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A Unisex Guide To Wearing a Flannel

You may know that flannel is comfortable, warm, and soft, but did you know it can also be worn in a variety of ways to produce fashionable outfits? Flannel shirts are well-known as cold-weather classics, but they can also be used to produce chic, flattering, and trendy looks on a daily basis. Here are few ideas about what to do for wholesale flannel shirts.

Denim with Flannel Shirts

Though it depends on the style and cut, many flannel shirts have a comfortable, casual vibe that makes them ideal for pairing with denim pants. There are also several choices for diverse looks of denim. The following are some perfect looks for women’s and plus size flannel shirts:

  • Denim jeggings or leggings for a chic, comfortable look.
  • For a fun look, pair flannel shirts with colored denim jeans and casual shoes.
  • For a more comfortable look, pair flannel shirts with mid-color to medium denim washes and trendy trainers, canvas shoes, or loafers.
  • For a more formal style, pair dark denim with a flannel top and ankle boots or flats.

Dress Flannel Shirts and Casual Pants

Flannel shirts, with their button-down collar and style, can also be worn for more elegant looks, just as with dress casual pants such as twill pants, chinos, or khakis. You can go timeless with tan neutrals or get more adventurous with your look by wearing black or white dress-casual trousers. For a coordinated style, pick a color in the top’s pattern and pair it with a matching pair of slacks.

Put them on for Leggings

Untucked, flannel shirts look great with leggings for a casual look that can be worn for anything from errands to lounging about at home. You’ll feel like you’re dressed in your favorite flannel pajamas! You can’t go wrong with standard black leggings, but you can also dress up flannel shirts with vibrant, colorful leggings that match the colors in your shirt. Leggings look better with flannel tunic tops; if you want to add definition and dress it up a little, pair your tunic and leggings with a belt.

Style Shorts with Flannel Shirts

Yes, it’s true–flannel shirts and shorts will look great. This look is appropriate for transitional temperatures. Untucked men’s flannel shirts with rolled-up sleeves look perfect with a casual shorts look. Ladies may also wear them over shorts with the sleeves rolled up and tied at the waist for a fun, cute top.

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