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8 Ravishing Flannel Outfit Ideas for Women

This closet staple is both fashionable and functional due to its warm and cozy material composition. It is a highly versatile material actually that comes in plenty of variations like skirts, shirts and jackets. Apart from pairing your plaid flannel shirt with skinny jeans and boots, there are countless ways to wear flannel. If you are a business owner who intends to make your flannel fashion section memorable, get in touch with an eminent flannel clothing wholesale manufacturer soon.

  1. With Denim

    Flannel and denim go exceptionally well together. You can pair a cozy button-down with your jeans or style your trendy flannel shirt under a denim jacket. Accessorize with minimalist jewelry to look super-stylish.

  2. With Leggings

    Make your dress-up with leggings eye-catching by wearing oversized flannel shirts and chunky socks. You can choose leather leggings to complement this wardrobe staple. Flannel gives off a warm and comfy vibe while leather elevates the look and adds a pop. You can wear your flannel shirt under a leather jacket as well.

  3. With Oversized T-Shirt

    Choose a striking oversized graphic tee to wear under a flannel shirt for a voguish look. Complete the look with a pair of boots or sneakers if the weather is too chilly.

  4. With Dress

    For a laidback yet fancy style, you can layer a cozy flannel over a nice form-fitting dress. Wear it as a light outerwear or tie it in knot around the waist to make your dress double as a skirt.

  5. With Shorts

    A perfect flannel outfit for smart-dressing women is wearing your flannel shirt with shorts. As the material is heavier than that of usual shirt, it will be warmer than a sweatshirt but more comfortable.

  6. In Skirt Form

    A short or long plaid flannel skirt is a superb grunge staple if you style it with crop top or graphic tee and combat boots. During winter time, you can replace the shirt with a knit and add heels for a classic holiday outfit.

  7. In Pants Form

    Flannel pants can be your work outfit or weekend attire as it can impart a subtle splash of color or print to your outfit. Style them with a black turtleneck or beige jacket to make them your statement piece.

  8. As Loungewear

    Flannel shirts can also be an ideal sleepwear. Whether you garb in an extra-large option as a nightgown or a full set of flannel pajamas, this soft material is excellent for cuddling up the couch.

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