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The Accessories that Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Flannel Clothing

The style that has made a solid comeback in the contemporary fashion area lately is flannel clothing. It has been voted by men, women, and kids as the best. While a vintage look is very much possible to achieve through them, when you push yourself a little more and start thinking creatively, you can also give the perfect modern twist to them as well. In order to get the most flattering and unique looks, style-conscious women have been experimenting with flannels, be it flannel jackets for cool and casual outings or flannel vests for a quick coffee date with boyfriend. But is that enough?

When you are getting all ready to make people envious of your different style statement, don’t you think you would need the right accessories to go with them in order to deliver your best? After all, the designers of the revered flannel clothing manufacturers are working hard to bring you a variety, from the snazzy and classy flannel skirts to the simple yet extraordinary flannel tees to the tomboyish oversized flannel shirts. When you are trying them out, you should also make sure to try them out with ultimate style, wearing them in such a manner that completes the ensemble.

If you are someone with the opinion like ‘’it is not possible to accessorize flannel clothing other than with a bag and watch’’ then it is time for you to get educated more on this striking, versatile piece. Along with these two, there are many other smart and modish accessories that can blend so well with your flannel clothing that you will be questioning yourself, why you didn’t try them before.
Whether you are someone who doesn’t know how to accessorize flannel clothing or someone who thinks it is impossible to accessorize them, listed below are 4 points that are the answers to all your questions and doubts.


The choker Girl


Are you finally going out for a movie with your friends after that long college assignment? To set everyone on fire with your look, make use of the trendiest flannel clothing piece, a flannel crop top, and partner it with high-waisted pants or leggings. Now, to take the game to another level, add a silver medium-sized choker to your top. When you combine chokers with flannel crop tops, the result is a classic retro look. If you want to make it a little preppy and funky, you can carry a sleek crossbody and wear your wedges or sneakers.


Beach Swag with a Fedora Hat

Beach girl

Who says flannel clothing is just for the fall and winter seasons? Get ready to rock your weekend beach trip with full swag with the help of an oversized flannel shirt. Instead of using your beach towel, cover your wet, water-dripping body with an ultra-cool oversized flannel shirt. This might seem like a very odd beach outfit definition to you, but it will certainly raise eyebrows in appreciative ways. To add a feather to the cap, try long neck chains and a fedora hat.


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Diamonds Are My Best Friend!

For the office presentation or meeting, grab the latest women’s flannel shirt that you bought recently on sale from your favorite brand. To get that very edgy yet strict formal look, you can wear the shirt with a simple pencil skirt or a suit, totally up to you, but to set your look apart from most, make sure you adorn your ear with simple yet powerful diamond studs. To keep it purely professional, no heavy jewelry is needed over here. Your tote or messenger bag will be the final touch.


Where’s the Party Tonight?

sling bag


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When it is party night and you have already picked out your favorite flannel dress for it, then to really get into the mood, make sure you have your sling bag, and stilettoes kept beside it neatly. If your dress has a deep plunging neckline or if it has a scoop neck, you can complement it well with a long pendant and light earrings. Don’t worry, even if it’s a simple flannel dress, the sling bag combined with the pendant and earrings will change it from ordinary to something extraordinary.

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