Flannel Clothing Designs And The New Ways You Can Pair Them

Wholesale Flannel Cothing

Nothing boasts more of elegance and casual looks, than flannel clothes. These clothes are stitched to perfection with comfort fabric blends which makes them look different from others and when you wear them you will feel the difference in the fabric quality in an instance.

Flannel shirts wholesale pieces can be paired in different ways which will make you look very unique and appealing. These clothes can be paired with whatever and whatnot! You can either layer them for a detailed look or you can add interesting pairing elements which will create an interesting pattern of colors playing around your outlook.

Take a look at the flannel clothing pieces we have in store for you:

Flannel over flabby high waist jeans

If you want to imbibe the retro old school vibe then you need to take a look at these flannel shirt designs that you will be able to wear and pair them with high waist jeans which will give a unique and retro appeal. Make sure to get a flabby denim pant which will curate the looks from the 60’s. Play around with the color and mix and match the shades which will make you look very stylish and unique.

Flannel Shirt Manufacturers

Cute flannel shirts over skirts

If you want to deck up cute then you need to take a look at these cute flannel shirts which are skin fit and makes you look very cute if you pair them with knee length skirts. You can keep them loose, but we suggest you to tuck them in as this will add on to the appealing outlook. Check out the designs available and grab yours now!

Stylish flannel dresses

If don’t want the hassle of layering your flannel shirt with anything then you can take a look at these stylish and funky flannel dress designs which will make you look very elegant and if you can pair this with white keds then there is stopping you from looking absolutely cute and appealing.

For retailers searching out the best pieces of flannel clothes on bulk purchase needs to get in touch with the leading manufacturers who are coming up with the latest trends of flannel clothing lines, perfect for the addition to the stock.

Designer Flannel Shirts and Jumpsuits From Leading Australian Designer Available For Bulk Buy

Flannel Shirts USA

Designer fashion destination or fashion flannel destination, either ways, Australia is a leading fashion hub, especially when it comes to the adorable flannel apparel variations. Trendy shirts, jumpsuits or bodysuits, it’s all there up for bulk purchase from Australian flannel clothing manufacturers and wholesalers.

Apart from the shirt and bottom wear range in flannels, Australia is now a fashion hub that has awesome designer flannel clothing variations that are simply stunning in design and provide complete comfort and attitude to the wearer. Reputed Australian flannel clothes designer brings out fabulously styled flannel jumpsuits, which is not only trendy, but is also cheap and pocket friendly!

Flannel fashion clothing in every conceivable shape, size and variant is selling like hot cakes throughout Australia, much like in any other part of the world where fashion is just as important as is any other thing for survival! Having said that, Australia, known as the ultimate fashion hub for very definitive and excellently styled apparel, has caught on to the flannel fashion clothing, or to simply put, it, flannel clothes like never before.

The well fitted and classy snug fit designer flannel shirts with low and high hemline are doing hot business, along with every other flannel clothing range that not only looks cool but has a certain class appeal that is instantly defined.

The fact that Australia is a leading fashion hub of sorts in every area that can be specifically pointed out, has also brought on a very refreshing spring of designers and stylists, that specialize in flannel apparel designing. Reputed flannel Australian designer with own label and specific designer line of clothing provides high fashion flannels with exquisite cuts, terrific designs and superior look.

Flannel Jumpsuits

There are awesome high fashion flannel apparel trending in Australia ranging from:

  • Snug fit shirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Bodysuits
  • Straight fit, drain pipe, boot line bell bottom
  • Cigarette fit trousers
  • Loose fit baggy shirts
  • Skirts, long, short, mini and skimpy variants
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Hot pants
  • Tees and tops in multitude styles like halter neck, collar strap, racer back, bodycons ,bodkins etc.

Every range of high fashion designer flannel Australia collection comes with refined superior quality guarantee and is made to add on that high branded feel and appeal that is hard to miss. Sporting the checks look with classy and well toned flannels springs up the fashion quotient instantly. Immediate boost to image makeover, zooming fashion impact and astounding positive change in attitude is all brought on with the high fashion designer flannel range that has hit Australian soil in recent years.

Reputed flannel clothing manufacturer and wholesaler that bring out very significantly designed flannels in colours ranging from pastels to dark hue to neons to basics have an excellent team of experts working at the hem of affairs. Every care is meticulously taken by the manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that each collection that is launched is superior in style, cut, look and fit.

There are even awesome collections of caps, gloves, socks, camisoles, along with a whole load of other designer products that are especially conceived and styled by leading and well known flannel Australian designer.

In fact, the latest designer range of soft jackets, coats and shrugs in flannel too are hot items that are doing the rounds in top notch fashion circles here. Indeed, Australia flannel or flannel Australia is a leading fashion destination wing that is showing the world at large how to live life with a fashion streak!

Flannel Is Everywhere: How To Wear 5 Flannel Clothes This Spring!

Flannel Designer Clothing

Plaid flannel is like a fashionistas guilty pleasure. The classic fabric and pattern combination is just too good to ignore. And when they are referred to as being classic, there is an actual allusion to them being timeless. Throughout different eras of history, they have stood the test of time and some not so memorable alterations.

There has been a few clothing pieces of plaid flannel that has caught all our attention. From skirts to scarves, there is a variety of items that every woman should have in her closet. So following some stellar suggestions, here is how you can style five flannel clothes and already turn the heat up.

Flannel skater skirt: Very 90s inspired

Every 90s kids will be familiar with Rachel Greens’ style antics on the popular sitcom “FRIENDS.” Given how we all are enthused with bringing back the fashion from the 90s era, especially flannel clothes, you can actually borrow this one look from Rachel. A skater skirt in plaid flannel teamed with a white turtle neck sweater was too good to look at. Further, knee-length socks and a pair of black ballerinas perfectly complemented this smart yet cute appearance. Like Rachel, cut off the accessories and let flannel work its charm.

Flannel dress: For the pretty girl you are

Of the entire flannel designer clothing available with manufacturers, flannel dress are the ones which look the most adorable. Wear your plaid dress with pair of pumps to add a wee bit of sex appeal to the approach. A chunky neckpiece and a wristwatch will be enough to amplify your look. An oversized handbag can further be a great pick for accessories. Walk out of the house with confidence and slay everyone who lays an eye on you.

Flannel scarf: They are a thing for all seasons

The subtle line that existed between seasonal clothing is slowly but steadily disappearing. This means more options for the ladies! So pick a scarf, essentially crafted for the colder months, in red plaid flannel and team it with an all-black outfit. A black t-shirt, a pair of denim in black, ankle length boots and the red plaid flannel scarf casually wrapped around the neck, you are good to go. if you are not game with the enigmatic black appeal, then you can pick a pair of pumps in bright colours for instance red and make a stunning appearance anyway.

Flannel pants: Formal with a twist

A comparatively new approach to flannel, plaid pants are actually doing pretty well with the enthusiasts. To make it look formal and apt to be worn to the workplace, tuck in a simple shirt and wear a statement belt to pull off the look with ease. A pair of block heels, a modest pendant and a shoulder bag, there is an assurance that all your colleagues will be impressed with this distinctive yet elegant appearance.

Flannel shirt: For they are a must!

No flannel list can be complete without the mention of plaid flannel shirt. They have become a staple and will continue to be so for the next few seasons at the least. But how to incorporate them with a spring outfit is the question that bothers most. Just pick your floral dress and throw over the shirt casually over it with the buttons flying open. Use a statement belt to highlight your silhouette better. A pair of ankle length boots will be a great choice for footwear. Tone down the accessories and make a stunning casual appearance.

Flannel is smart, casual and stylish. When a juxtaposition of these three happen, it is really difficult to avoid. So whichever clothing piece you want to pick, make sure to accompany them with the correct outfits coupling for an unforgettable appearance. Womens flannel shirts Australia and other flannel outfits are available with prominent manufacturers that can be purchased by retailers in bulk at reduced rates.

Four flannel shirts in four colors and four ways to wear them

flannel clothing
With the flannel season officially on the track, it is time to update our knowledge again. Without much delay, here is a list of four flannel shirts, each showcasing a different shade, mainly red, blue, black and yellow that retorts to the season and to fashion trends. Keep reading to make awe-inspiring appearances.

Red flannel shirt

mens red flannel shirt

The most popular shade of plaid on flannel is red and undoubtedly is worn in hideous ways imaginable. No, there is not a bit of exaggeration in that statement. The common yet unlikely portrayal of the red flannel shirt is often perceived wrong and people end up looking like wearing pajamas. The ground rule for wearing red flannel shirt is to team it with contrast color pants. And by contrast colors, the indication is blue and blue only. Also, opt for a light weight fabric to look classy, not like you came straight down from the forest after cutting woods. The safest bet, a pair of chinos. Thus, a red flannel shirt, a pair of blue chinos and military boots should do justice.

Blue flannel shirt

Unlike the red version, blue is generally on the safer side. Thus, you can actually experiment this one without fearing to get it wrong. But refrain from going over the board. A blue flannel shirt is highly based on the background color- one comes in white, while another one comes in black. Each has its own appeal and should not be mixed. For the first one, opt for a pair of dark blue washed jeans and white plimsolls; for the latter, black denim and white plimsolls works just fine.

Black flannel shirt

black and white flannel shirt

An integral part of the flannel fashion scenario, a black flannel shirt is versatile and flamboyant, to say the least. Its ability to blend well with the other outfits and work for almost all occasions makes it a worthy choice for most. Also, black flannel works fine with all skin tones as well. Generally, to pull off a black flannel shirt, you first need to understand the gravity of the situation. While the all-black attire is appropriate for most situations, sometimes, some people would want to go for a lesser dark version. In that case, light wash denim and sneakers will be the right way to go.

Green flannel shirt

The green flannel shirt is that one piece which you can wear all year through. It is smart to look, has an appeal that stuns and compliments anyone who wears it. But the biggest challenge comes is when you have to wear it with some other outfit without looking like a mismatch. Though many may argue that blue denim and green flannel works just as well, the truth is that they look overdone. The ideal choice is always a pair of chinos in white. While the white balances the green well, it amplifies the prints pretty well. Thus, to highlight, a green flannel shirt, a pair of white chinos and loafers for that added conventionalism.

On that note, flannel comes in more colors, but we are all pretty obsessed with the four shades mentioned here. Pick any one, dress them correct and you are good to go. No accessories, no extra embellishments; just the flannel shirt in that particular color and indomitable glory.

If you are a retailer, looking to make a bulk purchase of flannel shirts cheap discounts, then top manufacturers have an inventory full of the same in a plethora of shades. Register today and get free access to the catalog.

4 Ways to Wear Flannel in The Summer (and Look Chic)

4 Ways to Wear Flannel in The Summer (and Look Chic)

Flannel is a patent fabric that has found its way back into our closets over the last few seasons. Be it because of their versatility or comfort that they offer in abundance, flannel clothes are here to stay. These classic pieces of fashion can be dressed according to the occasion and weather. So this summer, make flannel your go-to item, as you can pick a variety of clothes, all incorporated with the fabric and the pattern. To help you make a distinct appearance throughout the hotter months, read on and refer to the list, which guides in four ways on how to wear flannel clothes.

#Pick a flannel dress

Womens flannel tunic as available with many reputed manufacturers, it is the perfect way to dress for a hot summer day. Wear a dress featuring plaid flannel, which ends well above your thighs. Complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots and some junk jewellery that add considerable amount of elegance to your look. To look breezy, pick a dress in bright shades that may include red, yellow, and green for that will make you look in sync with the season.

Monochromatic Tunic Dress

#An oversized flannel shirt

We all have always have been warned about the fact that flannel shirts should be a perfect fit in order to look good in it. But it is time to break all shackles and try out something new. An oversized flannel shirt can be worn with a pair of slim fit jeans and pumps to look sleek and elegant. Carry an oversized handbag and skip on all accessories for that simple yet effective finish.

Black Cherry Flannel Shirt

#A flannel skater skirt

Smart and sexy, a skater skirt adorned with plaid flannel is what you definitely need for summer. Tuck a modest solid tee in the skirt to look feminine. You can further wear a chunky neckpiece to add drama to the look. A pair of pumps will add to your stature and complete the appearance for the ultimate panache.

Tweed Awe Check Flannel Skirt

#A flannel jacket

Ideal for those unpredictable summer weather changes, a flannel jacket is versatile enough to be worn to both formal occasions and casual settings. Throw them over a t-shirt and jeans combo or wear them with a sharp shirt and trouser, the charm of flannel will always work at its fullest, helping you garner compliments from all the onlookers. You can add a pair of sneakers or pumps according to the situation. For this approach, it is best to refrain yourself from using any kind of accessories, so as to avoid looking flashy.

When you are confused about what to wear, wear flannel! It is a safe bet but only once you know how to wear each piece in a proper way. Overdoing flannel is a big no-no that you should be mindful of. With prominent manufacturers producing an exclusive range of flannel clothes that include jackets and flannel shirts for women, the options available are vast and varied. Retailers and store owners can make a bulk purchase while securing attractive discounts.

Check Out the Different Style Ideas to Rock the Vintage Flannel Outfits

Rock the Vintage Flannel Outfits

The vintage flannel has made its way to the modern global fashion scene today, and reflecting contemporary vibes effortlessly. Replacing the classic flannel plaid shirts, the manufacturers and designers are introducing a wide array of newfangled outfits, from the dresses to the jackets and so on. After the immense popularity of plaid flannel shirts through the grungy style, the fashion forward ladies today are leaving no stone unturned to showcase their unaltered love towards this comfy fabric. Worthy to be draped in both formal and casual occasions, you can never say never to the fashion forward plaid flannel fashion statements. Being sure about the fit and line-length would be enough to let the flannels give you the most appealing looks for various occasions, from office to casual errands or parties.

The leading online stores are getting spruced up by the collections of the reputed designers, and their newest product category of flannels are mesmerizing. Whether you invest in a conventional flannel shirts or the voguish flannel dress, you will add some spin to your wardrobe.

Here are some of the style ideas to rock different flannel outfits.

Suave Midi Flannel Dress

The classy flannel dress

The flannel dress which you will buy can come in a wide array of designs and cuts, from the halter neck glamorous one, to the shirt dress for formal occasions or the t-dress for casual outings. Go for the right neckline and silhouette which suits your figure and preference. Add the thigh high boots with the short length dress, and the stilettoes with the mid length or long one. Dont forget to add the statement neckpiece or ear ring to get the most edgy stance. If you are wearing the formal one for office, keep things minimal and sober. A classy take on flannel dressing!

Smokey Grey Biker Cut Flannel Jacket

The flannel blazer of vest?

There are occasions when you need to need to spruce up your simple tee, blouse or shirt with a very trendy outerwear to break the monotony. For this, you can cinch upon the flannel vest or the blazer or even the jacket. The vest and blazer will be apt for the office ambience worn with any neutral shaded shirt or blouse. This will add some color to your boring office formal look, and help you reflect a very chic and smart demeanor. For the jackets, they are best when the weather is chilling outside, and you direly need a combination of comfort and panache for the right outfit.

Self Tie Flannel Crop Top

The casual flannels

Flannel might sounds clich in the form of the strict shirts, but today the wholesale houses are experimenting a lot with a different designs and styles. For the casual occasions like running errands on weekends, or going for brunch outings and movies, you can wear the flannel tunic tops, the strapless tops, the halter neck ones and much more for the most easy-breezy yet sexy looks. They exude casualness with simplicity and practicality and can be slipped into with the denims, trousers, palazzos or the skirts too. Just accessorize properly to get the most cutting-edge look.

Thus, wearing flannel is very easy, until and unless you know the style hack to embrace them. The right footwear, jewelry and clothing counterparts accompanying them with ensure you the medley of most stylish looks ever. Hey are versatile, and never give up on comfort and convenience, ranging from soft finesse, to exuberant look, and a lot more to experiment with.

Preppy to Gunge, the Flannelette Shirts Offer Many Styles to Women

Womens Flannel Shirts Wholesale

The flannel fashion has been one in all, from the grunge, to lumber sexual, or the preppy and classy stances. It has become the ubiquitous closet staple for the fashion forward women too, apart from being the hot favourites of women. This off-duty clothing essential has been creating a stir in the global fashion scene for being so versatile, and you can tuck it into a sparkling skirt for parties, and also wear to the office with the formal trousers. Thus, they can take you from being completely sloppy and casual to gorgeous and shimmering. Instantly scoring any silhouette effortlessly is quite easy and nonchalant for the flannelette shirts, whether they come in an oversized demeanor, or well fitted shape.

The plaid womens flannel shirts not only exude exuberance, or soft finesse and sporty chic modish stance, they are also available in a wide array of colors. Apart from the conventional red and black check patterns, today the designers have given way to state of the art color combinations, from neons with black, to neutral shades with colorful hues. Thus, women can bank on their preferred ones from the online stores.

Want to rock them with confidence? Here are some style tips.

Charming yet spunky

Get the fusion of charming and spunky looks for the casual outings, with a chic flannel shirt. Get going with the simple tee worn with a mini skater skirt. Tie the colorful plaid flannel shirt around your waist, and layer your outfit with the leather jacket. This outfit of yours can be worn both with thigh high boots and the chunky stilettoes.

Spruce up your hotness

Who said the flannel outfits cannot offer you a sexy and hot ensemble? You can wear the flannel shirt, with a high waist slit skirt, and rock the hot avatar. Go fir the strappy stilettoes, and red lipstick and get ready for a date night or the party nights on weekends. A killer and mesmerizing look!

Winter woes

Solve your winter style woes as you get going with the flannel shirts teamed with denims or chinos, and drape the animal printed fluffy jacket over this. The animal prints and plaid patterns will give way to a great combination, and you can settle down for the beanie cap with this for the right addition of accessories.

Flannel Shirts USA

The retro dynamism

Want to get the retro look, but wondering how to? You can combine the different retro outfits, for instance the vintage crop tee, with the high waist culottes, and team this with the 90’s flannel shirt. This will be a complete mix and match of different classic clothing pieces, and add a dash of panache to your persona.

Like a dress?

Yes, you can turn a flannel shirt to a dress easily. Go for the oversized flannel shirt, and wear this as a dress with thigh high leather or velvet boots. If it is cold outside, the trench coat will come to your ultimate rescue.

Beach babe

The flannel shirt can be your sporty and smarty take on the beach cover up. Drape an oversized flannel shirt over your bikini, and enjoy the pool parties and beach outings with a sultry and cutting edge demeanor.

Make it sexy

You can go for a sexy, yet casual flannel look. Just pair the flannel shirt with the tight fitted denim cut off, and tie a hairband with sneakers.

Cotton VS. Flannel Bed Sheet – Which One You Should Buy This Winter!

Cotton VS. Flannel Bed Sheet

As winter arrives, not only do we start revving up our wardrobes with warm clothing, but we also redecorate our rooms, especially beddings. While cotton beddings are an all-time favourite, flannel beddings can offer warmth during the colder month. If you are thinking whether to buy cotton bedding or flannel bed sheets, here is the list of comparisons. Check out the qualities you can find in both these materials and choose accordingly.

1. Cotton Is Luxury, Flannel Is Comfort:

Flannel can be made out of cotton, wool or other synthetic fibres. While flannel can provide you with the much-needed warmth, cotton is an all-purpose bed sheet material. Flannel is easily affordable and has a soft, warm texture which is perfect for the winter months. Cotton bed sheets can be expensive or cheap depending on the quality and thread count. If you are buying beddings for winter, flannel bed sheets are the ideal choice for you. The soft, comfy and warm bed sheets will make you sleep better.

Bold Brown Madras Checked Flannel Bed Sheet

2. Flannel Can Save Your Heating Bills:

Although both cotton and flannel are recyclable and eco-friendly material, flannel can be the best for the colder months. If you think you cannot lessen your heating bills during winter, try flannel bed sheets. It doesn’t only keep the bed warm but also control the temperature of the room. Whereas, cotton can be soothing but not warming! Therefore, opt for flannel clothes and bed sheets this winter to keep the electricity bill shorter.
Sea Algae Madras Checked Flannel Bed Sheet

3. Taking Care of Flannel and Cotton Bed Sheets:

Both flannel and cotton bed sheets are easy to maintain. You can simply wash them in the washing machine and dry them naturally or using a dryer. The problem with cotton bed sheet is that it might shrink after wash. But flannel bed sheets made of synthetic fabrics never shrinks after washes. After washing cotton sheets, you may notice some wrinkles. On the other hand, flannel doesn’t wrinkle and hence you don’t need to iron it.

4. The Major Difference Lies In Their Usage:

Yes, the difference between flannel bed sheets and the cotton ones is that the former is used during the colder months to keep warm while the latter is used in summer. Now, if you think you are not a person to catch cold easily, you can continue with your cotton bed sheets. But if you want to keep yourself warm and lower the heating bills, invest on the cool flannel bed sheets which are available in the market.

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Introduce Stylish Flannel Shirts to the Wardrobe for a Smart Impact

Traced back to 16th century Scotland, plaids became popular with the masses when they became linked with the outdoor workers like cowboys and lumberjacks. Though known for their durability and warming quality, tartan plaids soon became a fashion symbol with rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam wearing them on stage during concerts. It is a trend that has been adopted by both the sodality and the mainstream.

So before dismissing the idea of wearing flannel shirt outfits, one should reconsider their decision. Smart and sexy, these are the ultimate piece of clothing which should definitely adorn the wardrobe.

Perfect to fight the wrath of winter

Winter can be a difficult season, with snow and fleet making our lives difficult. Flannel comes in both cotton and woollen make. The woollen plaid flannel shirts are commonly worn during winter for they have insulating qualities and further protect one from the chilly winds. They are in fact the best choice for outdoor activities on a snowy day.

Long Baggy Winter Shirt

Rock a smart formal look

The myth of plaid flannel shirts being associated with a hipster appearance has been redefined by many fashion enthusiasts. Wearing them over a pair of well fitted formal trousers will provide an edge to the appearance. Throwing on a blazer over the shirt is a common trend these days. One can further experiment by adding a tie to the ensemble. A pair of leather boots or dinner shoes will give it the required formal touch helping you make a strong fashion statement.

Casual lumbersexual

Charming Charlie Red Checked Flannel ShirtWith the recent lumbersexual trend doing rounds among the men, superstars like Ryan Reynolds, Jason Mamoa, Tom Hardy and Liam Hemsworth have been spotted rocking their respective looks, making women go all gaga over their hot and grubby look.

When it comes to wearing oversized flannel for casual settings, they will help one get attention from the ladies around when worn with a pair of slim fit trousers and loafers. A sleek leather jacket will up the sex appeal. Trimmed beard and messy hair will provide the required rough and raunchy look.

Choose the colors cautiously

The secret to insert plaid in the attire is to keep it simple. Plaid itself is a bold and vibrant pattern and combining it with other prints can end up in a disaster. Opting for a solid and neutral palette when wearing them will surely complement the appearance.

Red flannel shirt can be a significantly tough look to pull off. It is of pivotal importance to accessories correctly when wearing this shade. The less daring ones can stick to more conventional colors of blue and green, which will definitely give a sober and classy appearance.

Offering a varied range of products from plaid flannel shirt women and men, you can purchase them in bulk and upgrade your store collection today.

The Best Four Looks Which Flannel Shirts Can Give You: Watch Out For Style Ideas

A flannel shirt is probably one of the clothing pieces   which speaks of vintage styling, and definitely the 90’s grunge fashion statement. But, today we have come a long time ahead, and flannel shirts have become more versatile and urban. Be it predominantly casual or fiercely classy, there is no style quotient which is impossible in the flannels. Reflecting the classic plaid and check patterns, from tartan to pinstripe and madras, they now come in a wide array of colors combinations, be it the neons and pastels or the same old black and white color scheme.  Also, with these comes countless ways to look dapper and sexy in them, and not just the men , the women to have the freedom to choose from their endless style quotients , to add some balance to their fashionable wardrobes.

We have compiled the best four looks which are possible in the flannel clothes, or specially the flannel shirts for different occasions.

flannel clothing

Raw and rough layerings

There are times when maybe it is not that cold and freezing, you would want to go for a casually done rustic and layered look.  For this, you can add up to the denim jacket or may be the cotton vest to your flannel shirt, and get a very raw appeal. A bit tomboyish and equally graceful, this can be your look while travelling, for casual outings and when you are out with friends on weekends for brunch or move dates.  Give your appearance a mixture of different fabrics and textures, and add finishing edge with the boots and funky bag, without any girly accessories.

Classy and elegant vibes

Time for what girls like the most, the classy and elegant look! This can definitely be an option for decking up in the flannel plaid shirts.  For this, you can team up the flannel shirts and tuck them into the frilled skirts, A-line skirts, slit skirts or definitely the flowing maxi skirts. The skirts with the check flannel shirts will give you the maximum freedom to opt for any silhouette you want, be it the boho chic, the sophisticated damsel, or the old school girl vibes. Add the right heels, put on the shiniest lipstick, and accompany yourself with the complimenting bag for the most dapper looks.

90’s grunge throwback

Having the plaid flannel shirt and not doing the mandatory grunge look from the 90’s is a fashion crime you would be committing!  Forget being a girl and try out the lumbers sexual grunge look from the old times. Keep Kurt Cobain in mind, and add the graphic tee to the flannel shirt, the skinny chorded colored pant, or distressed denim, the hat and the sneakers.  You can add some chunky accessories to this look, but make sure to maintain the rough and edgy rocker chic silhouette.

flannel bed sheet

Cozy winters stroll scenes

Winter doesn’t stop us from experimenting with fashion, and here comes the role of flannel shirts.  From the parka jackets, to quilted vests, beanie, finger gloves and lot more, a flannel shirt will set the coziest and warm makeover. Make sure to keep the leather high rising boots with you to complete the look.

Just fashion, flannels have a lot to do in our regular lives, be it through the flannel bed sheet set or the blanket for more comfortable experience, especially in winters.