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The Most Reliable Partners of Women’s Flannel Shirts

‘Fall and flannel’ is one of the best combinations. Flannels are a must-have if you are into fall fashion. Even though you can be like ‘’yeah, I know that’’, not many have an idea about what to wear under flannel. Do you? Check it out by reading this blog till the end!

When flannel first came into the scene, most took them as night suits, similar to pajamas. It was as if they are meant to be worn only at home and wearing them out would be just an embarrassment. As years passed, people slowly realized that flannel isn’t that bad and just like that, flannel became a thing for each and everyone, right from common people to celebs.

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Flannel these days is one of the most essential style statements for cold weather fashion and if you are a ‘’breathes fashion, talks fashion, walks fashion’’ kind of a lady then don’t miss out on these style tips on how to wear flannel shirt outfits like a pro!

A classy appearance

Do you want a refined look with flannel? Tuck a red and black flannel shirt inside a short denim skirt and pair it with high boots. Leather skirts would also look classy. A polished pair of ballerinas can look cute with this outfit. Since it’s a cold-weather outfit, ensure to wear socks if you are going with high ankle-length or knee-length boots.

Something more

A flannel shirt and jeans make a pretty common look. However, if you want to give your denim outfit a little more put-together and different appearance then tuck in your flannel shirt and use a belt to elevate the look. To make it look even better and unusual, you can also add a statement gold neckpiece. Sneakers would look the best here, however, if you are not into them then you can also go for a pair of comfortable sandals.

Upgrading the professional look

This point can’t be emphasized enough that plaid can of course look great in a work setting. Flannel shirt outfits can look professional in a corporate atmosphere but you have to style them right. To accentuate your look, wear it with ankle boots and a light and simple pendant. As for the accessories, add a formal bag to the mix.

His shirt

An oversized flannel shirt looks cool with jeans, especially if you want to borrow your boyfriend’s shirt. Accessorize with oversized shades for a casual outing. You can also think about shorts instead of jeans for this look.

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