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Seven DIY Project Ideas Using the Cozy Flannel

When it comes to making DIY projects around the house, old fabrics might be a wonderful way of reusing clothes and fabrics that you seldom use. Additionally, what better fabric to use instead of the cozy flannel? Its warm and cozy texture makes it an ideal choice for several DIY projects.
So, get those old flannel shirts, flannel bed sheets, and other flannel items from the back of your closet and get ready to make some interesting DIY projects that will help you reuse those pieces that are filled with memories around the house.


Book Covers for Your Prized Book Collection

If you love your books so much that you don’t mind making book covers for them, then this one is for you. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to get it done and lets you reuse even smaller flannel clothing items.

Measure and cut a piece of the flannel and cover your book. Take care to cover the edges and bind the fabric to the book using a hot glue gun. Tada! It is that simple.

You can also add lace and other details and give your coffee table books a stylish and cozy makeover.


DIY Flannel Scarf to Beat the Chill

flannel scarf new

If you love layering your tees and dresses with a scarf, a flannel one might be a great alternative for you. Plus, it will help you beat the chill when the weather gets colder and will be a stylish addition to your ensemble.
Just measure and cut out the right size of flannel fabric and hem the edges. After you have a long and tidy scarf, you can go ahead and add embellishments like beads or other small details to make it even better. Voila! Your DIY flannel scarf is ready!


Comfortable and Cozy Bibs

Sew comfortable and cozy flannel bibs for your baby using fabric from old flannel bed sheets or other flannel clothing items. These bibs will be soft against your baby’s skin and will easily catch any food drips to keep your baby’s clothes clean while he/she is enjoying his/her meals.

Since baby products are costly, you can save some bucks with this nifty DIY bib!


A DIY Bed for Your Furry Friend

DIY bed

Your furry friend at home or the nearby shelter will adore a DIY bed that you specially made for them. Although it requires a little bit of sewing, the extra effort is worth it. Plus, flannel, with its warm and cozy texture, will be an ideal choice for them.

For this DIY project, just cut out an old flannel bed sheet or flannel shirt in the shape of a large round or rectangle. Sew two similar pieces along the edges and leave one side open. Now, stuff the bed with scrap fabrics and close the open edge. Just by following these simple steps, you can make a comfortable bed for your furry friends that they will love to snuggle and sleep in throughout the year!


DIY Flannel Table Runners

If you love setting up the table and hosting lavish dinners, a DIY flannel table runner can be a great choice for a rustic and charming table décor idea.
You can make use of an old flannel blanket and upscale it with lace to make a lovely addition to your dinner table. Now arrange some rustic elements like pine cones and tall candle stands, instead of the usual flowers and scented candles, and enjoy a holiday dinner with your friends and family, under the warm lights.


A DIY Patchwork Pillow Cover

flannel pillow

You can cut small square patches of fabric from various flannel items in your closet and sew them to make a long patchwork cloth. This helps reuse smaller flannel items like your kid’s flannel dress, your baby’s flannel bodysuit, or a flannel crop top you quit wearing.

Now fold and sew the edges of your cloth and make a pillow cover with it. This will be a lovely addition to your bed and keep you warm during winter.

Bonus tip: You can make it smaller and add a zipper. This will help make it into lovely covers for cushions too.


DIY Cozies for the Wine Bottles

If you love gifting wine bottles to your friends and family when visiting them, you can personalize your gifts with the lovely addition of some wine cozies.

Just cut out a neat piece of flannel fabric to cover the base of the wine bottle. Hem the edges and sew both ends together. Now, slip it onto the bottle like a glove and add buttons or other decorations to make it look charming. It is that easy!

You can also tie an additional bow at the neck of the bottle, using some more of the flannel fabric.


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Bonus Ideas: DIY Wreath Bows and Napkin Rings

Flannel and the holidays go hand-in-hand. So, this year, make good use of the flannel scraps from these DIY projects and make DIY flannel bows for the wreaths. Alternatively, you could give your dinner napkins a touch of coziness with a cleverly-made flannel napkin ring!

Lastly, we hope these DIY project ideas have given you some inspiration to turn your old flannel clothing or other flannel items you might not be using into come great items that be used around the house or given as gifts to friends and family.

So, hop on the DIY bandwagon and try out some of these items, today!

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