5 Tips On How to Wear a Vintage Flannel Shirt

5 Tips On How to Wear a Vintage Flannel Shirt

When it comes to desirable looks, vintage tops the list. People love dressing vintage. But before you plunge into conclusions, getting the idea of vintage clothing clear is necessary. First, it is extremely difficult to dress (one wrong step and you end up in a dud). Second, vintage clothing needs to retort to a particular era, for instance, if you are the 20s, make sure that the clothes are a close substitute of the 20s. Each era has a distinctive style and that is what makes them popular. So don’t try to introduce too many variations to the ensemble. And there goes number three.

In short, it can be said that vintage clothing is like a minefield and you have to be extremely careful before you enter the restricted zone. Since flannel shirts have maintained their reputation as a vintage piece from the 70s and 80s, you need to get acquainted with certain guidelines. Smart and chic, flannel shirts are everything you can definitely ask for. As for the tips to wear it here is a list précised for you that you can definitely refer to when wearing vintage flannel shirts wholesale purchased from top rated manufacturers.

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#Tip no 1: Size really doesn’t matter

Unlike other shirts, flannel doesn’t need to be body hugging or enhancing all your muscles. The fit can be relaxed and you will still look smart if you style it correctly. Oversized flannel was quite popular back then for they added a certain amount of spontaneity to the silhouette. Thus, size is not the aspect you should be worried about.

#Tip no 2: Material should depend on season

One thing that we get wrong almost every time is the fabric. Understand one thing; flannel is a fabric that is yarned from either cotton or wool. While wool flannel is ideal for winters (as they will keep your warm and cozy), the cotton ones are constructed for the hotter months of the season as they are light in weight and allows you to breathe. For a perfect vintage look, pick your material according to the season and not the other way around.

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#Tip no 3: Pick your colors wisely

Lumberjacks wear red; cowboys wear red; the Scottish farmers wore red. So we have assumed that the only color available for plaid flannel is red. But wait a minute! This is a hoax that many of us have been living in. blue, black, yellow, grey, orange, green and multiple colors; these are some of the variations available for flannel shirts. Thus, whichever shade complements your skin tone and your rest of the attire, pick a flannel accordingly.

#Tip no 4: Mind the sleeves

Though it sounds bizarre, flannel shirts do come in the quarter and half sleeves. But if you are truly aware of the fashion trends and the list of clothes which are seriously acceptable, then a flannel shirt with full sleeves is what you should go for. Added advantage, they are more flexible for you can roll them or button them accordingly (depending on the formality of the situation).

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#Tip no 5: Tie it around as well

A true vintage flannel look would deviate a bit from the wearing a flannel shirt to tying it around the waist. There is no rule book obligating that, hence, feel free to do some waist action by casually nudging it around. A word of caution, choose a low waist slim fit pant to carry out this action, not a high waist pair of anything.

On that note, since vintage is the new original, make sure to apply these above-mentioned tips wisely. The real key is, however, to own the look, make it your own. Feel free to add your tweaks to the outfit for an ultimate stubbing guise. Interested retailers can buy flannels in bulk from reputed manufacturers while availing massive discounts on the purchase of the shirts. Register with them today!

Must Have Flannel Clothing For Fashionable Women: Closet Gets A Spin

4Since the grunge 20 years back or so, flannel clothing and the plaid pattern have been making fashion highlights. Meant to carry an eternal essence, you can strut in style with classical flavor wither by throwing a plaid flannel shirt for casual occasions or slipping into a sleek and stylish flannel skirt for a different attire to be tried, breaking the conventional fashion statements. Once invented for the boys, flannels have initiated to even dominate the world of female fashion aficionados, through the range of flannel clothes which help them zing up the exquisiteness of their closets. Though, it is always desirable to try out the newest and latest fashion trends which make an entry into the global market, but what about for a change carry a vintage appeal wrapped in an innovative way? If you think the same, we will get you covered with the most essential flannel outfits which every girl must possess.

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School Girl Demeanor with a Red and Black Dress

To do the classic fashion , sometimes, you need to clad yourself in a an outfit which can carry you back to the old days. Bank on a red and black tartan plaid flannel dress with contrasting white feminine collar, and make your outings with your girlfriends more head turning. A black or red ballet flats is enough to complete your look!

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High-end Formal get up with Pencil Skirt

To break the conventional office dressing code, it is never late to do something different , keeping the formal flavour intact! Try out a light a red and navy blue pinstripe checked flannel pencil skirt and team it with white button down shirt and a vest or a navy blue blazer. This will enhance your official appeal, but also render a dapper poise.

Cuddle up in Winter with Green and Blue Jacket

Owing to the warm and cozy fabric of bulk flannel clothing, you wardrobe is not complete without a thick and good quality flannel jacket. Be it structured or unstructured, get hold of a blue and green outerwear in big check patterns and enjoy a dynamic silhouette.

Off-beat on Weekends in Plaid Trouser

We often forget to experience without bottom wear and get highly engrossed with the drab and banal denims and chinos. What about trying something new? Try out a tomboyish verve and ditch your regular trousers to team up any top with a grey and pink flannel paid trouser.

All Black Ensemble for Winter Coffee Outings

Try out the majestic black color in the winter evenings wearing an all black flannel trench coat, teamed with leather tights! The black flannel clothing produced by the designers get a special mention as they are mostly devoid of checks, and come in single color for the women who want to come out of the usual plaids!

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Pink and White Shirt for Casual Strolls

Flannel, layering and denims go together, then why not get hooked to this get-up for the casual strolls or at the shopping spree on Sundays? Get hold of a pink and white plaid flannel shirt and layer it over a simple white tee, teamed with dark denims and white sneakers! You can also wear the flannel shirt by tying it around the waist to add flair and funk!