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8 Superb Ideas to Wear Your Woolen Flannels

Flannels are so widely accepted and so popular in all the nooks and corners of the world, that they can never go out of style! Be it for casual wear or a formal one, flannels can bring to you stunning fashion ideas to implement. They can make even the gloomiest of Monday’s shine like the Eiffel Tower! That was too stretched, never mind.

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Just imagine that your friends have decided to go for a picnic on the beach, and of course, you are super excited for it. What do you wear? Just stop thinking and go and grab your favorite piece of woolen flannel already! They are fashionable, comfortable, soothing, cozy, available in numerous designs and colors as well. Why bother to have a brainstorming session when you can achieve the same result with simple tricks! Anyway, picnics are casual, they are not some high-end formal parties where you need to all glam up to catch the tiniest bit of attention! All you need is a pair of nice old jeans to go with the shirt. You can layer the shirts, choose a baggy look, wear a regular one or a hoodie one, all of these attires have a similar tune to them that automatically makes you catch interest. But first and foremost, your easiness is the most important of the factors. Therefore, you must get the best of flannel clothing from the most renowned wholesale manufacturers of the same! Read on to find more about the different kinds of precious woolen flannels.

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Wondering What to Pair Up to Suit your Mood?

Whether you wear the shirt tight around yourself on a cold winter day, or go out for a hike with the shirt tied up around your waist, these woolen plaids are sure to satisfy you to the deepest core of your heart!

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  1. Baggy Shirts – These are the ones that are the most suitable if you want a comfortable feel and cozy look. Best for reflecting mood for relaxation or a sad break-up, these baggy shirts made of woolen flannel are your safe houses.
  2. Blouse Shirts – These are made especially for women. Why? Because the blouse shirts have a cut that fits the feminine stature better. They are pretty popular amongst women and are casually worn on a lot of occasions starting from hangouts to parties.
  3. Hoodie Shirts – What better than a woolen flannel with a hoodie? It gives you the feeling of living the best winter of your life! Just wear a t-shirt underneath and top it up with hoodie shirts, and you are all set to go!
  4. Layering Shirts – These are unisex shirts that are no less than a splendid magical spell that can change your look from 10 to 100! Yes, not kidding! Layers are always successful in rocking your outfit. They make you look smarter, and way cooler.
  5. Regular Shirts – If you want to go classic for a day, regular woolen flannel shirts should be your only choice. They are good, comfortable, protective and their plaid look is pretty sober.
  6. Formal Shirts – These are the fitted regular shirts that are manufactured specially to suit the formal dress code. They are sophisticated and have a very intriguing look.
  7. Tunic Shirts – Tunic shirts are one of the newcomers in the industry and are doing incredibly well! They are made especially for women, and have a longer hem length to give it the look and shape of a tunic. The design, plaid and the material remain the same, just the cutting is altered so that a new innovation can be brought down to the table.
  8. Airbrush Shirts – Break the cycle of wearing the same old stereotypical plaid shirts. There is a new design in town and that is the airbrush technique! It gives off a rough feel to your shirts, while providing more warmth to your body. The brushed look gives off a fluffy look on the material, making the outfit stand out of the lot.

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Fashion is crazy, it is innovating, creative, demanding, challenging, fun, and much more! One thing you should always keep in mind is that you must know your clothing. Do proper research on what you want to get for yourself and how they are going to play out in your wardrobe. You must have a plan in your mind, right? So, if you are a private label business owner or a retailer trying to get the best collection of flannel clothes to stock up the racks, check out the catalogue right now and be ready to be amazed! The humongous collection is going to stun you for sure! What are you waiting for? Get going!

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