of clothes.

So, are you ready to bring some positive changes in your retail stock? Then contact with the reputed companies and make a move.