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5 Amazing Flannel Socks Designs to have a Look at

Flannels are a must-have in your wardrobe especially if its fall and winter. They are warm, soft, cozy and simply awesome to have on your body in any form. Along with flannel shirts, trousers, pajama pants, dresses and other flannel clothing items, the socks deserve some attention as well. Crafting out of fine quality fabric, the reliable flannel clothing manufacturers nowadays ensure that the flannel socks wholesale talk of comfort and novelty.

There are different designs of flannel socks that you can find today, some of the super popular of which are given below. Take a look and you can easily decide which ones will suit you the most.

Black and Red Knit Pattern Check Socks

The cool block knit checks that create the nice textured base sport smart black and red design with a sophisticated finish. This popular design of flannel socks features panel seam elastic band that further adds to the strength of the material. The striking highlight brought in with the soft panel on the heel as well as on the base makes it a terrific choice for early winter months.

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Blue Green Tartan Flannel Socks

Coming with reinforced heel and toe, boasting of extra cushioning in the sole, the blue green tartan flannel socks are basically stretchy knit and super soft flannel socks (all thanks to the material used), displaying light blue green checks on the body. These are generally printed to permit ink to penetrate the yarn so the socks look perfectly fine even when stretched. The socks are very warm and thick and you can easily wear them outdoors during freezy chilly weathers.

White and Black Zebra Striped Flannel Socks

Sporting a cool zebra print, the white and black zebra striped flannel socks is another striking addition to this list. These socks give a high end look and appeal which makes it simply irresistible to the wearer. The truly stunning knee-length socks have a royal stance with broad lines running in equal horizontals lending it a very unique aura. The heel area with light sole panel and the double lined toe line combines high comfort with creative fashion.

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Turquoise Criss-Cross Check Flannel Socks

The turquoise criss-cross check flannel socks not just brings a super trendy feel but are absolutely comfortable as well, being made out of top-quality materials. These classy socks come with a soft texture base that sports turquoise as the dominant color, with criss-cross checks running across horizontally. Its top features like a well-panelled seam with a soft elastic band adds to the value of these ultra-stylish socks.

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