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Is ‘The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit’ Still A Fashion Icon Today?

The movie ‘The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit’ was released in 1956 and was based on the famous novel by Sloan Wilson of the same name. The movie, like the novel itself, explored the theme of trauma that was derived from WWII and plagued the lives of people in the 1950s; also ventured into the subject of the booming economy, powered by a rat race, that dared to threaten the delicate thread of family ties. Is a flannel suit still a fashion today?

The movie also introduced us to the character Tom Rath, the original man in the gray flannel suit, who like several other men in the 1950s had various pairs of the quintessential flannel suit that was the beacon of the homogenous business culture of the time.


The Look of Vintage Flannel Suit – In ‘The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit’


the look of vintage flannel suit

Gregory Peck, as his character Tom Rath in the movie and as the man in the gray flannel suit, wore a single-breasted, gray flannel tailored suit, that was made of wool.

The flannel suit jacket had lapels that were notched, hip pockets, a breast pocket, and button cuffs. The flannel suit, complete with a white shirt, a tie bar, collar pin, a striped tie, socks, and derby shoes, was a symbol of the man that was driving the booming economy with his role in the rat race of the 1950s. A powerful and apt depiction of the era!

In 2022, we have come a long way from that classic gray flannel suit. Today, flannel clothing is lighter and a great choice when it comes to the climate-controlled offices we see all around us. However, flaunting flannel still takes a lot of sophistication. It is a fabric for those who truly appreciate its elegance. Additionally, since the flannel has moved far away from its heavier predecessor, it cannot be just set aside for fall or winter. In its various forms, the flannel can be worn all through the year. So, the question remains – is a flannel suit still a fashion today?


Advantages of the Flannel Suit Today


advantages of flannel suit today

Flannel suits are in fashion trends for enormous reasons. We have jotted down the points why and how these flannel suits are still in demand amongst the ‘gentlemen’ out there!  Read to know more.

  • It is lighter and more fashionable.
  • It is still cozy and elegant, plus it can now be paired with your informal looks too. Think about pairing a flannel long coat with a turtleneck pullover and formal pants.
  • Since flannel in itself is warmer, you can even sport lighter colors during fall and winter. Hence you can add beige and white, along with warmer tones like charcoal, black, and navy, to your essential collection.
  • It is a great wardrobe must-have and provides the much-needed break from your usual tailored suits during winter.


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Any modern man who wants to style a flannel suit can choose any of the lighter colors and pair it with the quintessential white dress shirt, leaving the neck buttons open and pair the look with formal shoes. This is a great informal look that you can sport outside of work and break the image of a serious-looking flannel suit to make it look casual yet sophisticated. Even though the movie had released 66 years ago, the flannel suit is still a coveted piece of fashion clothing, and its modern cousin is a must-have in every wardrobe.

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